Page 5, 14th April 1949

14th April 1949
Page 5
Page 5, 14th April 1949 — Polite Ultimatum " Tells Priests " Go To Your Dens"

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Organisations: Socialist Party
Locations: KUNMING


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Polite Ultimatum " Tells Priests " Go To Your Dens"


On February 8 the missionaries in Kunming. Protestants and Catholics, received a threatening letter which shows the attitude of Chinese Communists, whether they come from the north or from the south.

The exact text of the letter runs as follows ;

American imperialism's private detectives: You are the patrols of evil imperialists, you are the patronisers of your reactionary government.

You call yourself China's friends. but in fact you are assassins of our

revolution. To interfere with our politics is in the eye of Chinese youths the greatest insult that could be inflicted on a self-respecting Chinese.

Now, we speak in the name of the people to you: quIckly depart to your den. If not as quickly as we commanded, then your blood shall be upon your head. This is not a threatening letter but a polite ultimatum. At last told your Chinese clerks that we have well provided some special gallowses for them.

(Signed) Patriotic Socialist Party.

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