Page 9, 13th December 1968

13th December 1968
Page 9
Page 9, 13th December 1968 — 'CEILING' ON ROME WEDDING FEES

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Locations: Rome


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THE Rome Vicariate has set a flat fee of £13 for wedding costs in Rome's parish churches as one of a number of new rules aiming at curbing indulgence in luxurious weddings.

The "ceiling" in non-parish churches is £26.

Cardinal Dell'Acqua, Rome's vicar, who made the ruling, takes as the starting principle that the essentially religious nature of marriage is to be protected. Social considerations are to be subordinated and the "ostentation of luxury, pomp and worldliness is to be banned from the religious marriage ceremony."

The ruling aims at the high costs charged by a number of fashionable "marriage" churches in Rome, some of which are opened only for weddings, with costs running from £40 to £80, not counting fees for various pre-matrimonial documents and services.

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