Page 9, 12th March 1976

12th March 1976
Page 9
Page 9, 12th March 1976 — Unscientific rubbish

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Locations: Atlantis


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Unscientific rubbish


The Mystery of Atlantis by Charles Berlitz (Souvenir Press £3.50) On the strength of having published a best seller to the unsuspecting Americans, entitled "The Bermuda Triangle." the grandson of the inventor of the Berlitt method of teaching modern languages. has written the most unscientific rubbish about the mythical lost city of Atlantis.

There is nothing logical or factual in the book, which has as much evidence as those who think Saint Brendan the Navigator was in fact Quetaalcoatl, the white god of the Aztecs.

suggestion that we should pray to the Holy Spirit not for faith but for doubt.

"There is one gift we hardly ever ask for. We are afraid of it and do not even realise that it is a gift; it is the gift of doubt. the gift of admitting paradox, of recognising the validity of' the opposite side and the value hidden in it. Enrichment goes with I his insight and pain."

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