Page 8, 13th December 1940

13th December 1940
Page 8
Page 8, 13th December 1940 — Belgian Jocists in England

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Organisations: Canon Cardijn


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Belgian Jocists in England

French and Belgian Jocists among refugees in England are reorganising themselves.

Last week they published the first number of Notre Action, a fortnightly publication which, it is hoped, will prove a means of maintaining contact

among the scattered groups. It is published, as it states, by the Jeunesse Ouvriere Chritienne tie Grand Bretagne (Section Beige) from 143, Liverpool Road, Great Crosby, Lanes, which, as was recently announced, is to be the new international headquarters.

Among the thousands of Belgian refugees who poured into England during May this year were many members of the Belgian J.O.C. It was hoped to arrange for the founder of the movement, Canon Cardijn himself, to come to England. Now Jocists, French and Belgian alike, are getting down seriously to their reorganisation. Among the first steps is the " organe de ralliement." Of the title ths editors write:

YOUTH MUST EXPRESS ITSELF " We think that it indicates very well both our determination and the reason for our existence. To do things amongst those about us, especially among refugees whom we know, youth has need of doing, of expressing itself and it offers an opportunity to our young comrades to make

themselves useful. Youth is also enthusiastic, and it is that enthusiasm which will make us live and attain our object.

" Our method here in England is to create groups of young people who may take part in Continental Catholic Action. These groups will work to give to the refugees a little more comfort both material and moral, and to prove to them that Catholic Action has not crumbled away as the effect of war, but on the contrary, when there is need of their help, the members reply ' present.'

" So far groups of Belgian Jocists have been formed at Birmingham, Hendon and Penrith, and the young workers are now attempting to get lists of names of Belgian refugees up and down the country so as to enrol former members and work for the good of their compatriots.

" We left the Continent just when the J.O.C., J.A.C. and J.E.G. were in full flower. The war has put a sudden end to our victorious advance. But our duty here in England is to proceed with our apostolate as fruitfully as we can," remarks the first bulletin.

LONDON CENTRE The centre for London and the organising secretary is Mdlle Cecilia de Ruette, 69, Watford Way, Hendon, N.W.4.

The Belgian sections are working in the closest co-operation with the Y.C.W. and the co-operation ought to prove of mutual benefit, for though the problems may differ slightly in detail as between Belgium and France, the spirit in which they are met and the Jocist method must remain the same.

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