Page 2, 14th April 1939

14th April 1939
Page 2
Page 2, 14th April 1939 — Week-end

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▪ IN Sig. Mussolifii has performed the old German trick of performing a coup during the week-end, when English foreign affairs come to a pause and Ministers are dispersed. He went one better by choosing the Easter week-end, when Ministers are even more dispersed than usual. The Italian conquest of Albania was carded out expeditiously and the Albanian army seems to have completely disintegrated. British interest is concentrated on the flight of King Zog and the unfortunate Queen with her week-old baby.

Moslems are Annoyed

▪ The moist important result of

this coup may turn out to be the enmity it is arousing against Mussolini in the Moslem world. This act of aggression by the self-styled defender of Islam against a predominantly Moslem country has been denounced by Moslems in Egypt, India and Palestine.

More Commitments

E NI Mr Chamberlain had to break off his fishing holiday in Scotland over this affair. The result would appear to be that England will enter into a defensive alliance with Greece and Turkey similar to that between England and Poland.

Spain Joins

• E It has now been confirmed by the Burgos Government that Spain has joined the anti-Comintern Pact. The other signatories to this pact are Germany, Italy, Hungary and Japan.

Holland is Concerned

• U Holland is concerned over the international situation and has strengthened her frontier forces and cancelled leave for many sections of the navy and the cost defence force. In a broadcast Dr. Colijn, the Prime Minister, stated that he had no fear of a sudden invasion of Holland but that these precautions were necessary in view of the present European tension.

" There is no Truth . . ."

▪ a Xing Zog of Albania was the only reigning sovereign in Europe not descended from Queen Victoria. There is next to no truth in the suggestion that this fact influenced Mussolini in his decision to dethrone him.

U.S.A. would be in it

President Roosevelt has

endorsed as an expression of his views a leading article in the Washington Post which warns the dictators that in the event of war made by them they must reckon with the United States whose " destinies " would be involved from the start.

Negotiations ?

E I It is reported that Germany is renewing friendly negotiation with Poland for the settlement of outstanding questions, including Danzig, an extra-territorial corridor for the Retch across the Polish corridor, and the cession to the Reich of some small area inhabited largely by Germane.

Our Ambassador at Burgos

▪ 111 The new Ambassador to Spain, Sir Maurice Peterson, has presented his Letters of Credence to General Franco. The latter, replying to Sir Maurice's speech, spoke of the " ancient ties of friendship based on geographical considerations" between England and Spain.

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