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14th August 1953
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AUNDREDS of pilgrims from England and Ireland were held up in France by the strikes. either going to or coming home from Lourdes, Fatima and other shrines on the Continent.

Korea chaplain will now go to the jungle

The two British Catholic chaplains who have been serving during the past 12 months with the United Kingdom troops in Korea—Fr. Bernard Boulton, of Birmingham, and Fr. James Petrie, of Southwark—have had "the highest praise from the commanders all round."

The Senior Catholic Chaplain at the War Office, Fr. Alfred Blount, said: "From all sides we hear that they have done a magnificent job."

Fr. Boulton has recently been on duty at the Freedom Village to welcome released British prisoners.

His year or so of exciting service has included the historic Imjin River battle. He was there with the "Glorious Gloucesters."

Now he is to be sent to Malaya. where he will most likely be attached to a unit fighting the Communists in the jungle.

Fr. Petrie is to leave the Far East soon and to retire from the Army in November. He will return to work in the Southwark diocese,

Bishop Cowderoy and the Southwark diocesan pilgrims, who left London On Monday, spent at least one day sitting in their wecial train at the Austerlitz station in Paris.

Later they were reported to have persuaded an engine driver to take their train on to Lourdes.

Among the Southwark pilgrims is Terry Moon, winner of the "Scouts' V.C." He received the Cornwell Award for his cheerfulness during five years of illness. The Catholic Scout Guild of the Westminster diocese awarded him this pilgrimage.

Nearly 1.000 pilgrims from the Hexham and Newcastle diocese, led by Bishop McCormack. were due back from Lourdes on Wednesday. But they were unable to get drivers for their two special trains and had to stay in their hotels.

A big pilgrimage from Dublin was to have crossed frot s Dover to Calais. The pilgrims were diverted to Boulogne and spent most of the day there. Special coaches were eventually found to take them on to Paris.

A spokesman for Archbishop McQuaid of Dublin said that it might he possible to charter planes to take them on to Tarbes, 35 miles from Lourdes. The Irish pilgrims were particularly anxious about the 12 stretcher cases who had arrived from Dublin by air. Among the pilgrims were 84 ether invalids.

The Catholic Travel Association in London turned back 27 pilgrims already in a train at Victoria Station, then chartered a plane to take them to Lourdes.

Travel organisations report many cancellations by pilgrims who had been hoping that by now they would be on the way to Lourdes, Fatima and other shrines.

Birmingham pilgrims to Lourdes and members of the Catholic youth pilgrimage found themselves staying in Lourdes 24 hours longer than they expected. They left on Saturday. arriving home on Sunday.

On their arrival they were met by Archbishop Masterson, who was making his first public appearance since his operation.

16 'specials'

Sixteen special trains were booked to take pilgrims to Lourdes when Cardinal Rogues, Archbishop of Rennes, leads the 80th French national pilgrimage on August 19.

Admiral's daughter

Mary Manson Nimitz, youngest daughter of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz. Pacific Commander during the Second World War, last week entered the Dominican convent in San Rafael, California. She is a convert; both her parents are Protestants.

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