Page 5, 13th March 1942

13th March 1942
Page 5
Page 5, 13th March 1942 — Axis Radio Stations are punting out these Catholic "fictions" for facts

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Locations: Manila, Berlin, Rome


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Axis Radio Stations are punting out these Catholic "fictions" for facts

MOch fabricated Axis propaganda is being directed particularly at Catholic listeners. Here are a few " fictions " put across ttie air to listeners in America and the Far East by Berlin, Tokio and Rome.

BERLIN: President Roosevelt is being hailed by the Jews as their second Moses. The speaker's heart is filled with sorrow for the plight of the people of the United States. The Jewish question, he says, has become the greatest problem— a problem of life and death—for America to solve.

Comparing the German mythological god Wotan with the Japanese '! God of the Sun and Wings" and declaring the two to be "symbols of the same pure Aryanism " a speaker showed this to be the sign that the German-Japanese alliance is a natural condition which " in reality has existed ever since the time of those two gods."


While Anglo-Saxons pC6ture Japan as the enemy of Christianity, the Spanish press is reported to have authentic accounts of atrocities committed by General Chiang Kai-shek against Catholic priests.

TOKIO: Papal representatives in the Philippines are said to have pledged " wholehearted co-operation with the Japanese forces for the creation ..f a new order in East Asia. ' The prelate designated by Tokio as Papal representatives in the Philippines was the bishop at a diocese considerably removed from Manila, where Mgr. Guglielmo Piani, who is Apostolic Delegate to the Philippines, has his residence.

A resolution is said to have been adopted by a general meeting of Philippine Protestants in Manila; held through the " good offices " of Japanese authorities. In his bid for the Protestant vote, the propagandist tells his listeners that more than 50 leading Protestants, including missionaries and "priests," were present. And the resolution, he says, pledged co-operation with the Japanese forces.

The Japanese and Filipinos, it might seem, are now just one big happy family. A " comneon trust and love" has developed between the people of the Philippines and the Japanese troops who fell upon them killing and despoiling them. And the voice from Tokio added : " My friends, actions of a God are just and righteous. Actions of a people under God also are just and righteous. The Japanese people are the same as you. They were brought up on religion."

Earlier that voice had solemnly proclaimed that when the Japanese entered Manila, the assembled citizenry chorused: " The angels have come. The angels we have awaited so long have now descended." South Americans are being told that Protestants and Jews in the United States have united to " exterminate " the Catholics of Latin America. American troops are described as having driven the occupants out of a Manila monastry, " including two Catholic priests and ten Spanish monks." and converted the monastery into an airplane assembly plant

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