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12th May 2006
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Page 13, 12th May 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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May 14 to May 20

Cardiutd C Murphy.O'Connor (Westininster) Mon: Meal ew s and fratagem ems . 'I ue Gives Lecture at Odoni Centre fox !sheltie Studies 5pm . Oxford. Thu: Celebrates 150th Anniversary of Our I irks. of St Joseph's Primary. School, 10.30, Hackney: attends Her Measly the Quoeso's Reccation, Buckingham Palace 12.30pm. Fri: Mems with Amhbishops Council. Archbishop's Howe 9.10: Celebrates Conseera. non of New Church in ismer, Bar 7pm. Archbishop V Nichols Mimi nghom): MooThe' V English College. Valladolid.

Arehhinhap P Kelly J■ erpcoly Sum Cele. brales signed Mass with deaf people. St Mary. foti e House. St Helens 430,m. Mcin-Tue, North West 'triangle Mt. Belfast. Wed: Archla shop's Omani • Liverpool Andahocesan centre Ice Evangelisation 10.15m: Leaving Safe Harbours.Theolop (mop Mtg. Archbishop's House 7pm. Thu-Eel: Bishops conferames !jaiJon .71111114a= mg, Edinburgh. Sat: Attends Motto anniversary concert , Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King cameo room. I lverpool 7.10pm

Archhiahop K McDonald (Southwark): Sun: Confimiations. Gravesend 12 noon. Mon-Frl: Rome. Sat: Neophytes Mass. St George's Cathedral I lam.

Bishop K Coney tikrinidel &Brighton): Sun: Guiktford 13eaneri Confirnemons, cathedral; ordination to the di MA 01111e ill Bola:Oki tchalls, Epsom. Mom Feast duy Mass at Nolte Dame school. Cobham. Tue. Appointments al 1)altoec: talk at Hot) Family church. Heath End. Wed, M for Golden Jabilees, inancoscan mascot. Litde lama's'. Heshill Cordimmion liroup.Thut V St r Mitch or 's hospice. Crawley: induction of Fr Hugh Floweret church of the Holy rek Ian -semi rue. Heythrop: Ronal I tenners riadiernanons.Redhill. Sat: We> bridge Deanery Ccafirrnations, Cathedral.

Bishop D McGough (Blum await M Can I Ail) of Perpetual Saccour. Beaton 9.30. Mon:

N■ ant Staffs mama cauncit, Clayton 7.30pm toe: Meets with Stoke on Trent Catholic primary fellowship 12.30pm: Area mtg for Cale chins. Lichfield 7_30pm. Wed V Si John's primary school Kabanne 21.1. C. St John the Faingebst.Kalsgrove 7pm. Thu: CLASP Enabling Group, Lichfield 7,30pm. Fri, V Si

Chad's primary school, 2pra: I ' Si Chad and All Saints. Sedgley, 7pm. Sac Mtg with Minh Stuffs deacons. ("Molds Abbey, 100m, Bishop P negates' (Wham ausil h Sun: 1 lam ls1 and blessing of new windows, Arley Tar V seta sa. krdingion 2pin; C, lotangton 7prn Bishop T McMahon I Shrentwood): Scar V and C' !Cabbed Tile: Meetings/Interviews, Cathedral flonse; Chairs Parish Council, Stock, Rpm. Wed. Interviews Junior Clergy, Abbowsvick. 1030 am; Visitation & Cmifirmation. old Halm. I-hu: Presents Citizenship A% ants. Cathedral I lam Bishop 0 Lang (Clifton): Sun: Churches Together England Forum Swan. ick. Mon: fipm Catholic Association meeting , 1 01111011. Tue. I I ant Council of Hams. Bristol. Wed, I Into Mass lot Secondary Schools, Clifton Cathedral. Bristol: 7.30 pm Confirmation for the Salisbury 13eancry, Most Holy Redeemer. Salisbury. Fri: 5.15 pal Open Parish Fshibition, St %HY'S, Bath; 7pol Canon Bill Roche's laamond Ammer:ay. St Alpheges, Bath, Sat 10.30 am launton Deanery meeting, St George's, Taunton; Visitation, St Gregory and the English Manyrs. Salishitry.

Bishop M Evans (Fasi Anglia): Sun: C at Halter House, Cambridge 11.15am: V St Ives Confirmation Group 4pm. Tue: Cat St Mary's Ipswich 730pen. Wed: Cambridgeshire Inter-faith programme 10.30ian. This Iliocalan schools service oorromission 1030trin.'1110-Fri: Commit. tee for ( lurstian Unity; UEA Coun 6pm. Sat: Diocesan council of laity at Poringland I I -3pm; Confirmations at Si Lake's, Peterborough fipm. Bishop J Rawsthorne I Hallam): Sun: Forty Martyrs, /litho:ham 3pm: Lord Mayor's Mass, Cathedral 630pm. Mon: Our lady of Perpetual Help Primary School. Bentley 4.1flam; C Mount St Mary's College 7 30pm. Tim: Council of trims, pastoral centre I lam: Jubilarians lunch, Omega 1.15pm: Ikaf Awareness Week Mass, St Mars's Edlington 7tan. Wed: Justice and Peace nag. Pastoral Centre 7pni. Thu. Churches Regional Commis..., L(V119 3pm Sae filgrim• age with the due[ Bishop K Dunn (Hesham A Newcastle), San. C St Patrick's, Langley Moor I 2pon. Moo Thu. Ecumenical (limit loaders pilgrimage to Rome Fn7pni M with Fr Whirl Campion, St Mary 's Cathedral . Newcastle. Sat: am NECCT mtg; 4pm Mtg a ith vicars for religious.

Bishop P O'Doriogline llanunteri: Sun: Visitetion.lhommi ratimery ice I hNiller MRS,. maastet , 12.15pm. lue-Sat Visitation. Blackpool Deana), Wed: C. St John Vianney, Blackpool. 7pm. Thu: C. St Bernadette, Blackpool, 730pm. Sat: C, (hoist the King, Blackpool .6pm. Bishop A Roche (1 cads), Mon •Frr lmstees mtg and V ol English College, Valladolid. Sae I lam

Annual Diocesan M fur Malley Hall.

Bishop V Malone (1:pnol Sun: V St Joseph, Brindle Mon: V Si Joseph RC primary school. Brindle um: V St Oswald's RC' primary school. Coppull pm: C St Catherine lahoure, Farington 7.30pm. Tue: C Holy Name. Fazaker ley, ilverpool 7_30pm. wed: Archbishop's Council, LACE 10.15 am; C St lama, Devon Sow. St Helens 7.30ptn, This Induction of Er William Murphy as PP of St John Almond church of Ota Lady of the Assumption. Gateocre, liverpool 7pm. Ed: Joint dialogue nag. I ondon 12noon. Sal: V Minis Si Oswald, Coppull 630pm.

Bishop T Williams (L'pool Sum V M St Benet, Netherton. Mon Anends Rosette lecture, Cathedral 4pm. Tut V SI Efirabeth's NC Fairway sehoul. Litherltuid 93(1sun; Education M. St •Theieso of the Child Jesus, Sown Manor, St Helens 4pm; C, St Mary. Fusion 730pm. wed: Archbishop's Council. LACE 10.15ani. Wed-Thu: Bishops' healthcare advisers mtg. Wistastm hlail,trcsse. Fri: Celebrates M, Noire Dante RC College. Evenon Valley, Liverpool 930am: Good Shepherd Mass. Cathedral I .45pm. sat Cafod "Unearth Justice" Day, Holy Caws school, Bias 9.30am, V Musses Our Lady Nue and English Martyrs parishes, Lithestand Spat.

B'nihopj Crovrley Middlesbrough): 'rue: Cole brutes pastoral area confirmation. Our lady of I Anodes nal St Peter Chanel, Hall 7pm. Par Child I aitecoon mist Bishop's House 1030am.

Fri. Mix Sn ith newly-ordained am/pm. Sat: Commissioning at Ness Ministen of Word and Holy Communion, York turdpm.

Blshop PIMA, (Northampton): Sun: 12 s /1 . Celebration of 50th Anniversary of St Duto.tu, Parish. Bourne End Tat 7.30prn (St John's, Luton, Wed 11.30Iva 3pm. Interviews. Bishop's House. Thu, lOarn National Catholic Education Conference. Regent's Park Marriott Howl, London: 730pm C. Sacred Heart, I eightnn Humid FM 7.30pm C, St Bomardine's, Buclungliam. Sat 10ani Education Cole bratioti, Coffee Hall. tofilion Keynes, Bishop M McMahon (Noninghamt: Sum M of Thanksgiving followed by Senior School Prize litty, Ratcliffe College I Own. Mon: Bishop's Council, Bishop's House Inns:Ist John the Baptist, Melton Mowbray 7plo Wed. C, St Patrick's, Leicester 7pm. 1 h CASE Advisory Grp, Landon 1 I am. 1-1t Jospeh's Derby 7pm. S&P CIEL Mass St lames, Spanish Place I lam.

81,b0,C Budd fElYmuuthl: Sun: C St John die Baptist. Carthame 9.30am. Wed: Council at priests mig, Bialmp's House 11 am. Thu: Plymouth Infonnal, Bishop's House Inam Fn. I' St Boniface, Calm-mon. C Blessed Sacrament, Exeter lam, Bishop T.Ikaln (Salford): San: Celehnation of Mass for the National Conference of the Cairnian Association:I:asthmatic 10.311emi Tue (ale bration af the Sacrament of Confirmation, St. Joseph's. Reddish 7pm. Wed: Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation, St, Dunstan's, MOSiOn 7pm.Thic Celebration at Mass fnr Oldham Year 6 Primary Schools, Sr. blur's Cathedral, 12,10pm, Celebnition uf the Sacrament of Conlimation, St. Patrick's, Oldham 7pm. Fri', Private appointments, Wardley Sat: Celebtaticm of the Sacrament of Confirms' don, St. Vincent de Paul. Norden 10.34m. Bishop B Noble (Sluewsbury): No engagements. Bishop P Hendrkks 1S'wark Auld!): Mon: CTS Fdoorita Board, Vauxhall 2.30pm. wed: Ansa bradteachets' mtg, Wim bled, (I I 0.11kom . in, Fundraising omeen, Surbiton 7.30pm. Sat Knights of St Columba, 80th Anniversary M, WOO1Wi511 I lam: C Selsdon 6.30pm.

BLhopJ Hine (S'vrark Ausil): Site Celebrates M itt mane of the soul of Bishop Chafes Henderson 81 AyleirfOld Priory 10.15am; C St Augustine's, Tunbridge Wells 5A5prn. Toe: Chairs Bishop's Conference Maniage and Family Life mtg, het:lesion Square 2-4pm: C St 'cress's. Ashton! 7.30pm . Wed: Attends Catholic Children's Society directors' nug 2.30prn. Attends Christian unity commission mg at West Malting, 6.30pro Thu. Attends Catholic Educe tit in Sen ice smarter ut Marion Hotel, Regents Park 10.30antApm. Fri: Attends Catholic Bishops' Conference seminar on role attire Church hi civil society at Heythmp Cotten, 1030ani. I .30pm; V Rainham parish 511n. Sac Concelebrates M for new Catholics in Southwark celticlad I lam: V Rainham parish 3.30prn. Bishop P Lynch IS'wark Auxill: Sun: International Mass, St Crearges cathedral 4pm. Tue. Deans Mtg, Orpington; C Our holy of time, Chaim' 7.30pm. Wed: V to So Augustine's school, Beckenham Hill 1.30pm; C St Augustine's. I3eckenham Hill 7.30pm. Sat Pilgrimage. Bishop J Arnold 0Aominsies Auto!): Sun C St Joseph Wealdstime 7.1 5pm. I C St Joseph. Wealdstone 7pm. Thu: C Thc Annunciation. Burnt Oak 730pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council 9.30a05; C SS Alban and Stephen, St Albans 7.30pm. Sat C Our lady of 114011111 Carmel and Si Creme, Enfield I lam; C St George, Sudbury 3pm.

Bishop A Hopes (Wminster Mull). Sun: 1 .00 Pitt, Mass Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Queensway; 3110 mos, Contimation Abbey Church of St Benedict. holing Mon: Engage meals Archbishop's House. Tue. Engagements Archbishop's House. Thu: am Engagements Archhishop's House; 6.00 pm. Celebrates. Mass for the (Imo] Counsel Network. Fri:Archbishops Council manna., pm Engagements Archbishop's House; 6.00 pm Confirmation. St Theodore of Canterbury. Hampton on 'flumes Sat I I 00 ani f'ontimation, St Matthew, Northwood; 630 put ( 'oath-matron, Si 1111111 halter, Pois'ale. Bishop B Langley tWminster Atatill: Sun: 1 tarn Confirmatha at Humana Immaculate Heart of Mary; 3prri Coafirmation at Enfield, (hit I ady of Mount Carmel and St George's. Mon: 1 lam Concekhoning Mass at Notre Dame School, Cobham. Tut, 11.45 Camden Deanery Meeting at Ques Rd : 3_10mn (CS, St nutrias Square; 7.30pni t Onfirmation at (Jake Street. Si Charles Romano' Wed 6.15pm Preaching at Mansfield College Chapel. Oxford. Thu: 2.30pm Confimmtlon at St Hinbeth's School. Much liadain, Hens; 7.30pm Induction of Fr Hugh fusser as Parish Priest of Church of the Holy Spirit. Fetchian, Surrey. Pa: 9.30am Archbishop's Council; 7pm Confirmation at Harrow North St John Fisher. Sat 6pm Cancel dames St Joseph's Protons] C.enite litcluot e Mass al Westminster Cathedral; lipm Parish ITinner at St Thomas a Becket Church. Wandsworth.

Bishop G Stack (Wolin/nu weak Sun, (St Hilda's, Stevenage I bun; C, St Joseph's, Steve. nage 6pm. I a: Festivals foe the sons Of the clergy, St Paul's Cathedral 7.15pm. Sot Cost lady of Lourdes, Harpenden 4pm.


Arthbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Mom M ot Thanksgiving in St Richard Gwyn High Ficia sd Barry 7pos. Tue St David's Children Society my 2.30pm; C at All Hallows church. LJFUllrisant 7pm. Wed: Dimes= strategy' tong in the woad centre I lam: crs Wales Comminee nits in Archbishop's House. Cardiff 2pm. Thu: College of Consultors mg in the Pastoral ReRNMX5 'cane, Credit t I lam; Dinner at Archbishop's House, Westminster 7pm. Fri: Seminar on citizenship al Heythrop College 10am Sat: C at St Richard's prep schisol. Hrodenbury. Beret ord. shire liner

Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmation. V Visitation. Ordination, Mtg-Meeting. Sch School. ES Ecumenical Service We regret we ammo guarantee Me inclusion ■4 bishops' engagements rewired later than midday on the Monday prior to publication

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