Page 10, 13th May 1994

13th May 1994
Page 10
Page 10, 13th May 1994 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES 1 1 5TH TO 22ND MAY Cardinal Basil 1

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BISHOPS ' DIARIES 1 1 5TH TO 22ND MAY Cardinal Basil 1

Keywords: Religion / Belief

lume (Weaminster): Sun:Civic Ceremony and Service. The Hidden Gem Eh-centenary, Fdanchester, 3pm Tue: Good Shepherd M, Cathedral, 2.15pm. Wed: M, Sacred Hert SA, St John's Wood, 2pm. Thu: CTE Presidents' Lambeth Palace, Noon. Fri: f. Shepherds Bush. 7pm. Sac 0, Hackney, 3pm. Archbishop Maurice Cou de Murvilk (Birmingham): Wed, C, Out Lady, Caversham, 7.30pm. Thu: 14 Cardinal Newman SA, Word, lOarn. C. St Joseph, Thane, pm. M Sr Augustine ch, arn. Sat. M , Deacons Course, Maryvale, 9.45am.

Archbishop John Ward ( : Sun: Welsh National Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady, Cardigan, 2.30pm Mon-Fri: Annual Clergy Retreat, Ross-on-Wye. Sat, Golden Jubilee, Llantarnam 4bhry, Gwent, 1130am. C, Cathedral, Cardiff, 5.45pm, Archbishop Derek (Liverpool): Sun: 200th Anniversary celebration, St May's, Manchester. TUC Mts, Anfield, 6.30pm. Mon: Vice President's Dinner, Liverpool School of Tropical vtedkEe, 6pm. Wed: City Challenge Parmership Fonox, 9.30am M, Cause of Canoni non of Mother Mary Joseph ofJesus, St Anne, Sutton, Monastery. Fri: District Bai4as Assoc, St George's Hall, Liverpool, 6.30pm. Archbishop Michael Bump (Southwark): Sun: C, Beckenham Hill, 10.30am. Wed: Requiem, Tunbridge Wells, 10.30am. Dinner for Canon Louis Marteau, 7.30pm. Thu: C, Barnes, 7.30pm. Fri: Censenary M, Gravesend, 8pm. Sun: C, Cathedral, 11.30am, Bishop C,orroac Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton): Sun. C, Cathedral, 3pm. Tue: Good Shepherd M, Worth Abbey, 11pm. Parish Mtg, Shoreham, 7.30pm. Fri: SA blessing, St Richard's, Chichester, 11,30am. M, Our Lady of England Priory, Storrington, 6pm. Sat: Epsore Deanery C, I lam. Redhill Deanery C, 3pm. Bhhop Terence Brain (B auxiliary): Sun: C, St Philip, Smethwick, I I am C, Acocks Green, 3 Boundary Commission Mtg, 2.30pm. Wed: C. Abbey Holton, 7pm. Thu: Catenian tg, 7pm. Fri: C, Firewood, 7pm & Sat, I lam. Bishop Philip Pargeter (Birmingham suudliary): Sun: C. Mount Cannel, Redditch, 6.30pm. Wed: V, S Bede's Sch, Redditch, am. C, St Peter's, Bromsgrost, peg. Thu: V, Sch, Oldbury, 10am. C, St Peters, Bromsgrove, pm. Fri-Sat: ARC Mtg, Bruges. Bishop Mervyn Alexanderl (Clifton): Sun: Catenian Assoc M, Cathedral, 10.30km. M, dedication, Bristol UniverOty Chaplaincy, 6.30pm. Mon: M, St Brendan's college, Brislington, 7.30pm. The: C, St Joseph's , Bridgwater, 7.30pm. Wed: C, All Hallows Sch, Shepton Mallet Spin. Thu: C, Si Gregory's, Salisbury. Sat: 0, Oscon, 11 am. Bishop Moverley (Halbun): Sun: 200th Anniversary, St Mary's, Manchester, 3pm. The: Cutlers Feast, Sheffield, 7.15pni. Sat: St Mane's Deanery. C, Cathedral, I lam.

Bishop Alan Clark (East ): Thu: Council of Priests, 10.30arn, Fn: C, RAF

Alconbury, 7.30pm. Sat: M. is of the Holy Sepulchre, Ely Cathedral, 11.30am Bishop John Brewer ): Sun-Sat: Italian Fberarchy mtg, Rome.

Bishop David Konstsat ): Sun: Bicentenary, Hidden Gem, Manchester. Man: Churches Joint Education C The: V, St Matthew's Sch, Bradford, 10.15am. York Brethren Lunch, York, Ipm. , Huddersfield, 7.30pm. Wed: C, Cottingky, 7.30pm. Bishop Vincent Malone, verpool atudllaiy. ): Sun: C, St Teresa, Upholland,

7.30pm. The: V, Broughton Sell, Liverpool. Wed: C, &Bernadette, Shevington, 7.30pm. Thu: C, St Marie, S dish, 7.30pm. Sat C, Cathedral, 4.30pm. Bishop John Itawathorne, auxiliary): Sun: V, St Ambrose, Space. The: M, Sacred Heart Sch, Crosby Wed: C, St Anthony, Liverpool, 7pm. Thu: C, St Anthony,

Liverpool, 7pm. Fri: C, St h, Brindle, 7.30pm. Sat MAR.C.FA mu, 10am

Bishop Daniel Mullins ( ): Sun: Thignmage, Welsh National Shnne,

Cardigan The: C., ST Port Talbot, 7.30pm. Wed: V, St David's Sch, Swansea, am V. SA, Swansea, pm. C, 't Joseph's, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Sat: C, Aberystwyth, 3pm.

Biahnp John Crowley (M1 rough): Sun: V/C, Ss Leonard and Mary, Melton_ Rosary Rally, Middlesbro 3pm. The: V, St Peter's Comp, Sch, South Bank, 10am. C, Redcar Deanery, Ca , 730pm. Wed: V, Blessed Sacrament Fathers, John Paul Centre, Spin. Thu: RE-SPO Forum, 7pm. Fri: V St Augustine's SA, Scarborough. I Oam. C, St John's , Beverley, 7pm. Sat C, St Edward's, Scarborough. 5pm

Bishop Kevin O'Brien, ( brough auxiliary): Sun: 200th anniversary,

Hidden Gem, Manchester. Yorks Brethren Dinner, York. Wed: RCIA M for Converts, Hull 7.30pm. Thu Lord Mayor's luncheon, Guildhall, Hull, Fri. Priesthood

Vocations mu, St John's, ley. Jubilee, St Charles Sch, 7.30pm.

Bishop Leo McCartie (N ): Mon -Tue: Methodist/FIG Core, Myddleton Lodge, Leeds The Diocesan • tie. Comm, 6.30pm. Wed: C, Holy Cross Convent Soh, St Joseph's , Gerrards Cross, .30pm. Thu: C, Thomas Aquinas, Bletchley, 7.30pm.

Bishop James McG (Nottingham): Sun: Bicentenary Celebrations, Hidden Gem, Manchester. Mon: SA/ St Parickis, Leicester. The: Catholic Nurses Guild M, St Peter's, Leicester, 7.30pm. : Notts Church Leaders. Thu: Priest's Mtg, Diocesan Centre, Mackworth. Fri: ond Jubilee , Bernadette College, Nottingham, 11.30ans Bishop Christopher Budd(Plymouth): Sun: C, Sherborne, am. Mon: Bin-ethics Standing Committee, am. M4rrage and Family Life Cttee pm. Wed: C, Torquay, pm, Senior Rates Dinner, HMS 1sfslgar, pm. Fri: Election of Lord Mayor of Plymouth C, Newton Abbot,pm. Sat: RCIA Thaniogiving M, Burkina. C, Crownhill, pm. Bishop Crisplan Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: V, St Theresa, Talon. Mon: Catholic Communications Centre, Loedon Meeting with Commission for Marriage and Family Life, Bishop's House, Wed. C Abingdon, 7pm. Thu: V, Southampton General Hospital. Fri: AGM, Stonyhurst Assoc. Sat C, St Peter, Winchester, 6.30pm.

Bishop Patrick Reny (Salford): Sun: 131.-Ce7te21-y of St Mary's, Manchester, 3pm. Wed: M Priests' Housekeepar, Wardley Hall, 2.30pm. Thu: Rescue Council Mtg, Didsbury, Manchester, I lam; NI, Manchester Guild of Catholic Teachas, 7.30pm. M, St Anselm's, Whitworth, 2.30pm. Sat: Justice and Peace Crier, london 10am. Bishop Joseph Gray (Shreersbury): Sun: BI-Centenary "Hidden Gem", Manchester, 3pm. Sat E Service, 10th anniversary, Sc Peter's, Ecumenical Centre, Chester, 11.30ans. Bishop Charles liasekrson, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: CCIJ Church Leaders Study aimed Sac E Service Centenary, St Agatha's, Kingston upon Thames, 8pm. Bishop John Jukes, (Southwark aovtasey): Sun: Channel llinnel Service, Dover. Mon-Fri: Canon Law Society, Conference, Dublin. Bishop Howard Tripp, (SOuthwark awdliary): Sun: C, St Boniface, Tooting, 10.30am. Mom Al, St Joseph College, Beulah Hill, 11.30am. Thu: Schs Pilgrimage, Aylesford. Fri: C, Ham, 7.30pm. Sat: C, Morden, 10.30am, C, Croydon, 7pm. Bishop Victor GuazzeDi (Westminster, east area): Sun: V/C, Upper Holloway. Mon: M, Cathedral Crypt, 5pim The: Regional Mtg, Aposdeship of the Sea, Preston, Ilam. Fri: C, Holloway, 7.30pm. Sat; 0, Haclusey, 3pm. C, Camden Tbwn, 7_30pm. Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, north srea): Sup: M for Catholic Girl Guides, Cathedral, 1.45pm. C, Wembley Park. 6pm. Toe: C, Wealdstone, 7.15pm. Wed: Travellers M, 4.30pm, Talk, St Albans Cathedral,t3pm, Thu: Assoc. Catholic Schools a, Colleges, Baden Powell House, am. C. Wealdstone, 7.15pm. Sat: V. West Hendon, Bkhop Patrick O'Danaghne (Westminster, nen area): SurrC, RAF Base, W Ruislip, 9 30am Meets Confirmandi, White City, 3.45pm. Thu: Catholic Oversees Hostel Opening, Chiswick, Hain. Din, of Recollection, Campion House, 2pm. Bishop Francis Walmiley (Forces): Sat: CWL Pilgrimage to Wilsingharo.

Kay. M Mass Confirmation. VViatatian. Meg Meeting. Sch. School.

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