Page 8, 13th July 1984

13th July 1984
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Page 8, 13th July 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

0 = CedInetkin. RI = Masi. V = Visitation, C tonerrnation.

Carding Hume. Archbishop of Weenninder — Sunday: Golden Jubilee Mass, Camden 'few, Wednesday: GLG ecumenical service — Westmi nster Cathedral 3 ent. Thursday: Peen Cantores Mass 10 30 Chairs meeting on Employment — St Paul's Cathedral 12, Saturday. Weamtnater Abbey Woos. Pre Giving 1/ 15. 0 Revd Paul MePartland — Cathedral 2 prn Archbishop Bowen 01 Southwerk — Sunder C. gallon Mission 1.15. Monday: Diocesan Blames meeting. Archbishop's House, 1 lam, Tueadey C, fly-the 7.30, Friday: M tS mark the retirement ol Sister BeeignuS. Abbey Wood 7.30pm. Saturday Meetings. Archbishop's houSe.

Archbishop Cauve de Murrill. — Sunday V end C, SI Teresa. Perry Barr

Archbishop Word el Cardiff — Sunday: V & C. pentypool. Monday: M far 3rd Order at Our Lady fo MI. Cannel 7.30pm, Wednesday: C, Si. Alhan'e, Cardiff 7 30pm, Thursday C. St Josephs. Penerth 7 39ern_

Archbishop Warlock. 01 Liverpool — Sunday 0. Res. Martin Caddell to the priesthood. St_ James'. Orme 3pm. Monday-Thursday: Leads priest Retreat, Upholland Northern institute Thursday: Celeorates M for Si tver Jubilee of Fr. John Harvey. Our Lady of Lourdes, Hillside 7.30pm. Friday: M for centenary celebratienS, St. Teresa,. Birtatale 7 30pm. Saturday 0. Rey Freners Marsden to the priesthood. St Joseph's, Leigh 3pm

Biehop Merryn Alexander. Bishop of Cilhon — Sundry C at St. Thiornas More. Cheitennain 3pm, Presents Prizes at United Counties Youth Day. Cheltenham 8prn. Monday: M and per-tones ceremony of Final Profession of Sister Mary patricia. Convent of the Por Clams. Woodchester 10.30arn. PreeChes on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Association of Our Lady of Mount Cermet, St Mary. ee.t-Quy Sr1st. Feeley: Affents South West Church Leaders Meeting at the BiShop'S Palace. Wells 1 lam, Attends A.G.M. of Taunton Hospice, Taunton 6.45orn BfahdP Jain. Brewer (Coadjutor — Lancaster) — Sunday V & C. Holy Trinigy at St. George, Kendal, Monday: Visits Dean Gibson primary School,Kendal am, C, St Many's, Egremont 7pm, Tuesday Preaches at Ecumenical Service, Our Lady's. Sr Annes-on-Sea 7.30pm. Thursday-. Attends meeting of Board of Finance, Lancaster 10 45am, Presides 1st COmmuntOn M. St_ John's. Poullon-le.Fylde 7pm, Saturday Attends Mgr Kershaw's Golden Jueitee Mass, Our Lady's, Grasmere 11.30em. Attends Mission Canter parte St Elede's fign School. Lytham pre Bishop aurae. Auxillery for Salford — Sunday: v, 10 15am, C. 3pm at St Eranuia, Gorton, Monday: Chapter M. Sallord Cathedral — Feast of Our Lady ol Mount Carmel 12 neon Thursday, SchoOls Commission 10.30am, Friday: Begin V. Sacred Heart. Gorton

Bishop Clark Cl East Anglia — Sunday: Attends Diocesan Youth Rally, Norwich, Saturday: Celebrates NI, H.M. Prison hi procure, Suffolk dere Bishop Emmet, of Portsmouth — Monday St

Southsee Celebrate M for the Centenary at the Parish. Tuesday Si. Mary's, Aldershot — C & M 7pm, Seturday SI. John's Cathedral, Ponernouth — 0 el John Nelson to tne Priesthood 11 30ern. Mime Foley (Lancaster) — Sunday V. Our Lady Star OF the Sea, St Armes llarn. C, at Cu, Lady Slar 01 the Sea, St Annes 3pm Tuesday Presides at id & Commissions Extraorrirreary Ministers. St Gregery's, Preston 7.30pm. Theraday Benediction, SS Mary & Michael, Corniced. 2.30prn, M ot Thanksgiving lorSr Maureen, SHCJ. Layton Hill, Biackpool 730prn, Ereturcier Preaches at Golden Jubilee of Mgr Kershaw, Our Lady of the Wayside, Grasmere 11 30am, Misstons Garden Party, St Sedan, Lytham 3pm Bishop Gray (Shrewsbury — Sundey; V, St. John's, Bridgnorth, Friday: M. Shrewsbury Cathedral, Attends Sounding 01 Retreat Ceremony. Sir John Moore Barracks. Shrewsbury 6 300m.

Bishop Hannigan of Mareeds — Sunday: V & C, Filet. Blshop Harvey (North London — Tueeday: kJ, St George's Mredie School, Sudbury 9.15am, Wednesday: CDA learn, Meeting of HeadteaCherS, hwroger Deanery 4ern. C, Church Ler the Transfiguration, Kensal Rise 7pm, Friday Papal Award and M, St. Ignatius. Stamford Hrit 10am, Satioder C. Ow Lady 01Muswell, Muswell Hill 7pm Bishop John Julies Auditory for Southwark — Sunday: Official V to-Hartley Parish, Mooday: Attends rneellrib of Southwark Bishops. Archbishop's House, Southwark liars, Wednesday: Attends Industrial Mission Team meeting, West Mailing 9,30arn. Chairs Seminar on Social and pastoral ASction, St. Paul's Crypt 2.30prn. Thursday: Celebrates M and preaches at St. Clare's, Manchester 8pm, Saturday Allende Ecumenical Commission Meeting 10.30am.

Bishop Kelly of Salford — SuneayV & C. St. Mary Levenshulme, Monday Chapter M, Sallorcl Cathedral — Feast of Our Lady 01 Mount Carmel 12 noon, Thuirelay Schools Commission 11.30am, Pilaw Begins V, St Richard. Longsight. Saturday Ordain to priesthood Rev. Michael Cleary, SI Anne, Crumpsari Bishop Monsters, Auxiliary tor Westmineed — Sunday; C. Pimiroc, 5pm. Tuesdey Seminar, Si, Paul's Cathedral Crypt 2pm. Wednesday: CDA Meeting, Archbienoe'S ileuSe 12arti, M. St John's Wood 7.30prn. Friday M. Ely Place lpm.

Bishop L indaay al %exhale and Newcastle — Sunday: National Piig rimage to pedley. Tuesday and Wedneseley: Attends Grand Week Celebrations, ushaw College, Durham.

B ishop MeCanie Austliery for Birmingham — Sunday: & C. St Augstrne, Solihull 3pm. Monday: M & C. St. Mane, Rugby 7pm, Tuesday: Meeting of Conce of Father Hudson's Society 5.34)pm, Wednesday: M. St Thomas More School. Willenhall 10am, M at Lillington 7pm Thursday: Meeting at Governors of Besford Court Special School 2_30p0. Blackmore Park 7.30pm, Friday: M, Archbishop estey School, Acocks Green 10.30ern.

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham — Sunday: interchecesan Pilgrimage to Pedley. M at 3pm. Monday to Friday: Clergy Retreat, Ratcliffe College, Leieester.

Bishop McMahen Wallop ol grentemod — Sunday M. Cathedral. Brentwood 10.30arn, Monday to Thursday Mierstry to Priests Retreat, New Hall, Friday: Celebrates M. Sacred Heart Of May Gino Comprehensive School. Upminsler Sam, Concludes Retreat, New Hall_ Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London — Sunday: M & Commissioning of lay Ministers, West Drayton 1 taro Wednesday: Council or Diocesan Affairs. Archbishop's House lOwn, 'Young people's Prayer Group, Whitehall Gdns Bern, Thursday: C. Oslerley 7_30ern, Bishop Moverley al Hallam — Sunday: Diocesan pilgrimage tO uedley 2,30pm, Manday/Frtdey: Diocesan clergy retreat at Seirtwill, Saturday, Meeting of the Diocesan Pastoral Council at Wath Bishop Wailes, Ares Bishop In Seamen — Sunday Welsh NI at St. Dyf rips, Treforest, to maili erre ot centenary year !or St. Michael's School Bpm. Monday Seminar at Counfield, Ross-on-Wye, for students of the Dioceses at Carcelf and Menevia from 16.7.84 to 3 8.84. Saturday: Lecture at The Hill residential College llam.

Wallop Murphy O'Connor at Arundel end Brighton — Sunday Offera M. Family Day. St. Giterge's College. Weyendge am. Presents Senior pnzes, Sacred Heart Convent, Woldingham 2pm, Tuesday: Celebrates M. Bishop Otter Colteme, Chichester 0745, Wednesday: Attends Bishop Bee Ceiioquiurn. Bishop Otter College. Chichester am, Thursday: Departs Newhaven. leading Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes 1000. Ea-shop James O'Brien. Auxiliary for Westminster — Surarlay: C, at Westrnineler Cathedral 5.30pm. Monday: Hens Area Advisory Council meeting at All Saints Pasterai Centre epm. Tuesday: Ecumenical Church leaders meeting at Abbey Gale House. St Albans 10am, Wedneedey: CDA at Archbishop's House 19am, Attends Mr Noonan's retirement at Holy Rood Schoot, Watford 7 30pm, Thursday Slali

Mat Lonsto Convent , St_ Albans 3.30ern.

Bishop K. O'Brien (Auxiiiary In Middlesbrough -Sunday: C at Si John !hp EvangeliSli, EaerngwOld 10.30am, Spring Board at Amelelorth. Monday: Wexford Nuns Retreat

Bishop Rawdhorne. Aucifiary for Lrverpoot — Sunday. Nteeling with priest and C learn or Kekby Deanery Bern, Monday-Thursday: Retreat al Upholland, FrIdey M. ST John's Junior Boys' School. Liverpool 1.30pm.

Bishop Seindlehursc, Awilliary for Northam and Neweettfle — Sender C, Our Latly'S, Weis.h/ngturi Monday Dinner — Grand Week. Ushaw College, Durham Spin, Thursday: Rev. W Elkin's Silver-Jubilee kri St Patrick's, Ryhope. Sunderland 7prn Atait esanc'espDlirrlePcPtolArs'''MlineearYt iinngSr7f.dthi"'Ys: Society 2pre, Thursday: V & C at WaneSwarth East Saturday: Celebrates M at Si Anlhony'S Hnterial dream on the occasion of 80th Birthday Gear re nwsheeig prn ., eiahop Lao. saada,, Diocesan Rally, Halewood Cast re

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