Page 7, 14th August 1936

14th August 1936
Page 7
Page 7, 14th August 1936 — The News That Interests and Matters AUGUST 8 — AUGUST 12

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The News That Interests and Matters AUGUST 8 — AUGUST 12


Prominent Civil Servant Dismissed

A first-class sensation was caused by he announcement that the Prime Minister sad dismissed Sir Christopher Bullock, Permanent Under-Secretary at the Air Ministry, from the Civil Service. A Board af Enquiry, composed of Sir Evelyn Murray, Sir Richard Hopkins and Mr. Granville Ram, had been set up to investigate sharges against Sir Christopher arising out af conversations with Sir Eric Geddes and athers in connection with the possibility of his becoming chairman of Imperial Airways. The Board of Enquiry found him not guilty of corruption, but stated that his conduct was utterly at variance with the Civil Service Code, and that the conversations in question were of an improper nature.

Sir Donald Banks, Director-General of the Post Office, has been appointed Permanent Under-Secretary to the Air Ministry, ill 'succession to Sir Christopher Bullock.

Appalling Colliery Disaster

Fifty-eight miners were entombed and killed when an explosion occurred in the Wharncliffe Woodmoor Mine, near Barnsley. Messages of sympathy with the relatives of the victims were received from the King and the Prime Minister. An explosion had already occurred in the same seam last September, when nineteen were killed. A relief fund for dependents has been opened.

Mourning for Barnsley Disaster

At the request of Mr. Joseph Jones, President of the Mineworkers' Federation of Great Britain, Thursday, 13th August, will be observed throughout all the coalfields as a day of national mourning for the Barnsley tragedy, and all work will be stopped. It will be the first time that this dramatic and impressive gesture has been made. It is estimated that at least 700,000 men will cease work in response to the President's appeal. A memorial service, to which the Archbishop of Canterbury and the President of the Methodist Conference have been invited, will be held on Thursday afternoon at Barnsley Town Hall.

Recorder of Coventry Dead

Mr. J. F. Eales, K.C., M.P. for the Erdington division of Birmingham, has died at the age of 55. Mr. Eales had a distinguished career at the Bar (among his most recent cases was the defence of Sullivan, co-defendant with Nurse Waddingham, in the Baguley murder) and in 1928 was appointed Recorder of Coventry.

His death necessitates a by-election at Erdington. The figures at the last General Election were: J. F. Eales (Conservative) .. 27,716 J. Simmons (Labour) .. 17,757 H. Bell (Social Credit) .. 2,050 Conservative majority .. 9,959 Mr. Eales won the seat from Labour in 1931 with a majority of 19,000.

Ministry of Health Powers Set Back

The Joint Committee appointed to examine the question of water resources and supplies has issued its report, and recommends that the Ministry of Health should not be granted powers to schedule without Parliamentary control areas where the Ministry considered it necessary to conserve water supplies in the public interest.

H.M.'s Holiday

H.M. King Edward left West Drayton Aerodrome on Saturday for St. Inglevert, near Calais, in his own machine, piloted by Captain Fielden. Thence he motored to Calais and proceeded direct to Jugo slavia on the Calais-Orient express. He was greeted by the Prince Regent Paul at the frontier, where a special train awaited him, and subsequently embarked upon the Nahlin at Sebenico for a cruise in Adriatic and Mediterranean waters.

Fishguard Eisteddfod

Fishguard Eisteddfod washeld in beautiful weather and attracted large crowds of

visitors. Dowlais won the choral cornpetition, and other choirs that gave notable performances included Swansea and Treorchy. Mr. Lloyd George and Mr. George Lansbury both visited the Eisteddfod. Mr. Lansbury was accorded a particularly warm welcome and made a vivid plea for peace and democracy.

Anglo-Argentine Trade Agreement

The British Government has given notice to terminate the Anglo-Argentine trade agreement on 7th November. It is understood that negotiations for a revised trade agreement have not yet been concluded. There is every prospect of agreement being reached, but British cotton interests, amongst others, are watching the situation very closely, for successful negotiations are vital to the Lancashire cotton trade.

Imperial Airways Disaster

The Imperial Airways machine, Velox, crashed in flames into two houses at Wallington while taking off from Croydon for Paris. The flight was an experimental night-flight with freight only. All four occupants of the rnachine were burnt to death, but no passengers were on board.

Tyneside Industrial Development

North-Eastern Trading Ltd. has purchased an estate of some 700 acres near Gateshead, Co. Durham. The capital of this company is provided by the Special Areas Fund, which is administered by Mr. Malcolm Stewart. The purchase price is said to be over £60,000. It is hoped that this estate will attract many new industries to Tyneside.

British Security Vital

Sir Thomas lnskip, Minister of Defence, asserted at a British Legion meeting at Stranraer that Great Britain was " worth lighting for." He declared that security and defence were vital Christian instincts and regretted that recruiting figures were still so low. Pacifists he deemed to be at variance with Biblical evidence.

New German Ambassador

Herr Joachim von Ribbentrop has been appointed Ambassador Extraordinary to the Court of St. James by the German Chancellor. The new Ambassador is not an official diplomat and has been a member of the Nazi party for many years. He is a personal friend of the Chancellor. He has often visited England both in his capacity as German Commissar for Disarmament and on private business. He speaks excellent English. He headed the German delegation to the recent Naval Conference and was received by the King and Mr. Baldwin. A man of real charm and ability, he will certainly make a very popular Ambassador,

French General's Polish Visit

General Gamelin, the chief of the French General Staff, is shortly to pay an official visit to Cieneral Rydz-Smigly, the Polish Commander-in-Chief, who will in turn visit France for the army's autumn manceuvres. Great importance is attached to General Gamelin's forthcoming visit, and it is understood that various outstanding political problems will be discussed. The visit was arranged by General Sosnowski at the time of King George V's funeral.

Dutch Royal Family Rumours

It is understood that an engagement between Princess Juliana of Holland and Prince Charles of Sweden may shortly be announced. The question is at present under consideration whether Queen Wilhelmina will at the same time announce her abdication in favour of Princess Juliana. Queen Wilhelmina is 56 and has been Queen of Holland for 46 years. Princess Juliana is 27. Her father, the Prince-Consort Henry of Mecklenburg, died in 1934.

New Zealand's Labour Budget

The first budget of the New Zealand Labour Government has been presented by Mr. Nash, Minister of Finance. The budget provides for the establishment of invalidity, increased old age pensions and social services, as well as larger allocations

for defence purposes. Income tax is remodelled ana land tax increased, but general taxation is not increased.

Evangelical Memorandum to Hitler

A striking and lengthy memorandum to the German Chancellor has just been presented by a group of German pastors, including the theologian Asmussen, and the courageous pastor of Dahlcm, Niemoller. This memorandum protests against the increasing personal deification of Hitler and the savagery of the anti-Semitic campaign, as well as the universal spying system and the well-known cruelty of the concentration camps. Protests are also raised against the falsification of the electoral returns as practised in Germany, Dr. Rosenberg's antiChristian attitude, and the general tendency to heathenise Germany.

Germans and Italians Killed in Spain

The German and Italian Governments have entered the strongest protests against the shooting of several of their nationals. Compensation has been demanded. The German Government denies that any military measures are contemplated, but an Italian force is rumoured to be standing by. The Spanish Government has expressed its regret and willingness to pay indemnities. Those responsible will be severely punished. German aeroplanes have been seized by the Government and there is a danger of complications.

Non-Intervention Pact

France, Great Britain, Russia and Portugal are willing to sign the French nonintervention draft, the latter country with certain reservations. Italy has imposed a condition with regard to displays of sympathy that will be very difficult to surmount. Germany's reply has not yet been received.

Greek Dictatorship Established

General Metaxas has proclaimed martial law in Greece, and the King has acceded to his request for the constitution to be temporarily suspended. General Metaxas alleged the rapid growth of Communism as the reason for his action, and asserted that it was necessary in order to foil revolutionary plots. The scheme was obviously well prepared in advance and little disorder appears to have occurred, although some minor clashes between strikers and military are reported. A strict censorship has been established. General Metaxas has promised various reforms, such as the establishment of an eight-hour day, social insurance, and a minimum wage.

Spanish Civil War

Taken as a whole, little change has occurred in the general situation. There has been constant skirmishing along the Portu guese frontier. A 'rising of the Civil Guards at Badejoz has been quelled by Government forces. Iviza, Formentera and Minorca are now in Government hands, but Majorca is still held by the rebels. Government forces have also quelled a minor officers' rising at Valencia. Moorish reinforcements have landed in Andalusia, but do not appear to have made much progress. Rebel forces in the mountains north of Madrid are stationary. Saragossa is still in rebel hands. Ovizdo is shelled beyond recognition and may fall to the Government. Gijon is in rebel hands, but reduced to ruins. Government forces at San Sebastian are hard pressed, as also in the surrounding districts. The situation at Granada is uncertain, but Seville and Cordova are still held by the rebels. A rising against the rebels is reported from the Canary Islands, but lacks confirmation.

Palestine Disorders

Twenty-three Arabs were killed in an engagement with British troops near Nablus. Several British soldiers and Jews have also fallen victims to Arab gunmen. Intimidation continues and work on Haifa port has had to be suspended. There is a possibility that the Emir of Transjordan will continue his efforts to attain an agreement between the Government and the Arabs.

Olympic Games Incident

Diplomatic complications have arisen in Berlin as a result of the football match between Austria and Peru. As a result of spectators invading the ring the match, although won by Peru, was annulled. The entire Peruvian contingent is now to be withdrawn. Unless diplomatic efforts succeed, Peru is determined to induce other South American contingents to withdraw. Great indignation prevails in Peru.

Madeira Riots

Rioting has broken out in Madeira. but was quickly quelled by police and military forces. The rioting was directed against recent Government decrees affecting agricultural produce and the sale thereof. The rioting was confined to outlying districts, and complete order has now been restored.

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