Page 2, 12th November 1937

12th November 1937
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Page 2, 12th November 1937 — ABROAD

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Anti-Comintern Pact

The .Anti-Communist Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan was signed in Rome last Saturday by representatives of the three Powers. The three Powers undertake to co-operate in measures of defence against Communist activities. The signature of the pact seems to herald a period of diplomatic co-operation between the three Powers. It has been suggested during the week that Hitler may attempt to mediate in the SinoJapanese War, as his mediation would be preferred by the Japanese to that of the Brussels Conference.

On Monday the Russian Ambassador in Rome informed Count Ciano that his Government considered the signing of the antiComintern Pact by Italy as an unfriendly act, and that the Pact itself was contrary to the 1933 Agreement between Italy and Russia.

The signing of the Pact cast a gloom on 'all sections of French opinion, which considered that the Pact was in fact directed against France and England rather than against the U.S.S.R. M. Blum is reported to have said that we are back in the prewar situation in which France sought to bring about a rapprochement between England and Russia to withstand the militaristic Powers.

The War in China

Japanese extra-territorial privileges in Manchukuo are abolished by a treaty between the two countries. Since last July a system of partial abolition has been in force and Manchukuo, with the help of Japanese advisers, has codified its law and established reliable law-courts.

The Japanese have now obtained control of the whole of the Shanghai area except the foreign quarter and a small part of Nantao where a force of Chinese is holding out. In the north the Japanese have occupied Taiyuan, the capital of Shansi Province.

Brussels Conference

M. Litvinoff, chief Russian delegate to the Far Eastern Conference, left Brussels for Moscow on Tuesday, following the controversy which had arisen over Russian participation in any sub-committee set up to deal with the Japanese reply to the Power's Note. From Tokyo it is reported that the Japanese might welcome a " mutual friend " who would bring Japan and China together to discuss the situation " without prejudice," but that Japan would not accept a mediator who would have an official part in negotiations with China.

The Free City

The National-Socialist Government of the Free City of Danzig, having suppressed all parties except their own and the Polish Groups, published on Monday a decree forbidding the organisation of any new parties. A second decree prepares the ground for the organisation of the entire German youth in Danzig on the lines of the Hitler youth.

These decrees are considered in Danzig to put the finishing touch to Parliamen tarism in the Free City. Herr Forster, the National-Socialist Gauleiter (regional leader) seems to be supreme, and the Con-' stitution has largely been abolished. The National-Socialists are now aiming at acquiring the two-thirds majority in the Senate which would enable them to apply to the League of Nations for formal constitutional changes.

German and Polish Minorities

An agreement has been reached between the respective Governments of Germany and Poland by which they agree to respect the rights of the German and Polish minorities in their respective countries. Herr Hitler received the three leaders of the League of Poles in Germany, which claims to represent 1,500,000 Poles who are German citizens.

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