Page 2, 13th May 1949

13th May 1949
Page 2
Page 2, 13th May 1949 — " Can you recommend a good Commentary on the New Testament."

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Can You Recommend A Catholic " Aid " To The New Testament ?

Page 2 from 13th January 1950

" Can you recommend a good Commentary on the New Testament."

Try The Layman's New Testament. (Rheims text. Pope, O.P. ahead & eArardl; or The New Testament. (Westminster text. Lattey, S.j., Sands).

" A work on the historical and sodal background of Oar Lord's life ?"

Consult the Catholic Reference Library for works by Didon, Elliott, Fillion, Fouard, Le Camas, Maas,

Meschler, etc.

o Would a philosopher get more oarprises hi Heaven than a saint 7"

Humanly speaking, one would supmee so ! But most philosophers tend towards God, and all saints are philosophers in their own little ways, so that " the fountains mingle with the river, and the rivets with the ocean." So don't lose time in speculation, try to

become 1:y anosaniTIt

-Catholic friend says that

there is a recent ruling whereby a Catholic may obtain a divorce and then be received back Into the Church after a certain time."

Nonsense. A Catholic who bee previously submitted his case to Ecclesiastical Authority may petition for CiviS divorce in order to obtain the civil effects. If the case is in order his C.atholic status is unimpaired.

" If the Catholic Church regained power would she pennit the Inquisition to employ torture ?

No; neither would Protestantism have lecoursc to the tortures once Inflicted in the Tower of London !

" Did not Pius IX, in 1064, declare Isle belief in torture 7" No; his " Syllabus of Errors" condemned Indifferentism and reiterated the Divine Authority of Catholic Teaching-hut he had already reminded the Bishops of Italy in 1863 that " we and you, too, know well that those who labour under invincible ignorance of our holy religion, yet keep the precepts of tbc law of nature graven by God in all men's hearts . . . are able . . . to

attain eternal life." He was at once orthodox in principle and humane in practice. A ticePriest refused permiasion for a Catholic to assist at my wedding in a C. of E. Church. Should not this bleated attitude ' and ' premature refusal ' have been referred to a higher authority 7" We presume that you and, your fiancee are non-Catholics. In this case we understand your personal feelings, but feel that you would not wish your Catholic friend to iefringe discipline to please you. Local custom is to be " loyally retained " by priest and people. It would be upheld by " higher authority."

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