Page 8, 13th June 1980

13th June 1980
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Page 8, 13th June 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: St Cuthbert's High School, St Philip Hnward's Church, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Catholic Women's League, Board of Administration, Catholic Church, Mary Service, Crldsbury, Youth Commission, York School, St Alphonsus Church, Grace Dieu College, Consecrates Sr Bernadettas Church, Uphelland College, Gevernming Committee, Civic Party, Maryville Pastoral Centre, St George's Hospital Medical School, Bede's Comprehensive School, Valladolid Association, Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, English College, Catholic Teachers' Federation, Centenary M. St Francis First School, Upholland Governing Committee, Upholland Committee, Thurdey Missionary Institute, Comprehensive School, Society Garden Party, Upholland College, Guild of Catholic Doctors, Upholiand College, BCC Liaison Committee, Catholic Youth Centre, Religious Education Centre, Attends Catholic Committee for Racial Justice, St Peter's Church, pm. Western Area Education Commission, St Joseph's School, Ecumenism Commission, C. Church


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0 Ordination

V VIeltstiOn Archbishop Bowen of Sendknewit:Saturday: Altar Servers' Rally, Aylesford. 11 30 ern.

Archblelsop Dwyer of IllimenelsencSunday: M and C. Holy Family, Coventry, sm. C, Corpus Christi, Coventry. 3 pm. Monday. C, Holy Souls. Acocks Green Tu•siley. Coventry Newman Associehon M and A.G.M., 8 pm. Wednesday. V. Kings Heath. Thursdey: M. St Gregory. Stratford on Avon, 11 our Archbishop Muted( of Uverpool, Friday: Annual M. for Legion 01 Mary. Metropolitan Cathedral. 8 pm. Saturday, Meeting. Consultation in Christian Education, Upholiand Northern institute. 11.30 am-2 pm. Attends Study Day for Permanent Deacons, St Thomas Parish Hall, Waterloo. 3 pm4 pm Sunday fol, Goiden Jubilee of the Church. St Cauilia*, Church. Liverpool, 11 em. M, Golden Jubilee for Canon Byrne St Michael*. Ditton, 6.30 pm luesday, Governors' meeting. Upholiand College Wednesday: M for Golden Jubilee of College Chapel. Uphelland College 11 am.

Bishop Alexandm of Caftan, Friday, M, La Retrains Comm! School, Burnham-on-Sea. 11 err Seturday. M and C, Si Merv's Convent. Shaftesbury. 11 ant erl, Polish Chard', Bristol, 7 pro. Sunday: V. St Osmond.* Parish, Seliabury. At and C, 3 pm. Tuesday: M end C, clot the King Parish, Thombury, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: M. St Bede's Comprehensive School. Lawrence Weston, 8 50 am. M and C. Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs. Burnham-on-Sea. 7.30 per "Whop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Preaches at Legion of Mary Service, Liverpool Cathedral Saterday, Diocesan N.P.C. Meeting Loreto CoradMI, Altrincham. Saturday/MondayV end C, St Theresa's. Balcon Tuesuley: Upholland Governing Committee. C. St Theresa's, Wilmslow Wednesdae: C St Ann's, Cheadle Hulme Bishop Burks, AuxIllary of Italfard:Friday: Board of Administration, 10 30 am. Youth Commission, 2_30 pm. Sunday: Blessed Sacrament Procession, Manchester, 2.30 pm. Monday: V and C. Holy Family. Oldham. 7.30 pre. Tuesdey: Gevernming Committee, Uphollend. Wednesday C, St John's Cathedral. Salford. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Schools Commission. 10:40 MP.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood:Friday, M. St Stephen's Guild Jubilee, Si George's. Waltharnstow. 5prn Sunday, M and C. GIL/r Lady of Ransom. Rayleigh. 3.30 prn. Thursday: M and C, St Thomas of Canterbury. Woodford Greeen. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Clark of East AngkorFriday; BCC Liaison Committee meeting. London. Saturday' NP.0 Delegates meeting, Newmarket, 10.30 am. Sunday Parish V. Bury St Edmunds Monday: C. Bury St Edmunds. Thursday: 0. Sudbury. '1 30 pm.

Bishop Cleary, Ausitiary of BirmInghorn:Saturday. 4.0.M. of International Cammission of Justice and Peace, Westminster Sunday: M and C. St Anthony, Wolverhampton. 6.30 per Monday: M and C. St Mary's. Old Failings. Wolverhampton. 7.30 pro Wednesday: M and C, Holy Trinity, BlIston. ThurdeyMissionary Institute, London Bishop Emery of Portsmouth, Friday: Blessing of Church, St Philip Hnward's Church, Farehern, 7 30 pm Saturday: Ecumenism Commission Meeting, Park Place. 10 30 am. V. Catechatics Close St George's. Buckland. 3.30 pm. V. American Air Race Base Wash Common, 5 30 pm. Sunday: Con secretes Church. Sacred Heart. Cembourne. 11 16 am, C. St Edmunds. Abingdon, 4 pm. Tuesday: C. St Swithude Seuthsea, 7 pm, Wednesday: Commissions Catechists. 'Newham, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Foley of Lancomer:Friday, M. Sacred Heart schwa. Preston. 10 am Setioday: Golden Jubilee of Canon Rawlinson. St Mary of the Angles.

Bolter, le Sands. 7 ro .30 p Sunday' V. Holy Family, Freckleton, 10.30 ern C. I 2 noon Consecrates Sr

Bernadettas Church. Lancaster. 5 pm Tuesday: M for Thanksgiving. Castlerigg Manor. Keeeriek. 11.30 am Wednesday: Dedication of St Bornedene's school. Lancaster. 2 pm Thursday. M. in Iron of Sc Benedict, Hoene Eden Abbey, Warwick Dundee, 12 noon.

B lohop Grant of Nerthampt•n:Saturday/Sunday: V. and C. Weston Faye. Tuesday. Deanery meeting. C. 51 John's Luton. 7 pm. Wednesday/Friday: V. St Gregory's Parish. Northampton Bishop Grano of Shrevarbury:Friday, M. St Anthony's, Wytherishawe. Saturday: Diocesan N.P.C. Meeting, Loreto Convent. Attrincham. Saturday/Sonday: V and C. St Hilda'a, Whythenshawe Tuesday, Secular Clergy Fund Lunch, Wednesday' Jubilee M. Upholland. Thursday: C. St John's. New Ferry.

B _ Gray, *auditory of Uverpool:Friday M. Sacred Heart, Four Oaks. 7.30 Saturday. M. St Michael's. Dillon, 11 30 Sunday: M, English Martyrs, Utherland. 12.15 pm. Monday. C, arid M, St Cuthbert's, Wigan, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Attends; M, Star of the Sea. Llandudno on occasion of meeting of English College, Valladolid. 11 am. Wednesday. M, Upholland College 11 ant C. St Patrick's Nevnon-leWillows. 7.30 pre B ishop Googol% Bishop in Emit London:Friday. M. Eden Grove. 7 30 pm. Saturdey/Sunday V. Eden Grove Tuesday: Meeting of East I Oadon Church Leaders with Police Commanders. I 1 am. Lecture. Heythrop. 2 pm. Governors' Meeting, St William of York School. 8 pm Wednesday: C.P.A. 10 am. Thursday. A,G.M. Catholic instituter tar International Relations. 5 pm

B ishop H•rris of MIddls•broubh: Friday/Saturday: Adult Education Consultative Cammines. Sunday: Attends Jeteles celebrations St Cecilia',, Liverpool. Monday/Tuesday, Upholland Committee. Wednesday: V and C. Church of St Hedda, Egten Bridge. M, 6.30 pm Thursday. Jubilee M, St Alphonsus Church. North Ormesby, Middlesbrough 7 30 pm.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday, Attends BCC Liaison Committee Meeting. Euston Convent. 11,30 am Saturday Attends Catholic Committee for Racial Justice Meeting, Eccleston Square, 11-4 min. Sunday! Conducts Day of Recrolleutien Southwark, S.V,P, at Aylesford, 10 am. Monday: Diocesan Finance Meeting. 11 am Thursday, Blackheath Lunt:i.e.] Club, 1 pm. M and C. St Mary's Blackheath. 7 30 ren

Bishop Hitchen, Auoditsry of Uverpool:Fraley /Sunday V. Isle of Man, Tuesday: Official Opening of extension. Castle Rugg Manor, Cumbria. Wednesday: Celebration of 60th Anniversary of Sc Jospeph's Coteries, Upholland, C, St Joseph's Kirkby. Thursday: C, St Lawrence Kirkby. Meeting at Dutton with Bisbee nenshaw. 10 am. Christian Education Meeting. Chaplaincy. 7 ere Bishop Holland Of Salford:Friday, Board of Administration. 1.30. Sunday' Civic M. for Mayor's Sunday. St Johns Cathedral. Salford. 2 30 pm. Blessed Sacrament Procession, Albert Square to Crown Square. Mare:heater. Monday: V and C. Holy Rosary. Tuesday: Valladolid Association Meeting, Llandudno. Wednesday Valladolid Trustees. Wardley Hell, 11.30 am Thursday: Resew Society Garden Party, Crldsbury. 3 pm Bishop Jul..., Auxiliary of Southwark:Friday M. At Stills Maris Broadateirs, 9.30 am. Official opening to Chatham perish, 1 pm Sunday. M, St Michael the Archangel, Chatham, 3 pm. Tuesday: V. St John's Comprehensive school, Gravesend. Meets confirmation candidates at Walderslade 5.30 pm. TeN,'Chatlien. 7.30 pm. Wednesday. Gees talk to Guild of Catholic Doctors'. Meeting at St George's Hospital Medical School. 8 Bishop Konstant, Bishop In Central London:Sunday M. Herleston. 10 am Tuesday: Sacred meeting. County Hall. 10 am. V. Spanish Chaplaincy, 8.30 pm. Wednesday: C.O.A. Archbishop's House, 10 am. M. Catholic Teachers' Federation, Wimbledon. 5 clm.

Whop McGlone, Auxlibuy of

Sunday. M and C. St Augustine, Solihull. 11 am. M and C, St Osten% Coventry, 3 pm Monday: V. Our Lady. Nuneaton. C. St Anna, Nuneaton, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: V. School end Perish. St John the Baptist. Chain-Islay Wood. Wednesday: C. Our Lady. Nuneaton.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottinghern, luday M. with official Civic Party from Boston. USA. in femme of St Botelph, Boston, Lincs. 7 pre. Saturday C, Grace Dieu College. 11 am M, for the Deaf, West Bridgford, 3.30 pm. Attends Day Retreat for Vocations. St Hugh's Collage, Tollerton, S pin_ Sunday, V and C, Matlock Tuesday, Attends Lhocese of Lancaster Catholic Youth Service Celebrations and opening of new buildings at Keswick, Cumbria. Wednesday: Area C. St Pius X Parish. Grimsby. Thursday: M. Golden jubilee. Corpue Christi Parish. Cleetreepes and C, 7 pm.

lbshop Mahon. Bishop in West LOW011:Frithiy/Sunday Southall Parish Pastoral V. Monday: Westmineter Religious Education Centre. V Tuesday: Upper Theme, Deanery. 10,30. Meats Spelthome Social Services, 3 pm. Western Area Education Commission, 7.30 per Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, in are. Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, 7.16. Thursday, V. St Anselms school. Southall.

B ishop Murphy-O'Coranor of Arundel and lirlohton:Friday: Centenary M. St Francis First School. Caterhem. am. Saturday: M, at Aid to the Church in Need. Diocesan Day, Maryville Pastoral Centre. Bramlay. Brighton Deanery C. Arundel, 4 per. SundayFirst Communion and C. St Joaeph's school, Cranlegh. Thursday: Meeting with heads at RE Depanrnents, Christian Education Centre Crawley.

B ishop Widen, Bishop in HertfordsithatFridayHone Area Liturgical Commisaion, Marythurch. Hatfield. 2.30 pm. Pin Green Shared Church A.G.M., 8 per Saturday, Enthronement of the new Bishop of St Albans. St Albans Cathedral. 3 per Sunday, C. Weeffninster Cathedral, 5.30 pm. Wed nesday, C.D.A. meeting, Archbishop's House, 10 am. Thursday: Silver Jubilee celebration at St Joseph's School. S Chthey. 7.30 pm Bishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria:Sunday: C. Our Lady and St Juseph's, Carlisie. Tuesday' Attends opening fd, and Celebrations for the extension at Catholic Youth Centre, Cesherigg Keswick. Wednesday: Attends Silver Jubilee calabtatiuns.of Fr P. Smyth, Maryport. Thurday: Attends celebratiOns for the 15th Centenary of St Benedict, Heinle Eden Abbey, Warwick Bridge. Carlisle B ishop Rseneau• of Plymouth:Friday, M. Holy Cross school. Plymouth. 10 an, Bishop's Jubilee M. Cathedral, 7_30 pm. Sunday. M. St John's Tiverton. 10.30. M and C. St James, Tiverton, 3 pm Monday: Attends Diocesan Retreat at Buckfast Abbey. Tuesday: NI, for Junior schools Musical Festival. Sudden Abbey. 2.15 prn Wednesday. M. St Peter's Church, Crownhill, 11.15, Annual Genie* meeting of the Catholic Women's League at Y M.C.A. Hall, Plyrnouth, 2 pm.

B ishop SwIndelhund, Auxiliary of Heitharn and NewcortitnFriday: N.E. Ecumenical Group meeting Auckland Castle, 12 noon. Seturdsy: M, far Vocations to priesthood and religious fife. Catholic Church. North East. Gosforth Park, 11.30 am. Prospective church students Interviews, St Cuthbert's High School. Newcastle, 2 pm. Sunday V and C. St Patrick's, Consett. Wednesday: Meeting with deacons, Minsterecres. Thursday: C. St Patrick's, Canaan, V. liKish"IngstTodPn. PW'Aludi"ednesdayof. SmainvCo that icadVe-aFf.rit'.1earys:' Federation M, Wimbledon. 5.30 pm B ishop Wheeler of Leeds:Saturday: Otley Manor opening, 11 am. A G M el U.C.M. St Wilfrid's, Fealhelatone, 2 pm. Sunday: V and C. St Augustine's. Leeds M, 12.15 pm. Monday: Consecrates Altar. Immaculate conception idle Bradford, 17.4350 pro wTurdt.yd..Ayngclo-IsartaaAln,Fheollnovwsehispe..Yznk„

Thursday: Governor's meeting, T.A.S C , 11 am.

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