Page 2, 13th December 1968

13th December 1968
Page 2
Page 2, 13th December 1968 — Name 'death doctors' plea

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Name 'death doctors' plea

THE names of doctors who favour euthanasia should be made public, says the lamp Society, in a leaflet published this week. "We suggest that all who are concerned about this matter should write to the British Medical Association insisting that this be done — so that patients know the risk they run," it says.

"A doctor who will take the life of a patient should be struck off immediately as unworthy of the name of doctor."

Referring to a recent claim by the Humanists that 76 per cent. of all doctors "help the patient over the last hurdle, if asked" and that 36 per cent. would give voluntary euthanasia if the law allowed. the pamphlet continues:

"If this is true, we should all make it our business to ascertain th5 views of our own doctors on this vital issue, for ignorance of this can only destroy the trust and confidence which most of us now repose in them and their integrity. "What guarantee is there that a doctor who has no qualms about putting a patient to death if and when the law allows will not quietly do so now. and without his consent."

PAGAN NATION Calling for an all-out effort to block any attempt by the Euthanasia Society and Humanists to legalise voluntary euthanasia, the society says: "We can be quite certain that unless some action -is taken now the day is not far distant when this country will be a pagan nation, acknowledging no law that is not man-made.

"And those (man-made) laws will include compulsory 'euthanasia for the incurable and the aged sick, the retarded and social misfits; sterilisation of the unfit; the removal of all censorship over books and plays, so that the young, brought up in Godless schools, will have no protection against obscene and pornographic I iterature.

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