Page 6, 12th October 1979

12th October 1979
Page 6
Page 6, 12th October 1979 — Religious Books

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Religious Books

More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell (Kingsway. 95p).

THIS is a popular work of apologetics. The writer is convinced that the New Testament clearly presents the divinity of Christ. He quotes St Paul and St John as proof of this. He also claims that Christ's forgiveness of the paralytic in St Mark is a convincing proof of it.

He asserts that Christ's claim to be God must be true, since the alteruntive would be to make Christ a liar or a lunatic and this is unthinkable. The Resurrection, he says, can be shown to be a historic fact: the empty tomb is a proof of the risen Christ. The book is clearly for popular consumption and is perhaps a little naive though very sincere.

Christian Life Style by Edward Patey (Mowbrays, fl.25),

HOW should a Christian conduct his life? What should his attitude be towards his fellow human beings? Is there a Christian attitude towards work? Should a Christian become involved in politics? What should his life style be in the modern world? Is there a specific Christian character?

Such are some of the questions discussed in this hook. At the end of each chapter questions are given for discussion which should prove useful both for helping the individual and for discussion groups.

A Preacher's Life of Christ by George B. Duncan (Hodder and Stoughton, £1.40).

THESE sermons treat of different incidents, parables and miracles in the life of Christ. They cover the period from his birth to his Resurrection.

The sermons contain a deep spirituality but they are not intended to be erudite exegesis: they are for popular consumption, and can be read with profit by anyone.

Like all good sermons there is about them a ring of sincerity and conviction. Always Christ is the central figure and viewed with love and with a desire to communicate that love to others. This the author does with the help of many illustrations taken from contemporary life.

Living and Believing (Hodder and Stoughton, £1.25).

THIS book was originally intended for use by teachers in Salvation Army Sunday Schools. but there is no reason why it should not be used in any Christian junior school. It consists of a series of Bible lessons expressed in simple form and well illustrated by examples from every day child experience.

The authors point out: "In practice, this often means beginning by interesting children in aspects of their own lives which they know and understand and leading them to see the relevance of the Bible in those situations". Suggestions to help the teacher are given in each lesson.

Your Healing Is Within You by Jim Glennon (Hodder and Stoughton, £1.00).

THIS book is made up in large part of the experienced of the author in his ministry of healing. A great number of examples are given of his successes.

He stresses the absolute necessity of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. it is the prayer of faith that saves the sick man.

He speaks also of the power that the Holy Spirit has exercised in his own personal life. There are chapters on Christ's ministry of healing and that of his sisciples.

What Next? by Peter Cotterell (Marshall Morgan & Scott, £1.25).

THIS book contains matter for discussion on such subjects as prayer, worship, God-given freedom, God's foreknoweldge of human affairs and many other questions in which young people are interested.

At the end of each section there is another entitled "What the Bible says about it". The book is intended to stimulate thought and provide matter for group discussion.

Youth Prayers, by Brother Kenneth CGA (Mowbrays, £1.00).

YOUNG people often find the formal prayers found in prayer books a little unreal and not sufficitntly down to earth. This book provides an antidote.

lt is made up of prayers suitable for boys and girls, dealing with their normal activities. Such titles as "Cup Final", "Disco Prayer", "Top Ten", "Prayers for Others" give an indication of the contents.

Creative Loneliness, by William E. Hulme (Marshall Morgan & Scott, 95p).

TIIE WORD "lonely" can convey two meanings. it may simply imply being alone, away

from other people, or it may mean having a feeling of loneliness, The author deals with both these meanings.

He writes of that loneliness which involves pain and suffering and a sense of isolation. The book is intended to give positive guidance and help in such loneliness, showing how it is possible to make creative use of it. He has a chapter, for example, on "How the lonely can help the lonely".

Mr Hulme is an experienced Christian counsellor and has made a special study of this problem.

Jesus of Nazareth by Jose Comblin (Gill and Macmillan, £2,50), THE AUTHOR of this hook writes in his introduction: "In this book we intend to meditate on the human — simply human — life of Jesus Christ". His purpose is to picture him as his disciples who lived with him saw him. This involves his vocation, the kind of person he was, his independence of character, his freedom of disposition and his relationship with all kinds of people and with his Father.

The author also has much to say about the new Covenant and Christ's unique creation of the Kingdom of God. He also stresses the point that without understanding the humanity of Christ one cannot discover his true divinity.

Maurice Nassan SJ

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