Page 6, 14th April 1960

14th April 1960
Page 6
Page 6, 14th April 1960 — Via Eggs and Bonnets to a good Missal

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Via Eggs and Bonnets to a good Missal

EASTER eggs and Easter bonnets

— may they be in as many homes as possible this April, the eggs to please the children, and make them remember Easter as something special even before they are old enough to grasp its significance, and the Easter bonnets to please mother, to make up to her for the extra trouble she is caused on such occasions, and to mark Easter as something special for her too—an outward sign of inward joy. Father, as usual, is left to derive his satisfactions from seeing his family happy—and having the doubtful pleasure of paying for it, but it is well worth the Catholic home making a special and deliberate effort to celebrate Faster.

Easter is the great Feast of the year, the culmination of all the Church has looked forward to, renewing the Resurrection of Our Lord, that final victory which all the world awaited.

Only the efforts of parents can train the future generations to regard Easter as THE feast, THE celebration, and, as usual where deeply spiritual things are to be communicated, homely material things can be the means. Hence the Easter egg, and the Easter bonnet.

For the older children. beyond the stage when they wish .to be called children, however young they are in their parents' eyes. it may be the right occasion to give them a special gift, such as a Daily Missal.

My own, a fat thing in cherry coloured leather, is the kind to take any undue solemnity out of such a present, should sober black look too austere on the Easter breakfast table.

A Daily Missal is also a very grown-up possession requiring some skill in manipulating multicoloured ribbons, and a really good one is a positive inducement to join in the Liturgical Year. Parents, I present the idea to you—I will not pretend it is my cheapest.

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