Page 8, 13th February 1981

13th February 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 13th February 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements Cardinal Hume, Archbishop Of...

Page 8 from 27th February 1981

Bishops Engagements


Cardinal Hume, Archbishop cf Weriminear: Sunday: Visits Muswell HiIl V.-ood Green adn Tottenham parishes_ Monday: Meets London Unlvarelty chaptains, Gower Street. 4 prn Tuesday: Visits Diocesan Seminary. Chelsea INedneeday: CDA Archbiahtnas House Archbishop llowern of Boothwerk: Friday: MOSS end confirmation, Peckham, 7.30 pm. Monday: Area Bishops meeting. Archbishop's House, 11 am. Tuesday: Chapter, 12 noon. Opening Night Cathedral Players Production, Amigo Hall, 7 30 gm Wednesday: Directors' meeting, Guernsey Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday: Mass and confirmation. St Anne, Coventry, 4 pin. Monday' Visitation. St Judas Primary school. 10.30 sm. Wednesday: Mess, Holy Trinity. Newcastle under Lyme, 11 arn. Archbishop Warlock of Liverpcoe: Friday: Mass and meeting. St Cuthbert Mayne Deanery. Notre Dame Convent, Southport. 7.15 pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St Anthony's, Scotland Rood_ Monday: Merseyside Church Leaders, Central Hall. Liverpool. Tuesday: Mass and meeting. St James's Deanery, St James's Church. Bootle, 7.15 pm Wednesday: Meeting of Christ's and Notre Dame Governing Body. Christ's and Notre Dame College. 4.30 pm. Thursday: Mass and reception for NEC Award Winners. Christs College. 7.30 pm Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Sunday: Mass, Clifton Cathedral. 6 pm_ Wednesday: Meeting of Diocesan Council of Priests. as Newman Halt Wesitsiry-an•Tryrn 10_30 ern. Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Deanery Pastoral Council meeting, Shrewsbury Saturdey / Sunder: Youth Service meetirg. Sr Joselah's. Melbas Tuesday: Vocations Team meeting Wednesday: Golden Jubilee and dedication of St Chad's: Cheadia.

_ Bishop Starke, Auxiliary of Salford:FrIdeySunday: Visitation SS Peter and Paul. Pendleton. Tu•sday: Youth Commission, 2.15 pm. Wednesday: Board of Admnistration 10,30 am Bishop Cleary, Auxiliwy of Birmingham: Sertiardayt Profession ceremony' Carmelite monastery. Wolverhampton. 2.30 ptn. Mess_ St ChristoPhees Cycling Club. Spode House. Ruganey, 6 pm. Teleudery: Mass and confirmation, Si Gerard, Castle Vale. 7.30 pm. Wadreersday.: Mass on occasion of 150th anniversary. Holy Trinity. Newcastle under Lyme. 7.30 pro Iliehop Emery of Portemouth: Friday: Attends Reading deanery meeting of Preists, Reading, Sunday: Confirmation, Cur Ledy of the Assumption. Lyndhurst Tusetley: Cathedral chapter meeting. Bishop's HOLSe, Thursday: Blessing of new wing, Rade= Cement. Bitterne. Southampldn, Ti am, Bishop Foley of Lencerier: -Friday: Mass at Royal Cross school. for the deaf Preston, 10 am Sunder Visitation. Si Cuthbert's_ Blackpoot, noon Confirmation. 3 pm. Tuesday: Attends Deanery mass and meeting. English Martyrs', Preston, 7 pm. Wednesday: Visits school and housebound Si Cuthbert's, Blackpool. 2.30 pm. Thursday, Mass and blesses new chapel Cordnal

Alien school, Fleetwood. 12 noon, Deanery mass and meet1n9. Our Lady al the Assumption, Blackpool, 7 Om

B ishop Grent of NortIsampten: BreardryStmday: Visitation and confirmation. St John, Luton. Tuesday: Chapter and Finance Board. Wednesdey: Justice and Peace Group_ Bishop Gray, of Shrewsbury: Sundae: Visitation and confirmation Christ Church, Cheadle. Monday: Charity Dinner, Manchester. Thweeley: Chester Ceterian Clergy Night.

B ishop Guanalk Bishop in East London: Sunday: Confirmation, Cornmercla Road, 7 Om Tuesday: Attends Recital, Australia House. 7.30 pin Widneedar. CDA 10 am. Confirmation. !Ong. ton. 8 pm Thursday( VMM, London Cotner. 10 an Talk to Southampton Deanery Pastore' Council, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Hsrldereon, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Mess and Visitation, St Taereses School. Blackheath. 9_30 are to 3,30 pm. South East Area Ecumenical Commission. Tharnearnead, 5.45 pm. Sundey: Mass, Church of the Precious Blood. Borough, 11 am. Mondayt Diocesan Bishops' meeting 1/ am, Traeleerlry: Chapter mass and meeting. Sr Georges Cathedral, Southwark, 11 am. Wednesday: Meeting of the Nationwide Initiative in Evangelism. Lambeth Palace, 2.30 pm Parish meeting, Church of the Precious Blood, Borough, pm. Thursday: Visitation and confirmation. Catlord, 7_30 pm.

,Ilishop Himhen, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday: Mass end .nd-Jctinin of Fr Joe Weston_ St Altian 5, Warrington, 5 30 pm Monday-Saturday: Pastoral Visit to Latin America.

Bishop Holland of Salford: Fridiry: Court meeting University of Seiford. 11_30 em. Sunday: Confirmation. Sr Luke. ?dams O th' Height. 3 Or, Wodneafty: Board of Administration. 19.30 ern. Thursday: Visite St Joseph's School, Rochdale. B i•hop Juke., Auxiliary of SOMIntalek: Friday-Sunday: Visitation to Deal Monday: Visit to CWL, Maidstone section, 8 pm. Tuesday: Confirmation Gilt,ngharn Wednesday: Meeting of Head Teachers. West Marling. 9 30 arn. Meeting of Acolytes at West Mailing. 7.30 pm. Thursday: confirmation. Gravesend, 8 pm.

B ishop Konsterrt, Bishop in Central London: Friday: St Edmund's House, Cambridge. Seturdey/Sunday: Visitation, Carmelite,. Kansignton Tueediryt Deanery meeting Kensington t b am. Wednesday: t;13.4 Meeting. Archbishop's House 10 am.

B ishop lindeey of Ilbellaell and Newseetle: Fridley: Meeting of North East Ecumenical Group, Auckland Castle, 2.30 pro. Tueedw: Governors maefing. St Cuthberfis High School. Newcastle, 2.30 pm',. Thunoley: Blessing of new chapel, Hunters Moor HosPtal. Newcastle. 3 pm.

Mame McCanie, Auxiliary of Birmingham:

Friday: Dinner. Knights of Craturrine. Walsall. 7.30 pro. Sunday: Mass and confirmation. Sc Francis of Assisi, Baddasley Clinton. 10.30 am. Wedneeday: Coventry Consultative Committee. Holy Trinity, Coventry. 7_30 pm_ Bishop McGuinn••■ of NottInghent: fletueeley: Lays foundation stone of new St Patrick's Church. Nottingham, 11 am. Visite sick. St YVilfriffs Perish. Coalville. Sunday: Visitation and confir• ration, Coalyille. Monday-Saturday: Bishop visits Diocesan Students in Irish seminaries.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Attends meeting In diocesan ciffices, Ursuline Convent. Brentwood. 3 pm. Saturday: Mats, CMAC Trafning conference. Mercy Convent. Brentwood, pm Sunday: Visitation. St John Mooney Clayhiii, Tumidly: Meeting Finance Office, 3 pm. Wednesday: V1sitatIon, Holy Trinity. Basildon, Thursday: Visits Sr Helen's Schools. Brentwood, Pm

B ishop Moverley, Of Haltom: Friday: Catholic Ball Sheffield.

Illehop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Fridey: MoSS and meeting, St Thomas of Canterbury Deanery. St Helen's, Crosby. 7 15 pm Suraday: Mass and visitation, S1 Joseph's. Liverpool, Manday: Confirmation Merton Priory School. 4 Ott, Wedneaday: Meeting at Cardinal Godfrey school, 3 pm Mass at Convent of Our Lady of Africa, Liverpool. 7 pro Thursday: Mass and meeting. St Jude Deanery. St Gregory's Church Lydlate, 7.15 pm B ishop Foley of Lanceerter: Friday: Attends Meeting of Diocesan Education Team C•awley. Youth evening, Storrington. pm Saiurday Sunday: Visitation, St Joseph's Parish. Epsom, Tuesday: Visitation Laws Deanery ccnferen,e, Wednesday: Evening for University Students at Stoirington Thunaliy: ViCitn Guildterd Deanery


Illehop Pearson, lesnop in Cussibles: Sundry: Confirmations, St Tereaa's Cleveleys. Tuesday: Easter People Deanery Mass and meeting. Cur Lady's. Carlisle, 7 um.

Bishop Sartiessni of Plymouth: Sunday: Mess and Visitation. Hohy Cross Church. Topeham. Exeter 10 45 am Confirmatlons. 3 pm.

Bishop SwIndielwrst, Aux1Rery of Heathens end Newcastle: North East Ecumenical Group Auckland Castle. 2 30 pm Sunday: Lourdes Pilgrimage Mass. Holy Rosary Billingharn, 3 pm.

d ishop Weimeley, Bishop of the Foram: Saturday-Thursday: b.nsitaton, Hong Kong.

S lehop Ward, Conegutor Bishop of Menevia: Fridey: Mass. Colwyn Bay School fiuneey: Mass Colwyn Bay. 10 an Tusedey: Attends Meeting of Bishops a, the Province in Cardiff S lehop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Meets Governors of St Joseph's College Beulah Hill Saturday-Sunday: Visitation to Me parish of Colliers Wood 'Thursday: Visite Holy Family school, Tooting, am. Prisegiving. HOry Family school. pm.

Bishop Wheeler of Leads: Ridgy: Visits Wakefield Deanery. ()smut Catenian reception. Wetherby. 7.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation end confir. motion, Our Lady of Lourdes. Leeds, Tuesday: Visits Selby Deanery Wednesday: Visits Yrok Deanerv. Berverlay House, Boston Srluare• 11,30 am. Thunder Bishop Poskitt Anniversary Mess. Cathedral. 11 am.

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