Page 7, 12th March 1937

12th March 1937
Page 7
Page 7, 12th March 1937 — THE PERSECUTION IN MEXICO

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Locations: Jalatlaco, Orizaba


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FREEMASONRY TAKES A HAND Hierarchy May Be Made Official Traitors

From Our Mexico Correspondent

News reaches us that the Masonic Lodges of the Grand Orient of Mexico have been asked that the Archbishops Pascual Diaz y Barret() and Francisco Orozco y Jimenez, as well as Mgr. Jose' Martriquez y Zaratc, Bishop of Huejutla, he declared traitors to their country. It is said that the Mexican Chamber of Deputies is considering this petition. The Bishop of Huejutla has already suffered imprisonment and is now living in Texas, U.S.A.

The part played by Freemasons in the persecution of the Church in Mexico is clearly illustrated by the fact that they sent the above petition to the Mexican Congress.

Another Seminary Confiscated

In spite of the energetic attitude of Catholics, who in several districts re-opened the churches against the will of the authorities, the latter keep up their relentless persecution. Agents of the Ministry of Hacienda (Finance) have closed a seminary which was being conducted in the annex of the parish church of Tlalpam, in the Federal District.

The seminarians were given four hours —from 2 to 6 p.m.— in which to remove their personal belongings and leave the premises for ever. Among the Government agents who took part in the closing of the seminary was the notorious Communist leader. German Litz Arzubide, an official of the Ministry of Public Instruction.

The closing of the institution as well as Arzubide's presence aroused such anger among the people of Tlalpam that it was only the intervention of Father Rabago which prevented serious disturbance.

The Ministry of Finance has declared that the seminary is definitely national property. All appeals and protests have been fruitless.

Villagers " See Red "

Serious rioting occurred in the village of Jalatlaco last week when news arrived that Mexican troops were on their way to enforce the closing of certain religious establishments which the inhabitants had reopened regardless of the anti-God laws imposed by the Government.

In attempting to carry out their orders six of the soldiers became separated from the main body and were immediately set upon by the infuriated crowd. Although it is thought that they were not seriously injured, savage reprisals were made and five citizens were shot while fifty others were imprisoned.

The entire population of Jalatlaco has now fled to the hills. A report states that they are preparing to continue resistance against the government.

University Students Hold Anti-Red Demonstration

University students at Orizaba, Mexico, demonstrated last Thursday against the atheistic proclivities of the university staff. The students massed in the centre of the city and speeches were made from a platform above which were suspended notices demanding the return of expatriated priests and opening of churches.

Several Communist organisations have joined in demanding the Mexican Government to take measures against the instigators of the meeting and to provide assurance that further incidents of a kindred nature will not take place.

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