Page 9, 12th March 1976

12th March 1976
Page 9
Page 9, 12th March 1976 — LENTEN READING by MAURICE NASSAN, SJ

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Religious Language by Peter Donman (Sheldon Press £1.60)

The author states in his introduction: "This book will confine its attention mostly to the peculiar philosophical problems associated with religious claims—utterances or statements which appear to assert that certain states of affairs are so, certain things are the case".

The central problem of the book. ten. is the relationship of religious language to truth. The author has interesting chapters on such questions as testing religious claims In this life and the life to come, and accepting religious truths on authority.

It is clear, as he points out, that religious claims must be able to be put to the test: they cannot reasonably he accepted in the void. This does not necessarily mean that they must involve proof. but it does mean that they have a rational basis.

The hook discusses the use of religious language, its validity, its meaning. whether figurative or in story form, and the message it is intended to convey. It also deals with the human response to religious Mr Donovan points out that the chief worry of the philosopher is the possibility of illusory meaningfulness in religious claims.. the fear that the believer is misled. and misleads himself by religious language. His hook is in no way tendentious. It is an honest appraisal of the use of religious language and its meaningfulness.

The True Wilderness by H. A. Williams (Fontana/Collins 75p)

This is tit selection of addresses given by the author, who is a member of the Community of the Resurrection in Yorkshire. fhey are clearly the result of a great deal of. thought and meditation on the Gospels. His purpose is to make the Gospel a reality for people today.

One of the principal themes running through the talks is Death and Resurrection. The author states, in his introduction: "I resolved that I would not preach about any aspect of Christian belief unless it had become part of my life-blood", A Guide to Religiuns by David A. Brown (SPCK £2.95)

This is a useful guide for students of comparative religions. Its aim is "to introduce readers to the various religions which are practised by people who live in the world of our time".

There are chapters on Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism. Shintoism, Taoism and others. Judaism and Christianity are also analysed. In the final chapter the author states his belief that. in Christ, God intervened in our world in a unique and decisive way.

The Holy Spirit and Power edited by Kilian McDonnell (Doubleday £1.50) Much has been written about Pentecostal movements and their impact upon Catholic life and theology. This hook confines itself to what has conic to be called the "Catholic Charismatic Renewal" to distinguish itself from the more emotional and fanatical forms of Pentecostalism.

The hook approaches the question both theoretically and practically. It deals both with the theology of "The Renewal" and its application to the individual lives of Christians and its ecumenical possibilities. It is made up of a number of essays by experts in the field and is a useful addition to the literature of the subject.

Flesh of my Flesh by Una Kroll (Dorton, Longman & Todd

"The plan of this book reflects the history of my encounters with sexism". writes the author in her introduction. "Sexism" is described as "any attitude, action or institutional structure which systematically subordinates a person or group on grounds of sex".

The hook is a plea for the setting up of right relationships between women and men and for them to be realised in concrete situations. The author gives a number of examples from experience which show the subordination of people solely on account of their sex. Her arguments, based on the truth about the nature of humanity. are clearly and impressively presented.

Jesus Ahead by Gerard Bessiere (Burns & Oates £1.95) This book, translated from the French by Barbara Lucas, is made up of a number of disconnected meditations on different aspects of the personality of Christ. it is written with the purpose of helping people towards a prayerful approach to the Gospels. The book is full of vivid little sketches touched with poetry but devoid of sentimentality. It is suitable both for private meditation and for group



Down with Heaven by Ian Barclay (Falcon 85p) The author writes: "The world needs to see, and God longs to see the fruit of the Spirit in the life of every believer today. If that sounds like Heaven on earth. then let us begin the process by making our cry 'Down with Heaven'."

Certainly this little book is very much down to earth. Its simplicity of style and its many illustrations make it easy reading for anyone i

who is trying to live out the fruit of the Spirit.

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