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Page 14, 13th June 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Stamang Committee, Mom Bishops Conferenx Smearing Committee, Archbishop's Council, Diocesan Centre, Herb:car College, St Milry'S College, Bishop's Council, CTRS Carden Party, Ratcliffe College, St Leotard and St Fergus Church, Salvation Army, Catenim Association, Dane School, Catholic Primary School, Si Slarg's School, St Mono's Pli711.137 School, Atd4intiop's Council, St Sesepll's Primary School, Elam Hn15 Ghost School, Buckley Patish Centre, St Margases Pommy School, St Mary's Primary School, Same College, CoMmenct Standing Committee, Ss George's College, Pastoral Centre, Canal Office, Hon Centre, St Edward's School, Primary School, Great School, 5Sevanan College, Hilithiston School, Service for Sign Crea.nal, Lanciscan Study Centre, Scottish Parliament, Opening Service, Iprr■ Wed tiete:pitlttin Cathedral Chapter, Muds SI Osvailds RC Wiens School, Council of Pnetts, RC Primary School, Liananon Management Board, Lnuristm Pastoral Centre, Radyr Golf Club, Holy Cress School, St Anthony's School, Visitaron St Joseph's Printery School, NHS, Ladv's Church, Canterbury School, Cluisoan Martini Hiram Wed College, Christ Church, College of Consul:cm Pottetand, Memorial Service for Chien Lubreh, Child Protection Commission, Memorial Service for Char, St Peter and St Paul's Church


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June 15 to June 21

Cardin./ Morphy-O'Camare tWeerninsterl Sure Cel,. Mon Mamba die 21.1dth Amis.:rosy of the pensh el Sr Atop us, Thomas Rd. London. 23,,. .Mnn. Moms with Stamang Committee, Archbialsop's House Cekbones Mass for Im9i Christians. Westminster Cathedral, 5.30sna. Tue beerscws ard Fogagerneen.AmIthtskops Hine. Wed Attends Clergy Day. London Coney. Herts. low., Thin Attends Lamm an St Pod by PriemMorphy 0-Connor. Cathedral Hall, fim. Fr: Meers Archnoneris Comet Archtashors Roam. 9 30arn. Sat: Attends Memorial Service for Chien Lubreh. Westruin• ens-Cathedral. 3prn.

Archbishop Keay Liverpordi Sun %definite Mass,

Si Matthew. . Phan Leah 'Walking in Faith' Wail number Lady of the Annunciation, Bishop Pim In St AllStill,Gresendalc. 4rn. Morr Bishops' Continence Standing Comulux.Weranneer.103fron. Wed: Metroroltion Cathedral Chapter Mies. Meteopolkan Cathedral of Clmst the King. Liverpool, 12.15pm: er p ra cep ton-. BshopsLoc.Lvpnal,73en.T:Me,of-1 er p ra cep ton-. BshopsLoc.Lvpnal,73en.T:Me,of-1 er p ra cep ton-. BshopsLoc.Lvpnal,73en.T:Me,of-1 Ttrif King. C-onference,Nunisighato.

Archbishop Pielmis ahromphon) Mote Stanchng

Corona= racing, Westromair. Birrnieshon Path Limb's Away•Dey. Itriensamse. Cadirrrournen.Soneng Comsat /pm_ Weck DSC Confeence. Soinhampion: Caledlese tor Teaches__ StCarAwy dx Great School. Oxford. 7mn. Thu: Mass to Mt 40th Anniversary of Holy Cress School. Waintley, 11.15use; Wm Midlands Region Churtes Fawn meeting. 330prn, Conferm.


taint Stnitely, 7pan. Fri: Anthbishop's Comer nimIng. Archbishop's House, 930ant Mass and CCRS Preset, onions, 5Sevanan College, Spot Bebop Arr.* !Auxiliary Babel, of Wmtonintert Sum Schaal Maio and 731h Anniversary. Choc Dieu Manor, I Wm Confirmations, Ratcliffe College. 3pro YIno Bishops Conference Trusures naming I 30pm. Wed Cagy Day, LaulanColley:Mannialatiass,East. orae, 7 Xlpm. Fri: Archbishop's Camel with Derma, Ancients/W. House.930nau Mass. St Juseptik, Wends 7unt Sat Cordintamm.CrIcklevood. 230pm.

ftlhop Beale iSallordi Sem Celeradien of Meassmd Pastoral Visitation, St Coaric.s, Swinton. ASam. Morr

Crithinel harden Ennui, Familiar miselim, Lonclen. Tee Meeting of Bishop's Council. Watdley Hall. II .30arte meeting of Hoard of Admimsmition.

Warthey 2pin Wed: GMCT Leaders meeting. Salford Quays. 1031.larn, memorial Ideas fix Father William O'Connor. Salford Cathedral.. Qvic Reacenat ihelemscoun.7 I 5pm.Thre Pc.Mni of &Charlie Priniary Sdanal,Swintert 1030aat, pastoral ✓ ation of the Sick dad Housebound. St Choi., Swinton, 130pmcelebrstion ef Masa for tire Golren Achim of linty Family NANA,. Limn. Oldham. pnn.

P rivate appoinonents.Wardley1L5r CTRS Carden Party. Didstray. Ipm APF Men. All Souls. Weasse. .3pm.

Bishop Caorphel (Coolaact Landasted Mon: Celelame M. Nmereth House, Larcaseer for Fain:hem

D IFy, urn; appointenents indieDiceerinQuu,lancasser, pm. Web Molds Good Shapland WOPsi, Views General Meeting. Lancaner, L Recepdon for Ordination volinmers, Lancaster. pm_ Sat Begins Visiimam of St Idary'S.L9verstco, pro Bishop Caney !Arundel ta Bag:blunt Star Going Rath Mess. StAnn's, Bandeal, lams: Fiesta for People with Speend Needs. St Joseph's. Cmnirigh. 3-prit Mom Meet Confirmation Catechtsts. Dabrec. 730prn. Tom Appointrnents: Mass for hiblarans. Anaidel Cathedral. Amide. 1011, Wed: Lourdes Clergy Day. Thu: Sussex Church Leaders meeting. Church }rouse. Hove, lOon, nvet COnilittlake C,OMJI1O. Ashand, 730en Fn Ordination Co the Priesthood of Felts Mtharoba,Ss George's College, Weyhrielge. Horn ; 40th Amiversary of CAMBIINC sehoist 230pm Sae Stlth Anniversary of Catholic Education la Woking. St DunstaresSchocd,3 Bishop Doyle iNorthamptonf Sum No oftleial engagerness. Mort Cenfirmadon.Llele Chalfore,730pm. Tim No officio! emageronth. Wed: Mom, Lunch aid AGM, St Francis' Children's Sodety. Milton Keynes, now Confirmarion,Great Billing, Nmileanom, 7_3llett Ther_ Prison Chaplains' miming md omit Bishop r Manx. lEfon:Ciarferrcsion.St .1oxplf s.kledford.7 Fri: Confirmation. Holy Cross. Bedford. 730pm. Ordination of Andrea Richardson. St Joheds. Luton, n'X'Llilstop Au*, I Middieshrough) Sot Attends Mms for Golden /Mike of Priestly Ordination. Om Lady of Salthern, 3pm. tier Bishop's Council. Curial Ofnee.2prre kat, Escheneic Reflection toil Benedielim. St Painck's.11sornishy.Tpm . Wed: Celebrates Confirm. tion, St Joseph's. Pickering. 7pna. The Council of Pnetts, Canal Office. Irmo Sat Moms with Werra Youth Day Pilgrims. CLI1111 Oflicd.2pra Bishop Evans (East Anglia). Sort Mass, St Laurence's, Caratedge. I 1m,. Min: Bishops.CoMmenct Standing Committee, London I fLatarri: Mass for Peeur in hog, Werminrot Canualral.:53Eprn. Tue. Cluisoan Martini Hiram Wed College of Consul:cm Pottetand. raprn. Thu: Thaxsan buionInGtitop. Fkm nglund.3 Diocesan Cammissreo for E.angelLsatico. ni

7.30pm. Fit Confi rentals St George's. Norwich.

730Q.pSut: Parish Visitation. Sawston 730Q.pSut: Parish Visitation. Sawston

Heedrkka (Auxiliary in Southwark! Son 'Day of the Africa Child. St Gcorge's Ctutiednd, 3pm Mott SEN Commence None Dane School. I than. Tue: Catholic-Lutheran Confeance on Apostolleity.lonilort Wod: Atchhishop's Comet', London. Ile:m.11m 40th anniveiony akin:Mora of CF.C.Tootaga Bee Sat: Coe. ntations .t1 pi, Mitcham, I lam; Coefirmations fitentLitc

pl . pl . Mae (Auxiliary Bishop of Smiths...ark) Sun. Confirmation, 01,7 Ladv's Church, Folkestone. 1 lam Mott Chun Kent nrel Isicdway Education Committee meeting , The Hermitage, West Mailing, 2.1 5pro. Tde Confirmation, The Sacred Heat. Si6ng-Murne.7305m. Wed Archbishep's Council roceingArchlithop's Blum, I lam. Tbn: Attends 4tIth Anniversary of raise. Eduea. Hon Centre, 1230pm visa ef post ConfornatIon youth from S !Teresa's Ashford to The Herm erage.7.30pin Fo: Visa a, Si Ammeane of Canterbury School. Rainhen. lent sa Confers Lkiconiur Orilleatiom, Lanciscan Study Centre. Canterbtury. I larn. Bishop Hollis Turnmouthr Sun: Diaconate Ordlnal on s.St John's Cathethril,Ponennuth, 2 _leren, Mm: Bishops' Conference Standing Cam-niece meeting , Lonike.10.34)amL Mass,Westminster Cathedral,530ons. Tun, Springhill Schad. Southampton. !Um 1230pm; Diocesan Implementation Steering .Group meeting, Winches:an 2.prm Diocesan Education Council meeting, Bishop's House.7pm. Wei: Diocesan Counvil if Priests meeting, Bishop's HDLIAC, Ponsmooth. 10 • 10.3Earn; Mins with Diocesan Schools Commissioners. Southarg. too, Soto. The Hampshire Chinch Leaders meeting, Southsennonn • dgen Confimiation fen Solent Pastoral Area. leornacutate Conceptiot. Shebbingron. lpni. Fri: ✓ isit to St Sesepll's Primary School, Christchurch, L lam Spot; Confirmation for New Forest Pastoral Arca Our Lady of Ludes, New Milton. ?pro Sat Mornorial Mass for Anthony Mmghelle,St John's Cathedral, Ponsmouth, nom Bishop Hopes rYs'estrninsterl Indurdon of Fr I Duffy AN par Rh priest of SS Peer and Paul. Notthfields. 11 _Vern: celebrates COIIIVIMIL106 Nil.. SS Peter and P M!, Nerthfields, 3 311.)pat Moo Meeting of Londen Ethic Chaplaincies wrap Archlishop's House. imam: emagerrarats, Archbishop's Home, pot; concelchmes Maas feu Iraq. VVestrninster Cathedral. 5.30pm_ Tee, Engagements. Archbishops House; Celebrates CurrfirI-nation Mars. The Orsiory. hpro. Wed: Attends Celebration of Priesthood. London Colony. Thu: Engagemenz. Archbishop's House, am: mends Linen. Caranime meeting. Vaughan House, 1.130am 3 Alm engagemenrs.Archbiftp's House. gm intends Velehrad meeting, 7pro. Frt .Arciabbhop's Comal. Archbishop's House, si _Maar engragernents, Archbishop's House, pm; celebrates Confantaion Mass, St Edward of Canterhurs, Whinon,7pm. Sat Attends the St Therms More Pacronil Festival, Force, Lbehop Resmey(Birrningtiann Sun:Mass ofThanksgiving.Gothenbarg, Sweden. team_ Sun Sat Sisters' Retreat. Gothenburg.

libber LIM I ClifioniTue: Retired Clergy meeting, Si Berualette.Whitcharch. Bigot, I I Mare, Confrmadeo St Peer's,Ciremester,730pro. Wed: Prime, School Leavers Mont, Clifton Cathednd, Bristol. 1 lam and I 31pre 'Dn. Same College :moors meeting, Saris 10nrn Sat World Youth Day commissionEng.OM

of Perpetual SinsoutChumhdown, 10am.

Longley iWestminster) Sun: Celebrate, Confirmation . St Mellitus . Tollingtco Perk. 6313pm. Mon Samd.ingConmeree,Aithlaishop s Nom. IfiarteCATEW AGM. Amhbistirat's Hosc, 1 30aro; Day for Life Press Code-ens. Ls:imam Sounre.3pm: Cumelebrates Pher..s for Iraq. WntrnilIVZI Cathedral, 5 30pmt Friends of the Flory Father AC1M ioU Reception Vaughan 1-I,

Tire Department tin Pastoral Arram Board. Vim Home, Inant Dinner in honour of Dame Mury Thum Cburch House, Westminster. 7pm. Wed: Dioec,au Celebration of Priesthood. London Colony, 1030am. Thu: Lecnue on St Paul by Er Jerome Mmuhr-O'Connor OP, Westminster LIthedral Hall 7.30pm Fri: Archhishe CeuncitAtchhislop's House, 93fiam; celebenes

nue km, St Johr the Evargairo, Islington (1), S.: Celebrates CanTirmation. SI Sohn the Evangelist LslotSoslt. 11., Memorial Service for Char, lunch , Westminster Cathedral. 3pm; ochtlitate, Confiroomon. Si Joseph's, Highgate, 7pm. Bishop Lynch rAmiliary n SoLlilwarO37.1le.Cootfirmatons. Elthism. Christ Church t5.30pm.Ttie: Mess, St Anthony's School. Emx Dularrch. IOntn: Confirmsdons. Catfired. 739pen. Wed: Anthhishopt Coma Got Thu: 40th Anniversary of the C E.C. Tooting lien. 1030am, Confirmations. Oct Wye. Star of the Sea. Gwnneijt,7_Sun.Frti Mew.St Betle's Schad. Oaponn Perk, Elam Hn15 Ghost School, Balharn.2pro. BiebepMoOneIItBhInioftinenl Sun: Silver rehire Mass for Pr Gamed Itelly;Our Lady re Perm.] Slagrall, Wolverhampton. eser. Moo themes Renovated. Chard and Feceign Languages Block. Pain*. Schaei.11.1.5ant vide. St Mary's Primary School. Leek, 4orn, Confirmbons, Loc1,7pro.Thic Meeting ofCioicRelgisoo Legatee, Stake,2prn.Fn,Atd4intiop's Council inectine,Arrn

bishou's se.93Dant visits St John's Primer Solnoni, Kidpmon. 230pm. San Opens SiMIIIICT Fete. Faber Wart Cotton. I245pm. Bishop McMahan ttheerwood) Sum Celebrates Mass and blesses new organ. New Hall &boot 103then. Tue. MeerMesdnonsiews, Cathedral Hrese.Went: Pararal Visitation aad Confirmation. &Hiatt.. Thu: Attends meeting ef EasietChuichLeales,Bishoptcoutt 103:lant rItrilielgVill4eVVICM, Cathedral Wsnne,pm

KneltMenthol. INrnall Sum Celebrates % Golden Jubilee of sta, -non to de Priedbowl or Rev Miehml taamit Se Peter nod St Paul's. Lincoln_ 6prn. Mon. Bishop," CenfeIenee Standing Como Mee . Arch hiOnsp's Home. Wes mania,. cauw Merting.Archhedarp's Horm, lheiogoontr'lnm: Liananon Management Board, Diocesan Calm Mackwonft 2pm Wedi Building and Sites meeting. Willson House. i Earn: Confirmanon „Sacred Henn. Leicestor3prolthe Aneaud Day Cadet-nix for Catholic Schools, Hayes Conk-rest Centre. Swurwick.Fls: Cele:este Mass for the Silver Johulwuftutdineiion ritho Priesthood of Rev Greg Tobin. Holy Spirit West Bridgrord, 730prn. Sat Attends Ccteoioe Dinner. East Midlands Conference Centre. Sotttogiten.7om Bishop hfahne !Liverpool) Son ' WtdklsginFnith Will from au Lady of the Aranunciatmo. Bishop Eton to StAtoo,. Grassendale. 2pm. Confirmation, Leigh P.a.,' Arca. 31-Iprr■ Wed tiete:pitlttin Cathedral Chapter meeting and rows. Alcurtholian Cathethel uf Chnit the King. Liverpool. 11243urst, Confirmation.leigh Pastoral adea, 7_10pro. Fri Confirmation . St Joseph. Wngkthngton. 7_,O1,re Bishop Noble rSinewskany) Simi Enchain with ASwSnom,'Aonoh.N Andeny's,W5thenshewe,3prn. Mon. Opening Service with address. Oxalate Show, Kaumfont 730pm. Wed, Meeting with Tewher LPA tepresennuives. St Mary of the Afore% Puma" Sdrout Hasson o30am; Confirmation, SO-lush's, West Three. Icy, 7pm. Teo: Leonview Morning. atrial Offices, mu opernos of Si Benedict's Hall. St Milry'S College. W.flasey, /pro Far (Lnnatian Life Coafereme. Loyola Hall. Son Mass of Thanksgiving for the work of the Holy Family Sisters in the Stockport onsa.Our Lady's.Stock Bishep D'Dotsmilme I Lancaster) Sun: Msitsaion. Dori,* and Si Herten. Weider-nem. MINK Vasa Franey Scbool, Windermere. Fni. Bishop's Council meeting, I 0.30ne Set Diacesse Pilgrimagn to indruell.2pm. EidloPPlogelea altnorrieran) Sun: el.r1117.1ktIS, ings }teeth. 3pm. ToeVisits Si Slarg's School, Harborne. 4941: C.ordinurdions, Hartome. 7pm. Wed: Lourdes Corm-More meeting. St Chad's Cathedral. 7 30prn. Thm Visits St Edward's School. Selly Pak.

2pm. Confirmanucs. Sell). Park, 7prn. Archbishop's Council meeting Archbishop's House. 410ton B ishop itawathorne I Ilan am) Sun: Mass. St Joseph's. Wads upon Demme. 830am. Mori Centenary Mass, Our Lady mil Sellsomas ef Camintory.Sheffield.

7pm. Veils. Holy Rood Catholic Primary School. Hamlet. 930turr, Coefinnauon, Si Mary Magdalene, M5SbY.L.;'h'Za. Wed Rainhowe rneeting,Pustond Genie,

IDarte, "rry mottiog.Our Lady of Mount Carnal, Doncaster. noon: Confirmation. Our Lady of Loonies. Hackeothospe.7pm. Thu: Camminoe for Doe. Hollywood Howe. Manchester 2ont Chaplains meeting. Pastoral Centre, bran. Sae COFCA Roaddava, Paulen! Centre. 1030am; Qualms evening, Nottingham. 7pm.

B ialusp Roth. (Leeds) Mon Standing Carman:re meeting. London, Illant M., for Pea. MI Iraq, Westminster Calhedrel. 5.30urn. Wed: Confirmition, St Panicle's. Biratall. 7pm. lbw VGs meeting. Bishop's Raise, Win; Confirmanon, St Anthooy's, Leeds. ipm. PO: Mass. 51:0 Anniversary of St Mtn Fisher's 1-bgh Schad. Dewsbury, IDam. Mike* Snide (Weanniroteri Sun. Confirmation Sneed Hem Punch Berkharnsted, 10 3.0am Diaconate Cadination, Hemel litamasand, lgen. Moo Celebrates Mass, St VIDMICIS Catholic Primary School. Aeon. W3. 2potTue: Herb:car College meeting. 4pm. Wed: Celehortionof Priefthood.Londem Colony. team Thu: Muss anlblessing of resu budding. Holy Rood Schml. Watford, 1.30prn; Confirmation. SS Mary and Joseph. Hemel Hempstead, 7pnu. Fri. Archbishop's Cooed meeting, 9.30art.

Bishop Was= fl.iverprol) Sorg COehrelos Selman Islas,. MolrnoollimoCnlhenitol of Christ the King Liver

pont I lam; ' ' Faith' Walk from Our Lady of the Almunciallon, Bishop Eton to Si Austin. Gressendale 2-prn; Cekhrates Man. Holy limey. Antonio VI Llage 6pm. Mon: CaTEW Armee] Genend meeting, WeArrall-ster Cathedral, lien Toe: Celehmax Mass. Our Lady Inumieunite RC Primary School, Idverpool, K ,arn; Finacce Doventors' meeting. Our Lady Immaculate RC Primary School, Liverpool. 9.3Uarit City Group Mans. Livepool, 1pm: Coefirmilim.Srleroine_Fointhy.7prn. Wed NHS Canfederation and Exhibition. Manchester. Aanunl Mass with the 'Dukes of Catholic Matbes, Metro kan Cathedral of Christ the Ring, Liverpool. lipm. Thur Muds SI Osvailds RC Wiens School, Liverpool, 9..Klam: visks St Oswald's RC Junior &hoot Liverpool. 1.30pnr. Orroskerk nod Magrwil Pasumal Area Clergy, St Anne, Ormskirk. 7305. Fri: Regional Surnaming Body rosming. Salvation Army, idiscrpool. I lam. Sat Visitation fvfass. Se Sfary,Aughton. 53Oprri.

WALES Archbishop Smith SCardiff) Sun: CORFUTnAtiOrK. Usk , ream. Mom Bishops Conferenx Smearing Committee, rearm Religious Reed= Seminar,3pm. Tut PILMDCC meeting, Arehbtshim's House, 1 lant Child Protection Commission, Archbishop's House.630pre. Wed, Silva'

Jubilee MES5 , St Helm's. ComphIlly, 7prn. Nears meeting, Courtin-. I I _alarn. Bishop Jerold M enevis 1 Sun: Coafirmations MUrrIML. Pariah. 1.0.30arn. Mon Radyr Golf Club, Card'eff, pre_ Toe: Province rneeting.Archbishop's House. Cardiff, am_ r.6, Confirmations, Tceby Perish.5 30pm Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Visitasion. Colwyn be Fetish. Mon: Visitaron St Joseph's Printery School , Colwyn Bay. Tee Welsh Provincial Bishops' meeting, Cardiff Wedr Induction of Acolyte. Ruth.. 7pm. Thu: Retironamt issues meeting. Buckley Patish Centre. Item 'Celebration of Education' Mao, Buckley. 6.45-pm. Ni: Retirement irs-am maering.Loreto, Ilarn; Mass for those invelsred in the Lead profetsion. Cathedral.. 7pm. Sat: Dolor Crum reaming.


C.ardlnal. O'Brien (Si Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sure Thanksgiving Moss for Catenim Association. Si Mary's Cathedral. Edineuttet I I .30sm. Mom Pastoral Nridt to Hilithiston School, Perth ikon! 1030orn. Tue Leavers' Mins, Holy Fienily Printery Schnol,Wechkunllt 1.301attr Week Montana) Service for Sign Crea.nal, St S4.-E.1 Primary Sehmi, 4.1thim; meeting of Coma of Priem, Gillis Cenne. Edinburgh. 123Cprn: Talk by Faber Jon Sohrirto SI, Lnuristm Pastoral Centre, 7.60pm_ Thu: Nerienal Con versarion. Scottish Parliament. I Ian: mind Mai of Mrs Mary Clason. Read Teacher of St Mono's Pli711.137 School, Leh. 7pre. Fri: Von: to Sr Miugarks Primary Scheol. Howick , L030on, St .kne ph', Primary School. -klkirk, 1.30prn. Sat Fair Trade Presentation to An-Miaow, St Maryr's Cathedral Hall, I 2.30gor. dinner marking 60th annotterry nf Demx.,e of htotherwell with Apostolic Nuncio, 73npin

Bishop Logan IDurrkeldriDundeei Sun. Scottish Camera Asscsionon. Centenary Celebration, Edinkaagn: Mass. St Mary's Cathedral. Edintrorgh, 11 3earn. Moo: Diocesan Vacations Team, Ehshop's Horne. Dundee. 5pm.Tue. Meeting with Episcopal Bishops., Clyde Street. GIssgoa, tarn Mass of Thanksgiving, St Ssivieurs High

• Dundee. 7pnr, Wed: Mass, Diocesan Centre, Dundee, noon Dedication of St Peter and St Paul's Church. Dundee. Arm: Leonid, of Ix ?car of St Pail lbw Graduation Lech. threversity of Duarte. noon. Pro FM Schott Mass for St Margases Pommy School, St Leotard and St Fergus Church. Dundee, Ham Mores to celebrate Rev Anthony McCothrs Golden Jubilee...Our Lady of Gerd Counsel, Broughty Ferry.7pm.S.: Lourdes Mon. cal Evening. Dow, ald Monad Secirty.Diaxlee,730prn. This !Wing was terra& by Gabriel Comminirectiorn andr alse aprenet In the Une,ene apa Cathohe Tones

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