Page 2, 12th September 1947

12th September 1947
Page 2
Page 2, 12th September 1947 — FREEDOM IN EUROPE TO-DAY

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Organisations: Authoritarian government
Locations: Luxemburg


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SIR,—Mr. Arnold Lunn categorically states that two-thirds of Europe outside of Russia is free. In view of the interview with Mr. R. R. Stokes and the report by Mr. Elgar Burghardt which you published this week—and of the accounts one reads from time to time of the state of affairs in Italy it would be interesting if Mr. Lunn could find time to be more precise.

It is difficult to define freedom but I venture to support that the majority of people would consider that France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland at present enjoy it Their total population before the 4, ar was 76,357,000. Finland, with 3,607,000, might be admitted to the list without undue questioning. Authoritarian government of one shade or another exists in Portugal, Spain, Turkey in Europe, and Yugoslavia which together had 50,203,000 people in 1939. Does Mr. Lunn maintain that freedom exists in Poland (28,500,000), Rumania (15,700,000), or Bulgaria (6,078,000)7 Czechoslavakia (13,975,000) has not recently figured in the news to any extent and the same may be said of Albania (1,003,000) so that it is difficult to suggest their classification and the freedom at present enjoyed by Greece (6,937,000) seems to be regarded with mixed feelings by many of her unhappy people. The population of the countries I have listed amounts to 160,453,000, the pre-war population of Germany, Italy, Austria and Hungary to 124,707,000, giving 285,160,000 people as living " outside of Russia." If Mr. Lunn can demonstrate that 180,000,000 of these now enjoy freedom he will have done something to prove that there was justification for the bestial slaughter and destruction of 1939-1945 with the appalling debauchment of public morals, and private, which has resulted therefrom.

DONALD M. O'CoNNoit. Castle Hill House,

Launceston, Cornwall.

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