Page 8, 13th May 1983

13th May 1983
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Page 8, 13th May 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Mary Immaculate School, Cathedral Chapter, St Michael's School, Diocesan Pectoral Council, Television Centre, Uphoiland College, Archbishop's Council, Laity Commission, SI George's Primary School, Kidtington Christian Aid Service, House Deal Centre, Holy Ghost Church, URC Church, Sacred Heart Church, Youth Commission, Leweston School, Salesian School, Convent High School, SS Flatter More High School, Catholic High School, St Mary's Primary School, Martegernent Committee, Cafoil Committee, Park Palace Pastoral Centre, Lourdes Sick Fund, English College, DehOn House Management Committee, Catholic Nurses' Guild, Ecumenical Mission Service, Finance Board, pm. Allen Hall Management Committee, St CuMbert's High School, Annual council, Steering Committee, Christ Church, M. Steeled Humphrey Middlemore School, St Peter's High School


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Bishops Engagements

C Confirmation. PA Mew. 0 Ordination. V Visitation.

Cardinal Huns, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Meets Deacons, Archbishop's House, 8 pre Saturday: Vocations Pilgrimage, SI Alban's Abbey, SI Albania

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Laity Commission meetrng. Archbishop's House, 730 pm. Saturday: Interviews candidates for the Permanent Diaconate, Archbishop's House. Monday.. Annual Dinner 1 Or Ddwnside Settlement, Cafe Royal. Tuesday; C. Buckland, Dover, 7.30 pro Wednesday: ReoeptIon Inc Waterloo Trust. Lambeth Palace. 8 pm.

Archbishop Come do Monello of Birmingham: Friday: Blessing of anthem House Deal Centre. Birmingham, 7 pm. Saturday-Sunday. Coneecration of Auxiliary Bishops, Belfast MOnday.Thursday: visits English College, Valtadoed

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: SI George's Primary School. Taunton, 10.30 ten Concert (Victoria de Los Angeles), Clifton Cathedral, 7.30 prn. Saturday: Celebrates! M for CWL, St John's, Bath. 12.30 per Celebrates M for Knights of St Columba, St Joseph's, Langpori, 4 pm. Visitation St George's. Taunton Sunday: V and C, SI George's, Taunton. Preaches at 8 am. 9.30 am ant:11130 pm Ms. CenCelebraise M and administers the Sacrament of C, 11 am. Monday: lolanthe by Bristol Catholic Players. 7.30 mm Tuesday: Celebrates M and visits St Mary's Primary School, Chippenham, 9.30 WTI 3uncelebrates M and administers the Sacrament of C, Sacred Heart Church, Bristol, 7.30 pin Wednesday: Interviews candidates tot Priesthood and Permanent Diaconate, Clifton Cathedral House, 10 am. Celebrates M for CWL, Holy Ghost Church, Yeovil, on occasion of 21st Anniversary ot 7.,aihohc Women's Club. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Concelebrates and aderinistefs-th'e Sacrament or to 61 John the Baptist. Trowbridge. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary ol Shrewsbury: Friday: C. St Mary's, Crewe. Saturday: Education Day, Chester CorrceLebralet NI at Civic. Hail Wins( ord. to

commemorate 70th Annerereary of Union ut Catholic Mothers. Begins Vet Our Lady, Mother of the Saviour Runcorn, evening, 3.30 pm. Sunday: V and C at Our Lady, Mother of the Saviour. Palace Fields, Runcorn. C at St Edward's. Runcorn. Wednesday: Meets with Shropshire Ecumenical Rural Group. URC Church. Shrewsbury. 10 am. Meets Clergy of All Saints, Serthley, 2.30 pm. Thursday: Meets Diocesan Clergy, St Joseph's, Melees, em. Meeting of DehOn House Management Committee, 3 pin

beriOp Purse, Aulualify 014dnara bunciay: V ono. C. St Mary, Swinton, 11 and 3 pm. Wedneacloy: Board 01 Administration, 10.30 am. Thursday: Youth Commission, at s pm B ishop Clark of Emil Anglia: Friday: C, USAF, Mildenhall. 7 pm. Saturday: Ecumenical Meeting, Norwich Sunday: V, Dereham. MonderThursder Study Conference, Messingham St Mary.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Dinner KSC. Jubilee Hall, Stoke-on Trent. Monday% School Leavers' M, St Edmund. Wolverhampton, 10 arn. Tuesday M, Harborne Hall, 7.30 pm. Wednesday M and Cs, SS Peter and Paul. Wolverhampton, 7.30 pm, Thursday: M and Cs, SS George and Martin, Birches Head, Stoke.on.Trent, 7 pm.

Bishop twerp of Portsmouth: Friday: Park Palace Pastoral Centre, Ministry to Priest, Consultation, 11 am. St Joseph's. Basingstoke, C M, prn. Sunday: St Joseph's. Bracknell. C M, St Swithen's„ Yateley. C M. 11 15 am. Monday: Consecration of New Burial Ground. Romsey, 10.30 am. Tuesday: Bishop's House. Cathedral Chapter Meeting, 1 I am Wednesday: SI Francis of Assisi, Miltord.on.Sea, Diocesan Requiem M lOr Fr Joseph Connolly, 11.30 am. Southampton University Chaplaincy. C M. 8.30 pm. Thursday: St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth, Good Shepherd M, 11 am Bishop Foley of Lancaster. Friday: Offer* M to diocesan students, Uphoiland College, 5,45 pth Sunday: V. St Ignatius, Preston, 10 ant C, 3 pint Wed nestley: Annual council meeting. Town Hall, Lancaster_ 12 noon_ Thursday: Council of Priests Chadian,

Centre, Lancaster. 10 45 am

Bishop Gray. Bishop of Shrewsbury: Saturday Celebrates M On the occasion of Diocesan Education Say, Chester Catholic High Scheel. 4 pm. Sunday; of SI Joseph's, Upton Monday.. Visits Schools and Sick, St Joseph*, Upton Wednesday: Vitals Cheater Catholic High School. 6 pm_ Concelebrates M with Diocesan Priesta. SI Joseph's. Melees Thursday interviews in Corral Offices, Birkenhead, 11 am. Confers Sacrament of C, St Gabriel's, Alsager, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Guasselli. Bishop in East London: Sal. arday: 0, Enfield, 12.3 pm. Sunday: Highgate, 10 am., C. Highgate. 5 pm Meet Peace Pilgrims, 7.30 pm MondsrWednesday: Hare St Meeting. Wednesday: Meet Conermancli. Somerstown. 730 orn. Thursday: Meet Bp Skandids, 11 ern.

Bishop Hants of Middlesbrough: Sunday: V, SS Joseph and Francis Xavier. Richmond, 9,30 em Mendes,: North East District Review, lethal Barracks, YOrk, 2 prn. TussdarThureclay: Diocesan CoUrae, Catholic National Radio and Television Centre. Hatch End.

Sishop Harvey, Bishop In North London: Sitaridaysunday: Pastoral Visit, The Five Precious Rounds, Stonebodge Monday M. St Ignatius Lower Scrioui. trthela, 1130 em Tuesday•Thursdey: Bishop's Meeting. Hare Street.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary cd Southwark: FritterThursder Continuation of and return from Holy Land Pilgrimage.

Bishop Hllchln, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday V and C, St lhOnlan.WondiesneW Monday: C. Sacred Heart, Warrington. Tuesday: V continued, St Thomas's, Windieshaw, 7_30 prn. SI Wirtifrede, Bootle Wednesday: V continued, St Julia's, Ecclestone. C, SI Bernadette, Cnevington, 7.30 pin Thursday: Cared, London.

Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Blesses and officially Opens St Vincent's Houeing Development. Old Lane, Little Halton, 7 pm. Saturday: Interviews prospective candidate, for Ine Priesthood, Cathedral House, 10.30 am. Sunday: V, 11 am, C, 3 pm. St Charles, Swinton Tuesday: SI Gabriel's Management Committee, Victoria Park, 2 pm. Allen Hall Management Committee, Fallow! told, 4 pm Wednesday: Board 01 AdMinIstratiOn. 10.30 am. Thursday: Unveils plaque of Papal Visit. St Peter's High School, Prestwich, 8_30 pm.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Monday. Thursday Canon Law Society Conference, Dublin

Bishop Konstent. Bishop 10 Centrist Lend= Saturday: Pilgrimage. SI Albans Cathedral, 4 pm Sunday: Episcopal 0. St Peter's, Belfast, 3 pm. MOnday.Wminesdar Westminster Bishops' Meeting, Hare Street Thursday: 7 pm, Cs, White City.

Bishop McCort* Auxiliary of Birmingham: friday: Newnan AsseciatIOn, Coventry, 7.30 pm. Sunday: M and C, St Thomas More, Kidtington Christian Aid Service, Christ Church. Word. 6 pm Monday: v and C, SI Patrick. Coventry. Wednesday V and C. Ail Souls, Coventry. Thursday: Meeting of Vietnamese Chaplainii. 2 pm. M. Steeled Humphrey Middlemore School, Birminghern, 730 pm Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: Blessing of 'The Briars' extension, 2.30 pm. M, 7 prn. Saturday: Midday. Mayor's M, Grimsby Sunday: Walsingharn Pilgrimage Tuesday: CYSC Eveculive Meeting, London Wednesday: Visit to Convent High School. Matlock

Birds* McMahon Of Brentwood: Tuesday: Chairs meeting, Christian Aid Week, Barking Town Hall, 7.45 pm Wednesday: V. Si Margaret's, Canning Town, and 55 Mary and Edward's, Silve tow n.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Fri. der 'Catechesis In our Time', Gumiey House, 8 pm. Saturday: Vocations Pilgrimage. SI Albano Abbey, 4 pm. Sunday. C, Our Lady of Lourdes, Acton, 4 30 pin C, Brentwood. Monday•Wedneaday: Meeting of Westminster Bishops, Hare Street Wednesday: Meets Martegernent Committee, Overseas Students' Hostel, Portland Rise, 3 pm. Thursday: Visits St Michael's School, Ashford.

Bishop Moverley of Hallam: Tuesday: Meeting at Finance Board. Wednesday Steering Committee of Diocesan Pectoral Council.

B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Archbishop's Council, Curial Of I ices, 10 am Saturday: Serve Club Altar Boys M, Holy Cross, St Helens. 10 am. Sunday: V. St Raphael's, Widnes. Monday: V continued. St Raphael's, Widnes_ C, SS Peter and Paul, Crosby. 7.30 pm_ Tuesday: C. Si Helen's, Crosby, 730 pm Wednesday! C, SS Puler and Paul, Crosby, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Pastoral V isn SS Flatter More High School, Wither:, 10.30 am. C, SI Themes, Waterloo, 7.30 prn.

Blehop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: C. Mayfield Convent, 3 pm. Saturday: Lewes Deanery C. Arundel Cathedral, 11.30 am. Visits Interchurch Day, Priory, Sayers Common, V, Marrow. Sunday: V. Merrow. Woking Deanery C, Arundel Cathedral. 3 pm Monday: CMAC meeting, Brighton, 8 pm Tuesday: Good Shepherd M, Arundel Cathedral, 11 am St Leonard* Deanery C. Hastings. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Visits Sixth Fern St Will lids School, Crawley. Visits Sixth Form, Salesian School. Chertsey. Woking Deanery C. St Peter and St John. Camberley, 7.30 pm Thursday: Meeting with Education Team, Crawley. 4 pm. M of Dedication for Youth Leaders, Sayers Common, 8 pm.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop In Hertfordshire: Friday: Christian Aid meeting at Harpenden. 8 pm. Saturday: Ecumenical Pilgrimage at St Albene Abbey, 4 pm Sunday: Diaconate 0 at SI Teresa's, Borehamwood. 11 are. C, at Westminster Cathedral, 5.30 pm. Monday•Wodnersday: CDA at Hare Street Wednesday Ecumenical Mission Service at Much Haddam. It pro Thursday: Cafoil Committee meeting. 2.15 pm.

Bishop Kevin O'Brian, Bishop hi Middlesbrough: Friday: Receive Lenten Olf Brings from the Children at SI Charles. Hull, 2 Pm. Coffee Evening for Lourdes Sick Fund, Station Hotel, Hull, 8 pre. Sunday: C at Spalding, York. Monday-Thursday Communications Course at Hatch End, London.

Bishop Rawsthorne, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Fri

day: Archbishop's Council meeting, Curial Offices.

to C, Si Robert Beiterrnins's, Bootle 7.30 pm Sunday: M with retired and elderly, Metropolean Cathedral, 3 prn. Meeting with !Permanent Deacons al St Thomas, Waterloo, 5 pm. Tuesday: Kirkby Deanery Liturgical Celebration, Holy Angels, Kirkby. 8 pm. Wednesday:0, Holy Ghost, Ford, 7.30 pm. Thursday. C, SI Teresa, Penworl hare, 7 pm, B ishop Restiisaux of Plymouth: Saturday: C, 61 Anthony's, Leweston School. Sherborne, 3 pm. Sunday-. V and M. SI Edward the Martyr, Wareham. 11 em. C. 3 pm. Tuesday: M and C, SI Paul's Consent, Poole. 7 pm. Wednesday: V of St Genevieve's Convent. Perches ter Bishop Swindlehurat, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle: Friday: North Eastern Ecumenical Group meeting, Auckland Castle, 2.30 pm. Saturday: Education Day at St CuMbert's High School, New cantte-upon-Tyne. 2 pm. Sunday: V and Cal Si Joaeph's. Billingharn. Wednesday: Holy Tear M for Hartlepool Sch0015, St Joseph's, Hartlepool, 10.30 am, Bishop Themes of Northampton: Sunday: M for Handicapped, Clapham Park, 8 pm. Laying Foundation Stone, Holy Family, Luton MornayThursday: Goes to Rome.

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary ol Southwark: friday: Commences V to Cheasington.

Bishop Walmsley, Bishop of the Forces: Friday. Thursday: V, Third Armoured °aileron Area. Soest, Weal Germany.

Bishop Ward of Menevie: Sunday: V and C and lead Pilgrimage to Shrine of Our Lady of the Taper at Cardigan. Monday: Blessing of new extensions, Mary Immaculate School. Havortordwest, 2 pm

Bishop Wheeler at Laird. Friday: M for Verona Fathers, Mirtreld, 11 am. Saturday Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham. Sunday: V and C. St Peters, Belleisle Monday: M for Catholic Nurses' Guild. SI Luke's, Bradford, 7.3e pre Wednesday: Mar Patera,. Bridge, y pm Thursday: Airedale Hospital Chaplains, 10.30 am

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