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13th October 2006
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Page 14, 13th October 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Organisations: &Italian Commission, Diocesan Justice and Peace Assembly, Kingsbury Green:Mu Council of Deans, Church of Englaud High School, St Mary's School, Archbishop's Council, EPS Cluistian Edmatim Centre, Opm Prieno* Council, Diocesan Commission for Christian, Council of °Mations and Jews, Bishop's Council, College of Consultor, Word Liverpcia Arelidimman Centre for Evangelisetion, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Brampton Heath Gulf Club, Ohl Brotherhood, Committee for Cathobeilewish !claims, Ushaw College, Archdiosrsan Centre for Exam:elm/ion, Liverpool Andatiocestn Centre for Evangelisation, St Cuthhares College, Pastoral Centre, Dean's Council, Club of Wales, Atmal Club, Dacia:ger Harm Welcome Lituru St Ramat% School, Wolverhampton Univeraity Chaplaincy Committee, Newman Board, Osc011 College, FSEeumatical Service, Osiott College, St Patrisk's School of Evangelisation, Council of Deans, Linacre Central Board, Hi4.3n Anthiship's Council, NHS, St John Fisher School, Oscott College


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October 15 to October 21

Cardinal C Mundry-O'Croutor (Westminster). Sure celebrates Mass for Catholic youth, larrninghai rt. Mon; Attends Clergy Ekry of iteconcthatiou, London Olney Zest The Siva., al Annual Clerk. Dueler. natiorml Atmal Club. SW 1 730pm. Wcd: leads tededi. cM)u of Our UM' of Mount Cannel school, Ealing, 1 onion W5 I lam; Meets with Dimesun Vocation Da ectors. Archbishop'a House 4pm. Attends reoption for Ambassador to the Holy Ste,Aethbishop's House 630pm. Thu: Mtg of Coutkil of Deans . Archbishop's %lost I EJ _1( presides and preaches at 150th artivasary opening of Our Lady Help of Christiana Cathedral. Shrewsbury 7prn. Fri: Mons with Artailtishop's C'ouneil.Amhbishop's House 924kun; Celebrates lobate Mass for Rtligious of Diocese. . Wesuninster Cathedral 1230pin Sat Cckbrates Mass and speaks to Catholic Women's League Confeitnce, Brighton I 1 ant.

Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham), Mom Autumn DSC Conference.. Tue. 103tkun Mrg of Deans, Mayn't; 7.10pIn Confirmations Sacred Heart, Oxford. Wed: 1030am Clergy Ongoiag Formation Day, Ihmiinghom roci Womestrx Arne, Osc011 College. Thu. 10 30arn Newman Board nf Govanars; 7pm LilunCil of the publication of the history of St Mary's. Harvington. Hi4.3n Anthiship's Council and Diocerau Tnistem nag, Arenbishrts House. Sat I lam CWL Centenary Mass, righton. Archbishop P Kalb (Lwapool): Suit 1 1 um Mass for St Edward's College Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ tfr King. Liverpool; 2pm Children's Litumv Celebratiou of the Word Liverpcia Arelidimman Centre for Evangelisetion. lbe Ifiam Visits HM Prison. Liverpool . Wen-Thu: Governors' Meeting. Ushaw College. HI: Illarn United Trusts Mooting, Liverpool; 11 3Run Antdincesan Trus-tirs Meeting. Liverpool Andatiocestn Centre for Evangelisation.

FeeIntemational Catholic Founclauon the service of deaf people.

Archhishop k McDonald (Southwad), Sun: .10th Anniversary of Colliers Wood parish I 041am. Mon Mtgs,Arebbishop's House pm. The Archbishop's Council, Alifibithep's House 100rn; Ongoing Formation Aylesford, Newly Arrived and newly ordained priests 6pm. Wed Ongoing Fonnation.Ayle.sford Thu: Committee for Cathobeilewish !claims, Ecclesion Squatr 1-4prn. Sat: Justice nd Pose Assemhly, Arrtiari Hall Bishop K Corny (Aristide) & Brighton): Sun. Youth Event. Birmingham. Mon Hi: Deacons' Retreat. Spain , Sat adulation to the Priesthood of Jobn Hom,The Sacred Ilean, Cobham, Bishop 1) McGough (Wham auxin: Sun. Parish V Sacred Hean. Hanley. The 1030arn [mg of Delin.S. Mary-yule. Wrid: 10 30urn Clergy Ongoing Formation Day, Birmingluen and Won:cater Arca, Oscott College.Thu: 1130am mtg nith chaplatas St John Fisher School; 2.15pni tneam mat, Oulton Abbey_ Fri: 930am AMR-adult's Council and Diocesan nustees mtg. Archbishop's House, 2pin Mass with Stafford and Cannock Catholic partnership. Sat: 1.451um Mass, Sacred Heart. Hanky. Bishop P Parader (Blain mail): The; Mtg of Deans, Mirys'ale I lam. Wed. 1030 Clergy Ongoing Formarion Lo. B iron igl tarn and Won:ma/Area, Osiott College. Thu 4pm Wolverhampton Univeraity Chaplaincy Committee mtg. Fri: 930am Archbishop's Council mid Diocesan trustees mig,Aivhbishop'a House. Sat Parish V. Sheldon. BisbuP D Long iCitikni); Mon: 1000 am Cumbelialge Conuniasion. London. Toe 1030ant Catholic Assts.:Wien meeting. Landon. Wed: 111X1 am Pontifical Mission Socienes; Imn Theology, Faith and Culture meeting, London.11w: I l30= Demo meeting. Bristol: 7pm Health and Healing Mass, Sr Maiy-on-the-Quay. tol. Sat. 1030 Eun Diocesan Pastoral Council.


Badsop M Evans (bast Anglin): Sum Friends of the Cathedral Mass and AGM St John's Oahedral !tarn. Mon: Cathedral trastees Istg at Porialliand 2pm. Wol, Shrine Council Mass oridMtg Ilam; Confirmations at St Pancras, Ipswich 730pm. Thu. Mass for Diocesan Headteachers at Poringland 3pm; 01(6mi:diens al St Howurn, Cambridge 730pm, Sat Parish V to Derr-ham_

Bklsop J lbristhorne (Hallam): Sun: Mass , St Charles. Sheffield 41rn; Mass. Hallam I Invershy 7pm. Mon 7pm cc-Infant:atom St Cabe' the's, Sheffield Tuc: 920ani Radio Rainadan, Sheffield: 12 won, St Michael's Catholic and Church of Englaud High School. Barnsley. Wed-Thu: Governing Body Mtg, Ushaw College En-Sun. Symposium on Family Spiri nudity, Ushaw,College. Bishop POTsonoghue (Lancaster): WedThu: Usbaw CEEivcmOri. meeting. Fri Bishop's Council meeting , 1030am. Mrtressunbc; NHS Trust Commissioning of Chaplains. Lancaster Infirmary, 3pm. Sat. Maiis, SI ThonlEO, CliiUglitOn, 630pm. Bishop ARoche ilea-hi Sun Cie:my Inservice and Retreat, Palazzolo, The: 9ani Mass, Our Lath of Good Counsel Pnmary &loot. lords; 12 noon Arnpleforth Covenant mtg. Ampleforth Abbey. Wed Ampleforth Covenant mig. Anipkfoidi Abbey; 2prit Governors:Staff mt. Itdow 3pm Governors Mtg. Ushaw College, (pm Mats Ushaw college Thu I RUB Brord of Governors' mtg. TASC, 430pm Mtg with Diocesan Eutaw,: Board ;aid Trustee Directors. HiMley Hall . lOarn Vesa mtg. Bishop's House, 12 noon tots veith Dean, of Bradford Nerib and Brodkin:1 South and Halifax Deaneries, isl top's Flake. Sat ti 30pm Continuation, Holy Name, Leeds. Bishop V Malone cl:pool motif): Sum I lam Golden Jubilee Mass: Our Lady of Lourdes RC church. Southpon. Tuc 730 pm, CollimationSi Julie, St Helens Wed: 730 pm Confirmation. St Luke the Evimgclist.S3histon. Fit: 1130 am Archthocesan Trustees Meeting LACE.

Bishop T ‘14111‘11115 (UpOCIII ansilk Sun: Visit to Isk of Man Pasireal Arca continued:11r: 11330 urn Churches Cr-culture. Li verpeol Archdiosrsan Centre for Exam:elm/ion; 730 pin Corbin motion: St Ruben Bellannine, Bootle, Wed. Thu: Governors' Meeting. Ushaw College; 7pin Confirmation St Oswald and St Edmund /known:Mt. Ashton-inMukerfield. Fri: Healthcare MmtingLonalou. Sat Pastoral Area Meeting: St Catherine of S rime, Lowton.

Bislwp Crossley (Middlesbrough): Sum Celebrates Mass for MCHE St Clare's Middlesbrough 3pm. Wed-Tho Attends Ushaw trustees Mrs Fu-Stur Attends National CWL Centenary Conference, Blighton. Bishop PDoyle (Northampton); Sun: Visit, tam. Si lireph rind St Clam, Aylesbury. Mon, Noon Staff meeting, Bishop's House, 3pm Pastoral Strategy (hoop, Coffee Hal!. Tue. lOarn Blesnon of Stained Glass Window, Cur Lady of Peace honor School, Bunanun; 730pm Mass ot Lahti:ton. Sacred Ikon, Luton. Wed am Appoirameno. Bishop's House; 12_10pm Lunch with new 1-kadocaclans, Bishop's House Noon 1 mach with Ohl Brotherhood, Loadon; 6_10pm Willa of Christians and Jews, Toney Abbey. Fri It am Council ef Deacons' Meeting, Bishop's HnUSe: gpm Northampton Province Knights. of St Columba 40th Anniversary Ltinner. Brampton Heath Gulf Club. Sat 1 I am CWL Centenary Mass and Lunch, Brighton Confetrtice Cennr.

Bishop M McMahon (Notinghan): Sun: National Youth Evezt, NIA Birmingham. Mon: Furred Mass Mites, John troop, Our Lady of Lincoln, Lincoln, 12 noon. Weil Cekhrates Maas for the Silver Jubilee of Our Lady and St Patrick's fluarh in the hlcuclows. Nottingham. 7pm. Thu: Mass and blessing of new hall. St Patrick's primary school. Leicester Mani Bishop C Budd (Plymouth). Sun: Visitation St Agatha's Parish, Dawlish. Tue: Meeting with deans, Bishap's House 1 Lan. Wed: Celebrates 40 years St Mary's School, Dacia:ger Harm Welcome Lituru St Ramat% School. Poole 730 pm. Attends National CWL Celebmtions, Blighton.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun: Pastoral Visitation and Celebration of Mass, St Mary's, Little}mush. 830am. The Evening Meal Birdie Jobilienuss and Newly Ordained Priers, Wool le) Hall 700pn. Ushaw Gov.:rare Meeting, Ushaw College, Lituharn. SaL CWL Centenary Celebrations. Brighton 1100am. Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): No engagemettle.

Bishop P Hasdridts (S'wark Auxil): Sun: Confirmations Kingston I230pm. Mon. Finance mtg. Finance Offices I lam.Tue, Archbishop's Council, Archbishup's House Idatu Wed: South-West sea Headteachcrs„Mtg Wimbledon 1030am. Fri: South-west Area Deans Mtg, Wimbleslon 1030am: Confirma bons West Croydon 730prn. Sat: Diocesan Justice and Peace Assembly, Amigo Hall. Bishop J Hine (S'waik Amid): Mon. Mtg of the Kent Deans ai West Mailing 11.15arn. Tue, Amhbisitup's Council Mtg, Southwark 10iim. Fri Sat: Chairs Symixasium on Domestic Spirimahry at St Cuthhares College, ['slum. Blehap PLynch (S.wailAuxily Soo Induction nflarauitehcr of St St-dc's primmy school, St Bede's, Clapham Park. Noon, Mon: Education for Parish service trustees' Mtg • Christian education Centm, Tooling Bei: 4 30put; AwanL Ceremony for EPS Cluistian Edmatim Centre, Tooting Bee 730pm. Fri: &Italian Commission fur Oiristian Unity 630pm. Sat: Induction of Canon Tom McHugh as parish poen of St Joseph's. Bromley tipm.

Bishop J Arnold (Weakest) Ausil): Mon; Mom Cumberlege Review. RIC: 1030am St Theresa's primary Sehooldillth Anniverramy at St Philip's. Chinch End. Wed, 1130am Dean,' mtg, St Sebastian and St Pancras. Kingsbury Green:Mu Council of Deans. Fri. 930am Archbishop's Council Mig; 123(1Continal's Maas with mligious. Sal: Muss at St Edmund's, Millwall 6pm. Sun: 11.45 Mass at Out Lady Immaculate Innehouse: 7pm Mass for new mous 51 Allen Hall Seminary, Ifbilinp A Hopes ("Armin:arsAura): Sun Aslitim1 Nish pastoral \m on: Mrs with newly-appointed priest, 1 hum; engagemeno Archbishop's House 1191 This Council of Deans lam; pm Engagements, Arittathop's House. Fri: 930am Andibishop's Corned mtg 12 30prn Jubilee Mass with the Cardinal and the Religious; pn Engagentel as . Archbishop's House; 7pm Wedding Anniversary Mass, Out Lady of Victories. Kensington. Sat: Isleworth parish V.

Bishop B Longle.s. (W'minster &milk Sum: Parish Visitation to St Anne's, Underwood. Tue. Preaching at Ban's the Less Chinch for St luke's-tide service followed by dinner 6pm. Wed, 12noon Council of °Mations and Jews (CCJ) trustee und advisory board nags, Albeit Embankn tent; 5pen St Patrisk's School of Evangelisation. Bond of Managelticat Mug, Soho, 630pm reception in honnurof His Excellency Mr Hancis Campbell, him Ettilmnic Majesty's Ambassador to die Holy See, Archbiahop's House. Thu: 1030am Dean's Council followed by lunch, Archbishop's Haase Thu-Sun: Syntranium on muital and Family Spirituality Conference, lishaw College.

Bishop G Stack (Wirunster areay Mon: I 'crimp College Governors' nag 4prn.Thu: Ble.ssiag. Mass and Dedication at St Vincent's &Arial Acton 1 4.1pm. Fri: Archbishop's ('nun cil Mtg 930am. Sat. Mass at Church oldie Resurrection, Gmve Hall,HcmeI Hernpstead North .

Bishop T Burns (Toroesk he Pri: Vienna, Conference of Militory Bishops. Sat: Catholic Women's 1 eague Centenary Mass Brighton.


Anishishop P Smith (Canittb: Sun: National Youth Celebration Mass in RtnIIUIeJenIi Ham. Toe Mrs re Migrant/Immigrant Workers in And ithshop's House.Cardi If 2pm; Hospitaller, Club of Wales at Quality Hotel, Coryton 6.10pm. Wed Interfaith Forum at dr National Assembly Bldg, Cardin Bay 9Xtiim, Interfaith Coma at dr National .Asscmhly Bldg I lam: Linacre Central Board of Governor, Mg In Si John and St Furabeth Hrupital, London 3pm. Thu: College of Consultor, Mg at the Pastoral Centre. Cardiff I lent. Fri. Diocesan Tnotees mtg Archbishop's Howe. Cardiff 10am. Sat: Diocesan Commission for Christian unity 10am. Bishop E Regan (Wrexham.): Sun: National Youth Gathering. Birmingham Cathedral lmn Muss in !Intone of St Richard Gwyn, followed by veneration oldie Relic. Moo Opm Prieno* Council, Tim: Clergy Conferenx, Lamm, 1.1andudno. Wed: Clergy Conference, Loreto, Llanduckax 7pm Mass at Cathedral. with the Apostolic. Nuncio presaling. Thu: 7prn botessFalth Gmup. Wirxhant Fri: liner Mass al St Richard GwYll High School .Flmt. Sat Catliolic Scouting Asnxiation AGM. Burnley.

Key: M-Musa.CConfirmation. VVisitanon. 0Otdinatiom Mg-Meeting. Sch-School. FSEeumatical Service.

14• revel lee canna I guarantee the inclusion cf bishops' engagements rreehrel later than inkiday on the Mande, prior te +publication

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