Page 6, 13th September 1946

13th September 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 13th September 1946 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholic Information From Abroad


The Pope has appointed MGR. LIBERATO TOSTI Apostolic Nuncio to Paraguay and Titular Archbishop of Leucade.

AUSTRALIA An INSTITUTE OF CHRISTIAN STUDIES, intended to serve the needs of Christian adult education, was recently opened at Melbourne, Victoria. The institute has already courses in Economics and Industrial Relations and hopes soon to add courses in Philosophy, Theology and the Arts to the curriculum.

AUSTRALIAN BISHOPS, said Mgr. Henschke, Bishop of Wagga-Wagga, and chairman of the National Catholic Rural Movement, are endeavouring to rally Catholic farmers in Australia into their own branch of Catholic Action, the N.C.R.M., because they arc appalled at the number of farmers and their dependants who arc being forced into the cities.

HIS EMINENCE CARDINAL GILROY will visit Brisbane for the celebrations in honour of the sacerdotal golden jubilee of Archbishop Duhig, which begins on September 19, Archbishop Duhig was born at Broadford, Limerick,. Ireland, but went to Australia at an early age. Mgr. Duhig was consecrated Bishop of Rockhampton in December, 1905, and was translated to Brisbane as Coadjutor in 1912.


The 11th International CONGRESS OF SACRED MUSIC will be held in Liege between September 16 and 22.

DR. K URT SCHUSCHNIGG, former Chancellor of Austria, is reported to have accepted a post offered by the Allied Control Commission, Dr. Schuschnigg is to visit Belgium on October 1, where in a 10-days visit he will lecture in most of the principal towns. The offer to lecture in Belgium was extended to Dr. Schuschnigg by the Committee of Catholic Conferences.

TSIANG, who was recently consecrated Titular Abbot of San Pierre du Mont Blandin, has left his monastery to go to Rome to confer with the Pope. In a talk before he left his abbey, the abbot expressed the wish that his superiors would send him to China.


MGR. WILLIAM KITCHIN, VicarGeneral and Administrator of the Cathedral of Newfoundland, has died in hospital after a month's illness. Mgr. Kitchin was born in St. Johns in 1877. He studied for the priesthood at Louvain, in Belgium, and was ordained in 1902. He was a personal friend of the great Cardinal Mercier.

CHINA The death is now confirmed of FR. ROBERT CAIRNS, the Maryknoll missionary, who disappeared from Sancian island in 1941, following the Japanese invasion. Fr. Cairns, who was 57 years old, was born in Glasgow and went to America with his parents as a child. Ile was ordained in 1918 as a Maryknoll missionary. Fr. Cairns was the custodian of the shrine which marks the spot where St. Francis Xavier died and was busiest.

GERMANY The REVIVAL of Catholic publishing and journalism in Germany amidst general desolation is one of the most marked features of life in Germany at present. Except in the Russian zone, where the dearth of Catholic literature remains one of the serious problems of the Church, new books and periodicals come off the presses almost every week and they all excel by their high literary and spiritual standards. The famous Jesuit paper, Stimmen der Zeit, has now been licensed by the French authorities and is being published by the firm of Herder, in Freibourg. Caritas, the monthy magazine of the German Catholic organisation of that name, has also recently started publication.


About 5,000 POLISH REFUGEES, who have been maintained in India since 1942, may shortly be moved to join relatives overseas, as a result of negotiations between Whitehall and the Indian Government.

ITALY DON LUIGI STURLO, 74-years-old Italian priest, scholar and statesman, who in 1921 founded the Italian Popular Party, the forerunner of the Christian Democratic Party, arrived in Naples on Saturday last from America. Don Sturzo has been for 22 years

i n voluntary exile in France, Great Britain, and the United States. Don Sturzo was met in Naples by a representative of Senor De Nicola, President of the Italian Republic, and Sinnor De Gasperi, Prime Minister.

MGR. ANGELO PERUGINI, a member of the Papal Household, the secretary for Latin Letters, is reported te have been among the passengers Silted in the British-South American Airways Star Leader air liner which crashed near Bathurst, Gambia, on Friday last.

THE ITALIAN SOCIAL WEEK will be held in Venice from October 20 to 26. The Patriarch of Venice will open the Conferences.


POLISH UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, complained the Communist weekly Revival recently, are deeply opposed to Communism. The paper said that the university students were directing their energies in a direction quite opposite to that of Communism and labelled them " reactionaries." The complaint of the Communist paper is a great tribute for the Polish youth which in the great majority stands firmly Catholic.

The POLISH PRESS, reports Vatican Radio, has now with difficulty been allowed to print some of the Papal encyclicals. At first all reference to Communism was deleted and later these references were allowed to appear in Latin as a supplement.


FR. PEDRO PARAMO ARIAS, parish priest of the village of Maijente, in the Lugo Province of Spain, was shot dead by a group of armed men who broke into his house and stole 3,000 pesetas (about £68).


A PRESS CAMPAIGN, reports Vatican Radio, has been directed in Zagreb against the Catholic hostel for women students in that city. The Catholic hostel for women students is the last of the establishments left untouched by the Communist unification of education.

The Yugoslav Minister, HEBRANG, according to Vatican Radio, in a recent interview, again attacked the Hierarchy of Yugoslavia, which he has described as the agent of the reactionaries which had no right to pursue its activities further. The Min:ster also prom:sed severe measures against the enemies of the people and some of the clergy.


ABBOT ALBERT 13LSTON, 0.C.S.O., Abbot of Ncw Melleray Monastery of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance, died last week at the ago of 65, after an illness of several months. Abbot Boston was born in Co. Waterford and entered the Cistercian community at Mount Melleray.

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