Page 4, 12th November 1937

12th November 1937
Page 4
Page 4, 12th November 1937 — Devotions

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Keywords: 5s, Viator, The Meditations

A Year's Meditations

He is Faithful, by Viator (Burns Oates, 5s.) Reviewed by Very Rev. Mgr. ALBAN GOODIER, Si., Archbishop of Hierapolis The meditations, or material for sermons, in the little volume, He is Faithful, by Viator, have almost all appeared, week by week in the Universe, and have therefore already stood that not too easy test.

The author has throughout a single vision; he sees life as it is, its responsibilities, its troubles, its tendency in consequence is a certain fatalism; on the other hand he points to the source of all hope and confidence, and shows that because of that life itself is transformed. " What He did for His disciples and for the five thousand on the mountain He will do for us.—He does do for us." One might take this as the refrain of these simple, clear, sympathetic, encouraging points for sermons or meditations.

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