Page 1, 12th September 2008

12th September 2008
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Page 1, 12th September 2008 — Mob seizes Mother Teresa nuns taking children to orphanage

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Organisations: Bajrang Dal
Locations: Bhopal, Calcutta


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Mob seizes Mother Teresa nuns taking children to orphanage


A MIOB has tumed on a group of Mother Teresa's Sisters transporting sick children to an orphanage in India.

As the anti-Christian rioting spread from Orissa to other Indian provinces a group of Missionary Sisters of Charity were attacked by a mob of 20 extremist Bajrang Dal activists. The mob forced the Sisters, who were travelling with four Indian children, off a train in Chhattisgarh province, shouting anti-Christian slo gam. The Sisters were dragged to a police station, becoming some of the roost recent victims of the antiChristian violence that has swept the region for the last two weeks.

The activists then formally accused the Sisters of having kidnapped and forced the children, all under the age of two, to convert to Christianity on September 5, the anniversary of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta's death. This was despite the Sisters having documents proving that they had responsibility over the children, who were in need of care, and were taking them from Raipur to the Shishu Bhavan charity centre in Bhopal. While the authenticity of the documents was being checked the Sisters spent the night in prison and the children were removed from their care. On Monday the Sisters were still waiting for the police to authenticate their documents and the children were still in the custody of a government hospital.

The superior, Sister Mamta, told Asia News: "All of our documents are valid but we are truly powerless: the police will take a long time to verify them. For our part, we have registered an initial complaint, but these procedures will take a long time, and our concern is that we will not have enough time to dedicate ourselves to the sick and to the children who need us."

Last week Missionary Sisters of Charity were pelted with stones by the Hindu extremists and one sister was seriously injured.

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