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12th October 2007
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Page 14, 12th October 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Archbishop's Council, Diocesan Centre, Wickham pm. Sat Diecesan Pastoral Council, Catholic Children's Society Board, St John's Association, Holy Family Church, Attending Board of Governors, St Etbelberfis Primary School, Centre for Evangelisation, Justice and Pear Assembly, Diocesan Pastoral Council, St Thomas More School, King David's School, Emmaus School, United Education Service, Liverpool Arehdiocesan Centre for Erangelisatioralpm, Liverpool Arehiliocesan Centre for Evangehs, Joint Committee of Bishops, Catholic Association, OaCC1tt College, Council of PlieM, St Nicholas High School, Catholic High School, Curial Office, St Mary's Primary School, Liverpool Arcbdiucesan Centre for Evangelisation, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Middle School, St Chad's Catholic High School, Liverpool Arehthocesan Centre for EvangeLisation, Primary School, Si Mary's University College, Diaconate Commission, Nests' Council, Si, San Ambrosio Society, Becket School, Si Francis Xavier College, Clergy In Service, Interfaith Council, Holy Cron Church, More Park Church, Medieval Church of St Teilo, Service of Anointing of the Sick for the Prescot Pastoral Area, RC Primary School, Ilerringthorpe Finance Committee, Vietniunese Association for Social Services, Foundation of the Parish, Parish Church, St Francis Leprosy Guild, Religious Education Centre, Visit ID Botwell House Primary School, Southwanal M0117 Finance Committee, LIFE Centre, Cafnel Assembly, Legal Service, St Ttik's Church, Newman Board of Governors, National Assembly, &eon College, College of Consultors


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October 14 to October 19

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (WesOniaster) Sure Celebrates Mass for University Students, Newman House, Gower St. London. 100,m. Mon WM Pastoral visit to Jersey. Thu: Intertiews and EngagemenLs. Archbishop's House. Fri. Meets with Archbishop's Council. Arch. bishop's House. 930am. Sat Mass for the 80th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Parish, and al years since the opening of the Church. Si Theodere of Canterbury. Hampton. Middlesex. 6pm.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun: VisinSt Mary's C of E Parish Church. Pre scot. 10.40,am: Maas of Thaoksgiviag on the 150th annivenary of the church, Our Lads Immaculate and Si Joseph. Prescot. 11 am: Service of Anointing of the Sick for the Prescot Pastoral Area. Our Lady Immaculate and Si Joseph. Isteseot, 3pm. Toe: Ecumenical meeting, Liverpool Arehdiocesan Centre for Erangelisatioralpm: Mass of Thanksgiving on the 75th anniversary of the parish. St Margaret Mary. Liverpool. 7.30pm. Wed: Merseyside Church Leaders' meeting. Bishops Lodge. Lis erpool. S.30am; Pastoral Area Team Leaden' meeting. St Oswald and Si Edmund Arrowsinith,Ashiorein-Makertield. 2pm: Holy Hour of Prayer for Vocations, St Richard. Skelmer4ale,7.namiti. Thu: Archbishop's Council. Liverpool Arehthocesan Centre for EvangeLisation. 10.15am: Mass of Thanlcsgiving on the 70th anniversary( ofthe parish„St Luke the Evangehst,Whiston.730pm. Sat Day of Reollection. Holy Family, Plan Bridge. Wigan, Visitation Mass, Si Luke the Evangelist. Wluston. 630ran.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Sun: Catholielenish Conference, Aylesford. Mon: Finance Committee meeting . Sat: Justice and Pear Assembly.Anago Hall.

Archbishop Nkhols (Birmingham) Sun: Mass. Our Lady of the Assumption, Maryvale, I lam. Toe: West Midlands Region Churehe-s Fotum, 1030am; Birmingham Faith Leaders Gmup meeting. 730pm. Wed: Clergy Ongoing Formation Day, &eon College. Thu: Deans' meetmg, Maryvak, 1030ant: Newman Board of Governors, 230pm: Wolverhampton Deanery Visitations Opening meeting. Fri: Si Chad's Association Annual Dinner, 7pm. Sat: Mass. St John the Baptist, Great Haywood, 6pm.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westmiester) use: Study Day. Vaughan House. 1030am 130pm. Wed: Women's Interfaith Network. Vaughae House, 12pm 2pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, 9am, Bishop Begin (Salford) Sun: Celebration of Mass with the Vietnamese Community. St Penick's, Collyharn, 3pm. The: Meeting of Caritas Social Action. Religious Education Centre, Plymouth Grove, Manchester. 12pm. Thu: Pastoral Visitatkm of St Mary's Primary School, Chipping. Ilam; Pastoral Visitation of the sick and housebound of St Mary's Parish, Chipping.

Fri: Private appointments. Wardley Halt

Bhop Budd (Plymouth) Sun; Visitation, Poor Clams. LynteraTue: Cantor. Social Action meeting.Bishop's House. Wed: Visitation,Rosan. House. Exeter. 1030firn. Thu: Deans meeting, Bishop's House .1 I am. Fri: Department meeting. Leedom Sat Talk at Epiphany House. 111110.

Bishop Burns (1-1M Forces) Moo: Reruns from RAF Kinloss, Scotland. Thu: Meeting. Principal Chaplains. London, 930am; Adjutant General Regiment Guest Night. 7.30pm. Fri: Order of St Lazarus Vigil. Sat: Order of St Lammas Investinire.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sun: Continuation of Visitation. Flitwick. Tar: Mass and Blessing of Chapel and mined-glass window, The Becket School, Northampton. 9.30am: Dicoman Schools' Coauniasieners meeting and Mass. Missenclen Abbey. pm. Wed: Visit to St Thomas More School, Bedford, 930am. Thu: Council of PlieM, Bishop's House. 1 lam: Confirmation. St Peter's. Marlow; 30pm. Fri: Confirmation. St Anthony's. Farnham Royal, 730pm. Sat Mass for Altar Semers. Cathedral. 1pm: Golden laden Mass and Dedication of Holy Cron Church. Bedford 6pm.

Bishop Mum tHexham and Newcastle) Sum Mass. St Joseph's. Sunderland , to celebrate Centenary, 3pm. Tue Wed: Amplefonh Abbey. Yodt.Thu Sat: Visit of the Apostolic Nuncio. His Excellency Archbishop Faustino Sainz Munoz. to the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun: Parish visitation, Winne-h. Mon: Confirmations, St Philip Homed, Cambridge. 7pm. Toe: Suffolk "Oreenest County" Conference, Trinity Park. Irenvich. Wed, Shrine Council Maas and meting. Walaingharn, 14ari, Thu: Mass. St Louis Middle School. Bury St Edmmds, am; Confimiatirni.s. Sawston, 7.30100, Fri: Inter-Church Schools Trustees meeting. St Bede's, Cambridge. 1030am: Confirmations, Si Philip Howard, Cambridge.7pm. Sat: Dioaanan Commissioning Day for Lay Ministers Of Holy Communion,

P and, 1030am 3.30pm.

BWic Hendricks (Auxiliary an Southwanal M0117 Finance Committee, London, 1 ram.Tue: Mass for Teachers. Sr ailary's Primary School. Wimbledon. n 5am: Enabling Group meeting of Churches Together. London, 2pm: meeting of Catholic Association, London, sipm. Wed: Meeting with Headteathers. Wimbledon. 1030am. Thu: Meeting with St John's Association, London, 11 am. Sat: Confirmations, Walworth. 6pm.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Celebrates Mass, St Anselm's, Danford, 830am and 1030am, Mon: Visit to St Grescry's Primary. School. Margate. 9.30am: visit to St Etbelberfis Primary School, Ramapo. Ipm; celebrates Mass for the nh Amtiversary of More Park Church. West Melling. 730pen. Toe: Confirmation. Virgin Mother of Gead Counsel, Hythe, 7.30pm. Wed: Visit to St Edward's Primary SchoolSbeerness, 1pm. Fri: Attends. Bishops' °inference Marriage and Family Life Co-ordinators' meeting. Wolverhampton. pm. Sat: Attends Bishops' Conference Montage and Family Life-Ceordinators' meeting. Wolverhampton.

Bishop Hulls (Portsmouth) Sun: Parish Visitation Mass, St Joseph's. Christchumh, I 0.45arn. Mon Wed: Official visit with Cardinal Corinne Murphy O'Cunnor,Jersey, name! islands. Thu: St John's Association Day Maaa . St John's Seminary. Wonersh. I lam. Fri: Diocesan Pastoral Council, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham pm. Sat Diecesan Pastoral Council. Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham. am.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Pastoral visitation to St Ignatius of Loyola. Sunbury on Thames. Mon: Pastoral visit to Oxford, am; engagements, Archbishop's House, pm. Toe: Engagements, Archbishop's House; visit to Rice Nagle Commutate, Waldergrave Gankes,Twiekenham. 4pm. Thu: Visit ID Botwell House Primary School, Hayes. am. engagements. Archbishop's House, pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, am: engagements, Archbishop's House. Sat Concelebrates MOM with the Ghanaian Community, Westminster Cathedral, 3.I5pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Son: Confirmations, Corpus Christi, Oxford. 10am. Toe:

Caritas Social Action, Plymouth. 12pm. Wed. Visit St Joseph's Primary. Whimash. 230pm. Confirmations, Sr Joseph's, Whimash, 7

Thu: Deans' mecum. Mmyvale. 1030am. n: Meeting Friends of St Chad's Cathedral. Binn. mg.ham, 730pm.

Bishop Langley (Wesumn.ster) More Connell of Christians and Jews' AGM, King David's School, Manchester, 6pm. rue: Catholic Children's Society Board, Vaughan House. 5.45pm. Wed: Celebrates Mass and visits, 'The Royal London Hosimal, I lam: Young Adults' Faith Discussion Group. St Monica's. Homon. 7pm. Thu Sat Company of Mary Our Lady 400th AtaliVerSaly Pagimage, Bordeam.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Mass. St Joseph's. Greenwich. Morn; meeting of the Ecumenical Chaplauky,The 02 Dome. Toe: Reception for Cardinal Turkson. APP Offices. Eccleston Square, 12_30pm; Blessing of the new Art Room, St Joseph's Primers. School, Crayford. 5pm. Wed: Independent Asylum COMMISSi011 meeting. Manchester. Thu Deans' meeting, Our Lady of the Rosary. Blacklea, 1030am: Annual Mass for the St Francis Leprosy Guild. St Amain and St Ceeilia's. Holborn. 6pm. Fri: Meeting at the Maces= School Commission. Sat: Concelebrated Mass. Westminster Cathedral with Cardinal Turksun and the Ghanaian Community. 3.15 pm.

Bishop MeGough Olinninghani) Mon: Mass and Meet with Young Catechists. Cheadle. 630pm. Wed: Presentation of Catechists Certift cams. Langton, 730pm. Thu: Deans' meeting, Morale, 1.0am; 'Walsall Deanery Visitations Opening meeting, St Patrick's. Walsall. 7 30prn Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun. Pastoral Visitation.. larentwood.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun -Sat: Diocesan Pagimage to Rome.

Bishop Malone (Livelpool) The: Maas for Our Lady's RC Primary School. Presoat on the 150th anniversary of the church, Our Lady Immaculate and St Joseph. Prescot, I lam Ecumenical meeting, Liverpool Arehiliocesan Centre for Evangehs' ation. 1pm. West Pastoral Area Team Leaders' meeting, St Oswald and St Edmund Arrowsnxith, Ashron-in-Makerfield. 2pm. Thu: Archbishop's Council. Liverpool Arcbdiucesan Centre for Evangelisation, 10.15anli Confirmation. St Julie, St Helens, 730pm. Sat: Old Xaverian Dinner, Si Francis Xavier College. Liverpool. 8prn.

Bisttop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun' Natural Visitation. St Anthony's. Wythenshawe. Toe: Diocesan Trustees, Cinial Offices, 9am. Wed: Eucharist to mark 150th Anniversary of Ss Peter and Pad's. Newport. 7pmalhu: Interview moor

Slip, Craial Offices. am: Blessing of new building , St Chad's Catholic High School, Runcorn, 7pm. Sat: Diocesan meeting for all newly appointed Local Pastoral Area (LPA) Team Members. St Nicholas High School. Hartford. II for II 30am.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Wed: Clergy Ongoing Formation Pay. OaCC1tt College . Thu: Deans' meeting. Maryvale. I lam.

Bithop Ranstharne (Hallam) Sun: Visitation continued. St Paula. Cawley, 9.30am. More Family Focus meeting . Bishop's House.

Cathednd Deans Cathedral, 7.30pm . Tue. agitation. St Mary's Schutt), Edlington, 9.30am; Confirmation. Sacred Heart. Balhys 7pm Wed: Official opening, Emmaus School, 1230pm, Faith Lenders meeting.Bistemscroft. 7pra. Thu: MISR. Cannel Care. I lam; Assembly Managements Group, Bishop's House, 3.30pm, Ilerringthorpe Finance Committee. 7pm. PO: Loonies Ball, Holiday Inn. Rotherham. Sari: Cafnel Assembly, London.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Clergy In Service Tue Wed: Ampleforth Covenant meeting, Arnpleforth Abbey. Thy Mass to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Holy Family Church. Chequerfeld. 7pm. Fn: VGs' meeting. Bishop's House, 10am. SatL CARR) Maas, Leeds Cathedral. II am.

Bishop Stack CSalmtininsten Sun: Resenting BBC Radio sfis Sunday Worship programme 8.10ain 8 A5ant, Reaching at the United Education Service, Guildford Cathedral. 3pm. Toe: Celebrating Mass. Univenity of Hertfordalthe Mass of the Holy Spirit. St Peter's. Hatfield. 7pm.Ibu: Attending Board of Governors Meeting. Si Mary's University College,Twickenharn. Spin. PO: Archbishop's Council Meeting.930ain

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) The: Meeting with Anglican Bishops' Healthcare Advisors. 330pm: Confirmation St Agnes. Huyton. 730pm. Wed: Pastoral Area Team Leadas' meeting. St Oswald and St Edmund Arrowsmith. Astnomin-Malterfield. pin: visits LIFE Centre. St Vincent de Paul. Liverpool. 3.30prn. Thu: Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Arcbchoce,san Centre for Evangelisation. 10.15am.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sort: Legal Service. Llandad t'athettrat )14.4): 4:ethag of St Ttik's Church. St Fagans National History Museum. 1pm. Tye: Prison Chaplain., meeting. 2pm. Wed: College of Consultors meeting. Harm Thu: Faith Conmumities Forum. National Assembly, 10am: Interfaith Council, National Assembly, 1130am: C"TS Wales Management meeting. 2pm. Fri: Diocesan Trustees meeting. lOarn.

Bishop Jabale CVIenevia I Sun: Lunch at St Fagan's National History Museum's lab Morganwyg Restaurant. 12.45pm: attending Official opening of Medieval Church of St Teilo's, Si Pagan". National History Museum. 2pm. Mon: Engagements. Curial Office Wed: Meeting with National Catholic Prisons Chaplain. Curial Office, 10am.Fri: Meeting and lunch with Deans. Curial Office. liam.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Visitation. Llay and Roseett. Mon: Education Team meeting, Curial Offices: Nests' Council, Lomas, 6pm. The Wed Clergy Conference. Loreto. Tbu: 'One VVrexhain Charter' Faith Leaders, Wrexham, 12pm: Catemans Abergele. Sprn. Fri: Mass, St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School. Flint, I lam: Catholic Scouts. Pemnaenrnawr, 6pm. Sat: Catholic Scouts, Penmaetimawr, 6pm.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien (Si Andrew's ae Edinburgh) Sun; Depart for Conference on Social Justice in Hanoi. Vietnam with Vietniunese Association for Social Services. Fr a Depart Hanoi for Hong Kong, then pastoral visit to China until Thursday lit November.

Bishop Logan (Duekeld/Demdee) Tue: Meeting of the San Ambrosio Society, Si laentigem's, Edinburgh. 12pm. Wed: Joint Committee of Bishops and Religious. Glasgow. I lam. Thu. Chapter meeting ,St Andrew's Cathedra. Dundee. lame Diaconate Comminee Sub Group mailing. Diocesan Centre, 4mn; Diaconate Commission. Diocesan Centre. 5pria Fri: Diocesan Trustees. 11.15ain. Sat: Mass to mark Golden Jubilee. Our Lady of Sorrows. Dundee.

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