Page 1, 13th July 1945

13th July 1945
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Page 1, 13th July 1945 — POLISH CHILDREN IN PALESTINE From the Middle East comes news of further Polish deportations.

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People: Roosevelt, Truman
Locations: Trieste, London, NEW YORK


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POLISH CHILDREN IN PALESTINE From the Middle East comes news of further Polish deportations.

When, a few years ago, a part of Palestine was placed at the disposal of the Polish Government for the use of displaced persons many Polish children from East of the Curzon Line were settled.

The children arc tended by their own nationals. They are nurtured in their religion and in the Polish way of life by Polish welfare workers who are dedicated to the task of taking the place of their parents. Soviet officials hate now arrived in Palestine and aro demanding the repatriation of these young people—all of them who am under 17 years of age—to Russian. occupied Poland.

British officials have givers the Soviet full facilities for this work of deportation.

The children have already lost their parents through the aggression of Russia in 1939. They arc orphans. Return to Poland will mean their absorption into a system not only completely alien but absolutely godless. They are Catholic children.

News from Palestine describes heartrending scenes as they are being separated from Polish officials who are liter ally their foster-parents. Young as these children arc, they remember the nightmare of Russian occupation. They arc being sacrificed to our policy of appeasement.



In a statement which charac-' tenses America's foreign policy in the Polish question as one of " ever more accentuated appeasement," the Co-ordinating Committee of American Polish Associations in the Fast has informed President Truman that the Association will never consider the newly-formed Polish Provisional Government " as the legal and true representative of the Polish people.''

The message to the President stated that the Coordinating Committee would consider the new Palish Gov

ernment " as nothing elm but an instrument to introduce Communism in Poland." and that the organisation rejected are, responsibility for the activities the agents of the new Government may carry on in this country.

" We shall continue be recognise as the sole eegal representative of the Polish natidit and of the Polish people." the message says, " the President of the Polish Republic residing temporarily during the Soviet occupation of Poland in London."

Reviewing its stand in the Polish question since 1941. the Co-ordinating Committee asserted that " from the very day when Russia came out with territorial demands on Poland. contrary to the principles of the Atlantic Charter," until this day. when a Government " fully subservient to Russia," was recognised as the Government of Poland, " we witnessed a steady increase in our Government's concessions to Russia," " M a result of this policy." the Association said. "all moral principles in this war, which according to President Roosevelt's assurances were dirst of all binding for America. disappeared. As a consequence of this, not 'only Poland but the whole of Europe was partitioned."

"The Curzon Line has been shifted to the heart of Europe," the message to President Truman asserted. A line running from Trieste in the South to Lubeck in the North, the statement

said, divided " Europe into two worlds " with " I60 million Europeans surrendered to Soviet influerice' and Communistic indoctrination."

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