Page 2, 13th July 1962

13th July 1962
Page 2
Page 2, 13th July 1962 — Modern Churches

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Locations: Shatana


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Modern Churches

IR,-Thank you for the inter esting pages on modern church architecture (C.H. June 29).

I was struck by the graceful design of the Church of Our Lady of Windermere and St. Herbert. with its angled naves. This provides a pleasing alternative to the (to my eye) shockingly ugly circular and octagonal churches of today. The circle, far from being the most perfect figure, seems to me completely blank, without form and void; and as for the octagon, even as a school-child 1 regarded it as the most ugly geometric figure.

The so-called "circular" towers and baptistries of ancient buildings are not circular but cylindrical, a very different thing, and they do not constitute the main body of the building. The cylindrical form lends itself to variety of design, whereas the circle is just a circle. What a relief to look at the prayerful beauty of Aylesford. No-one, I think, would Call the new St. Catherine's in Birmingham either prayerful or beautiful.

I cannot believe that these biscuit tins and merry-go-rounds are the last word in church architecture.

(Miss) G. Eley Luton, Beds.

Hymn singing

I have read Miss Constance Hoh'S letter (June 29) and I am most grateful for her interest in the new Hymnal now being prepared. I would like to assure Miss Holt that there are very many churches in England where congregational singing is encouraged, and where priests make considerable efforts to lead the people in hymn singing. Now that congregational participation is coming into its own, a hook which includes a judicious selection of hymns old and new, makes provision for Sung Mass, Dialogue Mass, and for hymns during Low Mass, would seem desirable. I trust that Miss Holt will be pleased to know that the new Hymnal is designed to cover these needs.

Kevin Mayhew.

L. J. Cary & Co. Ltd.

Advice wanted

During war-time service

in the Middle East I met a young Palestinian who has since become a Catholic priest and is in charge of a mission at Shatana, Jordan. He now writes:

"I have a young Jordanian at the parish school whom 1 wish to help. This young man is a devoted, conscientious teacher with an obvious vocation and great potential value to the Catholic cornmunity here. I would like very much to give him the opportunity to enlarge his studies at an English Catholic College for a-period of two years. I would like to know whether there exists a Catholic Charitable Society in England which would provide funds for boarding and tuition fees . . ."

I would be most grateful to hear from any reader who knows of a charitable organisation that could help in this case.

H. B. Pointer 8 Campbell Crescent,

East Grinstead.

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