Page 6, 13th September 1985

13th September 1985
Page 6
Page 6, 13th September 1985 — This Happy Gilt of Tongues by Jim Davidson (Vine Publishing, £1.95) A down to earth look at speaking in tongues.

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Locations: Antioch


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This Happy Gilt of Tongues by Jim Davidson (Vine Publishing, £1.95) A down to earth look at speaking in tongues.

A Dazzling Darkness by Patrick Grant (Fount, £3.95) An anthology of Western mysticism, from Aelred of Rievaulx to Charles Williams. It bears witness to the spiritual principles which continue to form our thinking today.

Exploring the Spiritual Life Ed.

Sheriood Eliot Wirt (Lion, £3.95) Classics of 17th century devotion to inspire the 20th century reader.

Evening Worship in the Orthodox Church by Nicholas Uspensky (Moivbrays, £11.25) While tracing the evolution of evening worship in the Orthodox Church, the author draws special attention to the meaning of the rite in the ancient Church.

Prayers for the Domestic Church by Edward Hays (Redemptorist Publications, £7.50) A handbook for worship in the home. Includes blessing prayers for a car, farm animals, pets and daily personal prayers as well as for feast days and holidays. Fresh Bread by Joyce Rupp, OSM (Redemptorist Publications, £4.50) A handbook for spiritual growth. Seasonal and monthly themes accompanied by daily scripture readings, reflections and prayers.

Sea Edge by Phillip Keller (Word Books, £1.95) Already widely known for his ability to draw spiritual insights from nature, the author here invites us to meditate by the sea.

Bible Mapbook by Simon Jenkins (Lion, £4.95) Through innovative information graphics the book brings vividly to life key events in the bible. Concise notes give quick access to essential information and the maps follow the same order of events as the bible.

Jesus by E L Mascall (Darton, Longman & Todd, £1.95) An answer to the recent pronouncements concerning Jesus by Don Cupitt and Bishop David Jenkins.

The Resurrection and Modern Man by Ignatius IV, Patriach of Antioch (Mowbrays, £5.75) A meditation on salvation offered to man by . the resurrected Christ. Man and the Cosmos by Lars Thunberg (Mowbrays, £11.25) A study of the thought of St Maximus the Confessor on the cosmos, the nature of man, man's relationship with God and the world, Christology, liturgy, history and eschatology.

A Faith for Life (Lion, 7.95) This is an attractive book for 12-15 year olds, describing the phenomenon of Christianity. The illustrative materials come from all over the world as well as from a wide denominational spread. Written in the context of today's church, the book examines questions that affect Christianity as a faith for living including race, equality and the world of work. In its examination of the central beliefs of Christianity the book provides the evidence, asks the questions but leaves the reader to draw conclusions. Highly recommended.

The New Testament in Scots Trans. William Laughton Lorimer (Penguin, £7.95) Scots and Scot lovers everywhere will welcome the Penguin appearance of this literary and scholarly masterpiece.

Thomas Kula

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