Page 9, 13th December 1968

13th December 1968
Page 9
Page 9, 13th December 1968 — Paris chaplains defend position during revolt

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Locations: Paris


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Paris chaplains defend position during revolt

CHAPLAINS of Paris 'LA University Law School last week published a letter defending their actions during the student revolt last May. They were widely criticised for organising an "amphitheatre" for debate on "Revolution and Christians."

Their letter reads: "When the student body, of which we have charge, explodes and is in turmoil, is not our place with them to understand and

seek with them? And under the pretext that their movement is full of ambiguities, must we close our door until everything is clarified in order to keep our hands clean?

"Is not the evangelical attitude exactly the opposite? In every intense moment of human history, the best and the worst are always found mixed together. That is the case in this student movement and that is what has been going on since May and June."

The priests said great hopes for man's future and question

ing concerning the meaning of human existence and human values went together in the student movement with "the unleashing of the lowest in stincts . . explosions of violence and hatred."

"It is easy," they said, "to muse about all that ought to have been done and that was not done. . . . Does not the Gospel show us that there are moments in the life of men when the essential is to ask the 'right questions' even if they disturb the tranquility of consciences?"

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