Page 10, 12th May 1967

12th May 1967
Page 10
Page 10, 12th May 1967 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Heenan of Westminster.-Friday: RecePtion as Papal Legate. Liverpool Cathedral Crypt. 5.00. Public Reception, St. George's Hall, 7.00. Saturday: Preaches at Consecration, Cathedral. 11.00. Attends Garden Party, Allerton Priory. Woolton, 3.00. Sunday: Presides at Pontifical Mass for Solemn Opening of Cathedral, 3.30. Attends Banquet. Adelphi Hotel. 7.30. Monday: Celebrates Low Mass. Cathedral, 12.30, Presents Prizes. St. Helen's Hospital. 3.00. Thursday: Presents Prizes, Whipps Cross Hospital, Lcytonstone. 3.00. Archbishop Livia. of Birmingham-Sunday: Attend Conecration of Liverpool Cathedral. Tueday: Concelebrates and preaches at Nurses' Mass, St. Catherine, Birmingham. 6.30. Wednesday: Visit & Confirmation, ihningtom Archbishop Murphy Of Card111-Sunday: Attends Solemn Opening of Liverpool Cathedral. Thursday: Addresses annual General Meeting, Catholic Women's League, Pcnarth.

Archbishop Cowdaroy of SouthwarkSunday: Attends Solemn Opening of Liverpool Cnthetdral. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass, St. John's Seminary. Wonerah.

Bishop -Cashman-of "-Amadei -8i Brighton-Friday: Attends official Opening, Amberley Church of Pngland School. Presides at Evening Mara. Our Lady of Fatima, StaPlefield. Saturday: Attends Civic Reception in honour of Papal Legate. Town Hall, Liverpool. Sunday: Attends Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral. Monday: Returns from Liverpool. Tuesday: Attends Silver Jubilee Celebrations fur Fr. P. Daly, Rector, Wonersh. Wednesday: Offers Mass for Catholic Teachers' Association, Blessed Sacrament convent. Brighton, 6.00. Thursday: Presides & Preaches at Mass, Catholic Women's League. Arundel Cathedral. 12.00. Attends A.G.M., Catholic Women's League, 2.00.

Bishop Rudderham of Cliflorr-Sunday: Attends Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral.

Bishop Cunningham of Flexham & Newcastle-Sunday: Attends Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Saturday: Confirmation, Cathedral. Lancaster, 3.00. Sunday: Attends Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral. 3.30. Wednesday: Attends Concert, Layton Hill Convent School, Blackpool, 7,30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds-Friday: Presides at Ransom Guild Meeting, Cathedral Hall, 7.30. Saturday: Launching of Christian Aid Week. Holy Trinity Churchyard, Leeds, 10.00. Concelebrates opening of St. Benedict's Garforth, 7.30. Sunday. Mass in Cathedral, 8.00. Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral, 3.30. Tuesday: Reception, Leeds Civic Hall, to meet Chief Rabbi. 12.00. Meeting in Notre Dame School of School Chaplains & Inspectors. 6.00, Wednesday: Visit & mass, Dunsop Bridge, 7.00. Thursday: A.G.M. Dinner, Bradford Section Catholic Women's League, 7.30.

Bishop Harrls Auxiliary of LiverpoolFriday. Liturgical ceremony receiving Papal Legate. 5.00. Attends Civic Reception of Papal Legate, St. George's Hall, 7.00. Saturday. Consecration of new Cathedral in private. a.m. Attends Garden Party, Allerton Priory. 3.00. Attends Civic Banquet, p.m. Sunday: Consecrates High Altar and sings first Mass In new Cathedral. p.m. Monday: Attends Reception for CnrdMal Conway. Irish Centre, 8.00.

Bishop Ellis of NoltIngham-Sunday: Attends opening of Liverpool Cathedral. Thursday: Visit & Confirmation, borrowash. 6,30.

Ishhon Grant of Northampton-Sunday: Attends opening Liverpool Cathedral, Tuesday: Attends School Mexting, Cambridge Deanery, English Martyrs, p.m. Thursday: Holds Ordinations. St. Mary's Friary, East &reboil.

Bishop Restleaux of Plymouth-Sunday: Attends opening of Liverpool Cathedral. Wednesday: Presides at Prizegiving, Bishop Vaughan Secondary Modem School, Plymouth, 7.30. Thursday: Blesses new Church and says first Mass, Tiverton, Devon 6.30. Bishop Wortock of Pottsmoutle-Saturday & Sunday: Attends opening of Liverpool Cathedral. Tuesday: Addresses Students. Hopwood Hall. Manchester. Thursday: Blesses and opens New Church, Alum, Hants, 6.30.

Bishop Holland of Salford-Saturday; Church Students, Salford Cathedral, 2.30. Sunday: Attends opening of Liverpool Cathedral. 3.30. Monday to Friday: Rome: Joint working group, Catholic Church-World Council of Churches.

Bishop Grasur of Sbrewshury-Sunday: Attends Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral. 3.30. Monday: Attends retreat at Bishop Eton. Thursday: Celebrates Mass, Liverpool Cathedral, 1.15. '

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