Page 1, 13th December 1935

13th December 1935
Page 1
Page 1, 13th December 1935 — The Flemish Question

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The Flemish Question

An Internal Belgian Concern

Movement Develops Legally

By a Belgian Correspondent

Herr Kurt Bahrens has recently published in Berlin a book on the Flemish movement under the title of Die Flamische Bewegung.

The book has roused considerable interest in Belgium not only by reason of the topicality of the subject, but also from the personality of the author. For several years Herr Kurt Bahrens was the correspondent of the Schell Verlag. and he is at present attached to the Ministry of Propaganda of the Third Reich, where he is charged with all that concerns relations with the small states of Eastern Europe.

Following a historical synthesis of the Flemish movement and a demonstration of the Flemish linguistic claims, Herr Bahrcns admits that they do not form a European problem, as is sometimes maintained, but only of one touching Belgium.

A United State Save d,uring the war years, the Belgian State has never in the 105 years of its existence been seriously threatened on the Flemish side. The tone of certain sections of the press on the polemics between Flemish and Walloons should not be judged by the same standards as those applicable to the German people. Herr Bahrens concludes by pointing out that other countries—Switzerland, for example—have achieved a common life of three peoples and that despite the Flemish movement, the separatist character of which must not be exaggerated, Belgium forms a single united nation.

"The majority of the Flemish are neither French nor Gernicut. They wish to he Flemish. And the Flemish movement is developing legally within the framework of Belgian law and the Belgian State

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