Page 5, 13th June 1975

13th June 1975
Page 5
Page 5, 13th June 1975 — Arguments against abortion

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Locations: Coventry, London


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Arguments against abortion

I should be glad if you would allow me to correct an error inn Peter Nolan's article of May 30. The pro-abortion meeting from which members of Women for Life were expelled was not held in a Coventry college of education, but in St Mary's Hall, Coventry.

The students in the college were not connected with this meeting, which was organised by the National Abortion Campaign. The NAC is mounting pressure against Mr. James White's amendment Bill in the form of petitions, letters to MPs, leaflets and marches, to culminate in a rally in London on June 21.

Among other things the Bill seeks: To prevent abortion from being available for reasons of social convenience.

To make it illegal for anyone to have a financial interest in promoting or carrying out abortions.

To reduce the period during which abortions can be carried out from 28 to 20 weeks of pregnancy (babies have been known to live, born after only 20 weeks of pregnancy).

To make it obligatory for those advising an abortion to be licensed and to give advice also on the alternatives to abortion (eg, adoption).

To make it illegal to give abortion advice to girls under 16 without their parents being present. To facilitate the tracing and conviction of those involved in illegal abortions, While perhaps not going far enough in reducing abortion, the Bill would clearly be an improvement on the present situation where abortion is available more or less on demand in the private sector of medicine.

The Bill has passed through a first and second reading in Parliament, and is now being studied by a Select Committee. We have been assured that the most effective method of supporting Mr White's Bill is to write individual letters to MPs urging them to support the Bill when it returns to the Commons for voting.

In some areas, proabortionists are planning to make moves through the trades unions, proposing motions condemning the Bill at union meetings, and using these motions to lobby MPs. It is obviously important, then, for those who are opposed to abortion both to write to their MPs and to register their opposition at union meetings where the matter is brought up.

R. Waddington Women for Life 267 Daventry Road,


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