Page 10, 13th December 1985

13th December 1985
Page 10
Page 10, 13th December 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Lancaster University, St Michael's School, St Mary's School, Archbishop's Council, Vietnamese Pastoral Centre, Board of Adminial, Bishop's Council, Si KateerInCre College, Travellers Mission, Schools Commission, Wedneacler University Court, St Mary's Hospital, Legion of Mary Comillum, St Julie's School, Carol Service, Church of SI Peter, Blackheath Luncheon Club, St Bernard's Cnnvonl School, Charles Church, St Mary's College, Archtlehoe, Amnesty, High Green School, Noire Dame Cernprehenelve School for Girls, St Jahn Southworth High School, Governing Council, St Gregory's Comprehensive School, St Hilda's Church, Bath Catholic Seheele Carol Service, Staff Party, Catholic Schools Carol Service, Management Committee, Bishops Council, Caryl Service, Diocesan Teeth Assembly, Ecumenical Meeting Upholland College, Paul Church, Rescue Council, Uphollancl College


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0 Ordinelktn. M Mesa, V s. VallatIort, C •


Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster Sunday: M S C. Cathedral_ Young peoples party Archtlehoe's HeeSC Monday: Cathedral, 530pm. Tuesday: Joan 01 Arc School Rickmaneworth Wednesday: M. Muse House, Isieworth Thursday: Christmas Celebration. Catnedtal FrItley: M, Cathedra) 12.30prn Archbishop on of Southwark Mender South London Cnurch Leeoors' meeting, Wimbleden,Ilare Meets Secretary ul Churches Mem Committee. 12.30pm. Prizegiving ceremony. Bishop Themes Grant Sehovi, Streatham, 8pm wadneedsy: Leads delegation on ecclesiestical exemption ID the o 0, 3pm Cathedral Deanery Christmas Dinner, Cathedral Clergy House, 8pm Friday: Concert, Oueen Elizabeth Hall. South Bank, 7.45pm.

Archbishop Ward 01 Cerdiff Sunday: St Francis, Ely. M and Commissioning of Eucharistic Ministers, 10.30am. Tuesday; PA, St Winifred's Hospital Chapel, Catcall_ Knights 01 St Columba, Cardiff West, 251h Anniversary, ?yen Thursday: Our Lady of Lourdes. Swansea. M Diarnend Jubilee Of Pariah, 7pm, Archbishop Worieck of LiverpoolSunday: Evening Prayer and talk to Permanent Deacons Group, Si Thomas MOM. Alabunh, 4pm. Monday: TV recording Mange of Praise), 2pm. M and presentation of KSG to Mr .) Jones, St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo, 309m. Tuesday•Wednesdey: Meetings, London Thursday: Archbishop's Council. Archbishep'S House, 11am 1_IHE Governing Council, Si KateerInCre College, 4.30pm. Friday: Lunch, Uphollancl College, 1pm. Bishop Alexander ol Clifton Sunder V. Holy Ghost, Yeovil. Preaches al all M. C, 11am. Mender Salisbury Catholic Schools Carol Service, SoilseerY Cathedral, 2.30pm. fri end dedicates Church of SI Peter. Wesllea, Swindon, 7pm. Tuesday: Bath Catholic Seheele Carol Service at St Gregory's Comprehensive School, Bath, 7.30pm. Wedneldsy: Inducts Fy O'Callaghan pariah priest St Joseph's, Pottishead. Thursday: Carol Service. Clifton, Cathedral. 2pm. Frldity: Carol Service. Leyhin Prison, 7pm.

Bishop Move, Coadjutor or Lancaster Sunday. Diocesan Teeth Assembly, Lancaster University. 2pm. Monday: Conducts 'Quiet Day' 'Jennywelr Ecumenical Cantle and Retreat Meuse. Penrith, 10.30am. Tuesday: M. St Wttistan's School. Fleetwood, 9 30arn Reanory Meeting. Kendal Wednesday: M, St Jahn Southworth High School, Preston, 9.30am. Finance Caren-1111m Bishop's House Bishop Clete', Auxiliary for Birmingham Tuesday: Executive Meeting, Covenant Offlee. Wolverhampton, 2pm Wednesday: Father Hudson. Society, 5.30pm Friday: Concelebrates kt St Thomas More School. Willennall_ Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Sunday: V, SI Joseph's, Caption. Portsmouth. TueadaeWednesdar London -• Committee for School and Family Meeting. Thumb,: Carols. St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth.

Bishop Bray of Shrewsbury Tuesday: Meeting of Bishop's Council, Curial Offices, 11am. Saturday: IV el Thanksgiving for Fr Thomas Fee's Golden Jubilee of Priesthood, St Mary of the Angels. Hooter). 7pm Bishop Gueuele, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunder V. Highbury M for the Sick, Highbury, 330orn. resider Islington Deanery Meeting, 11 am. Novena service, 54'1gal/incl. 8pm Wednesday: Carol Service, Holloway Prison, 5.30pm Friday: 61, Cateedral crypt. Office) start. 4 45pm ‘'

Bishop Hannigan of Menevla Mender Blessing and opening New Hall, Colwyn Bay, 11,171 Wedneoday: CEC London, 4.30pm Thursday: Consecration of the Church at Corman's Quay. Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sunday: Diamond Jubilee Celebratiens. St Hilda's Church, Whitby M. 10_30am

Bishop Mendmeen. Auxiliary for Southwark Mortrilsy: South London area leaders Bromley, 11am-pm Thursday: Blackheath Luncheon Club, 1 pre. Friday. Trinity Hospice, Clapham Common. 8pm. B ishop Hitcher., Auxiliary tel Liverpool Sunday: and Biassing Of Baptismal Font. Holy Angels Colon 11am Monday: Untie of Praise, Trafalgar Square. 5pm, Tuesday; Cahoot London Wednesday: Ecumenical Meeting Upholland College. I tam Thursday: Archbishop's Council Meeting. Archbishop's House. I lam Bishop Kelly of Salford Sunday: Preach at IN, el Salford Cathedral for Advent. Tuesday: Meeting with Junior clergy. 11am. Schools Commission Meeting. 2pm Wedneacler University Court, Manchester, llain Board of Adminial lake. Meeting, 7pm. C. Our L ady & SI Gerard, Loslock Hall. 7pm. Thursday: Rescue Council, 10.30cm M, Plymouth Grove, Manchester. 2pm Justice and Peace Group, 8pm Friday: Consecration of SI Vincent do Paul Church. Over Hutton, 7pm. B ishop Konstant of Leeds Sunday: Diaconal 0, Uehew, 3pm Monday: CMAC, 6pm. Tuesday: Carols, Wakefield Prison, 2.15pm_ Wednesday: Carols, Armley Prison. 6.30pm.

B ishop McCord*, Oddityy lot Bermingham Sunday: M & C. SI Peters Leamington. 9.30= S. 12

noon Monday: Management Committee: Vietnamese Pastoral Centre, 2pm. Tuesday: Ecumenical Meeting: Oxford. 10.45am. Wednesday: Meeting ol Trustees of Father Hudson Snottily, 5.30pm Ender Carols service: Long Lenin Prison, 6pm.

Bishop McGuInnesa of Nottingham Sunday Caryl Service. Cathedral, 3pm Wednesdar V, Sisters ul Mercy Convent, HightleMs. Derby. Spre Fedor M. al SI Joseph's, Derby, 6pm Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Saturday: NI, Cheimeloid Potion, 9 30am Premien at Carol Service. Cathedral, 8pm Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: M S Commissioning special ministers, Felthani, Hain. Monday: Meets Parish Team. Hartwell. 11 30am Tuesday, Upper Themes Deanery, Todd nglon, 1 earn & eau to Medical Mission SIC, Acton, 6pm Friday: M & Staff Party. Archbishop's HOuse, 12 30pm. Bishop Moveley of Hallam Sunday: V & C at Sacred Head, Sheffield, 11am. Tuesday: Attends Noire Dame carol *ravine at Sacred Heen, Sheffield, 7.30pm Wednesday: AGM of University Coed, 11,45am, Cleistmet plays at High Green School, ?pm Thursday: Reeorde Christmas broadcast to hospital, at Town Hall, 11ten. Bishop Murphy-O'Connor at Arundel & Brighton Sunday: V, Pound Hill parish and consecrates Church DI SI Edward the Confessor Wetter Prizegiving, SI Becteia School. Redhol, pm Saturday: Inducts Very Rev Canon Bernard Jose, paean priest, Corpus Christi, Henfield Bishop citlins, Area Bishop In Swims.. •-• Sunder Commissioning Of special ministate at Gendros. 10300m Wednesday: Committee ler Higher Education, London,

Bishop K O'brien, Auxiliary lot Middlesbrough Monday Meeting ol Governors dl St Mary's College,

Hull. Tuesday: Bishops Council. 10.30am, Lunch with Canons al Bishop's House, Middlesbrough. Concert at St Mary's School. Hull. 7.30pni. Wednesday: Lead HCaufloi.i7Se_30rVp.letr ter Hull Hospice at Charles Church, taaniehop O'Connor, Auxiliary for L1%01'0001Monday: Prize Night, St Julie's School. Welkin. Tuesday Wednesday: Travellers Mission, Oxford. Thereder Archbishop's Council Meeting, Archbishop's House, 1 Bishop J O'Brien of Hertfordshire Sunday: V at Our Lady of me Assurtiptiun, Potties Bar Tuesday: Calor? Committee roesitine, am Thursday: M. St Eartholuntew'S. St Albans, 2pm Hada. Area Education Team meeting. 4pm. Friday: M in Westminster Cathedral. 12 30pm

Bishop Illestiesua el Plymouth Sunday: V & M, Sclerder Abbey, Lone, liam C. 3.30pm. Meader M. Cathedral. Plymouth, 12 noon. Wednesday: Pringiving, Noire Dame Cernprehenelve School for Girls. Plymouth. 7 30pm.

Bishop Thames of Northampton Sender Carole. Northampton Schools Cathedral, 3pm, Thursday: DOwnley Shared Chtnch 10th Anniversary Service Fritter. Governors, St Bernard's Cnnvonl School, 4 30pm. Diaconate 0 Gerrard:a Gross, 7,30pm Bishop Tripp, Amnesty ter Southwark Sunday: Legion of Mary Comillum Meeting at Southwark, 2 45pm Monday: Meeting of South London Church Leaders at Bromley, 11am Tuesday: CarOIS, Southwark Anglican Cathedral, 12 15pm. Friday; PrizegivIng and Carols. St Michael's School. Bermondsey, 10.30am. FeStivel of Christmas Music by John richer School Oueen Elizabeth Hall South Hank. / 45pm.

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