Page 5, 14th April 1949

14th April 1949
Page 5
Page 5, 14th April 1949 — 150,000 Persons Have Got Through The Iron Curtain

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150,000 Persons Have Got Through The Iron Curtain

By a Stahl Reporter

The statistics published by the International Relief Organisation (I.R.O.) reveal that after April, 1948 roughly 150,000 people asked for admission into camps for displaced persons in Germany, Austria and Italy. Among them are 46,000 Poles, 16,000 Hungarians, 14,000 Czechs, 13.000 Yugoslays and others.

The majority of them have escaped directly from lands behind the " iron curtain."

Even taking into consideration the fact that these figures include many Jews who wanted to go to Palestine, the number of political emigrants is imposing.

It would be surely doubled and trebled but for the strict control of the frontiers by the Communist police. should add that there are very many political refugees in other countries, too, for instance in Sweden and Denmark. There are still 370,000 displaced persons in Europe under the care of I.R.0,

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