Page 6, 13th November 1953

13th November 1953
Page 6
Page 6, 13th November 1953 — Corner

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Organisations: His Church, His army
People: Jeremy, Jane, Daddy


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Keywords: Daddy, Human Interest

DEAR Children: Did you all guess last week's "What Am I?" It was a squirrel.

Someone told me the other day he had seen a squirrel's nest in a tree. Would you have called it a nest, if you had seen it? If not, what would you have called it? Here is a rhyme about the different homes of different animals. See if you can fill in the correct words:

When they're at home

Said a squirrel, one cold winter's day :

"I am beautifully snug in my ..." And a rabbit replied:

"But my . . . inside Is much warmer, whatever you Then a hare, snuggled down in his . . .

Said: "Ifs all I can do to keep warm."

So the badger replied:

"If you're cold, come inside My nice . . .; you'll be safe from the storm."

For the threes and fours

JEREMY had a silly fit on. He J wouldn't make the Sign of the Cross. Daddy said he would never make a soldier. Jeremy didn't like that. He wanted to be a soldier like Daddy when he grew up. He wanted to know why he wouldn't make one. Daddy said soldiers were always smart at the salute.

"So am I," said Jeremy.

"Not the most important one of all," said Daddy.

"What's that?" asked Jeremy.

"Why, the Sign of the Cross. You salute Jesus when you make that. It shows you belong to His Church. When you stand up straight and make a big Sign of the Cross, it shows you are a good soldier of His. You ought to feel very proud to be fighting in His army."

"Like this?" said Jeremy, jumping up and making a great big Sign.

"Yes, that's what a fine soldier does," said Daddy.

"I'm Jesus' soldier, too," said Jane. "Of course you are."

"And you and Mummy?"

"Yes, we are all soldiers. And we all have lots of battles to fight for Him."

"Little black devils don't like the Sign of the Cross, do they," said Jane. "They turn and run when they see that."

"Yes," said Daddy. "They know then they've got the worst of it."


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