Page 10, 14th December 1973

14th December 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 14th December 1973 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMEN 1 71 Cardinal Herman of Westminster F eddy Cove, dllilteSS at

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BISHOPS' ENGAGEMEN 1 71 Cardinal Herman of Westminster F eddy Cove, dllilteSS at

annual presentdlitnIS.SlIttp Douglas Schnol, Finchley, /.30. Saturday: Meets representatives of Commissions, Carlisle Place. S.W.1. Sunday: Mass, meets paiashioners Kensal New Town 10. Tuesday. Concelebrates Mass of Consecration, Our Lady Queen of Apostles. Welwyn Garden City, 7.30, Wednestfey! Meets delegation from Justine and Peace Commission, Archbishops House 3.15. Thersday* Steering Committee, Senate of Priests. Archbishop's House. 12.

Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday. St Edmund's College administration meeting. Saturday* Episcopal Commissions meeting. Carlisle Place. 11. Sunday: Visitation, Ware. Tuesday: Consecration of Church, Welwyn Garden City, 6 45 Friday Ordinations. St Edmund's Bishop Ginizzelli, Auxiliary of Westminster SaturdayBishops meeting and Commission Westminster 1U.30: Deacon's Ordination farm Street. 6.15 Sunday: r.:onfin-natant Cathedral, 530 Monday: W.P.A. National Council of Priests 9 St. Paul s Cmitch Covent Garden, 6.30. WednesdayThursday: Weethery-on Tram, Bristol, Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday. Mass and Confirmations, St Mary, Cannock, 3, concelebrates Mass. golden aihitee. St George, Birches Head, 6.30. Tuesday, Carol concert. Victoria Hall. Hanley. 7 30. Saturday: Messes new Church of St. Wulstaii. Stourpon Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham -Sunday Charily coned, Strut ford R Menday. Carol service. St. Michael's. Moor Street, R. Tuesday: Visits St. Joseph's. Darlasiort. 12.30 Thursday! Function. Catholic EdeCatiun Council. 5

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday: Meeting of National Corn

missions, London. Sunday. Visitation of Parish of St. Aloysius. Roby. Monday: Council of Administration Tuesday: Reception of CatholiL Marriage Advisory Council Lade, pool. p.m. Thursday: Annual Carol Service, Cathedral. p.m.

Sunday* Preaches at Mass in St. VVilfieds. A:man in Makedield on occasion of parish

9.30! presides end preaches, 11;

celebrates Mass and ennfers Confirmation, 4: carol service in Queen s Hall. Wigan, 8 Monnay• Council of Aderitlistration. Curial office, 10 30 Wednesday; Bootle Deanery meeting. Stela Maris Club. 1230; celebrates Mass for Handicapped Children. Sacred Heart. Leigh. 7.30 Fraley: Christie... ...mot service. Walton. 7 Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth '- Serrerlav' Bishops' meeting with Commissions. St. Vincent's Convent, Carlisle Place, Westminster. 10.30 Sunday: Visite* lion and Confirmation, Holding Island. Tuesday* Concelebrates Mass. Sacred Heart Church. Waterlooville. 6. Thursday: Lord Mayer s charity appeal ball Portsmouth Guildhall. R.

Bishop Grant of Northampton

Friday: Visit to diocesan students, St. Edmund's, Ware. Saturday: Hierarchy meeting on Synodal Working Paper. Thursday: Completes postponed visitation, Our Lady s.


Bishop Ellis of Nottingham Thursday: Presents Bene Merenti Award to Miss Teresa Parr. Lincoln, 2 30

Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of

Nottingham Saturday: Meeting of Bishops. Si. Vincent's Convent. London. Sunday Carol Service English Martyrs School. Leicester. 3. Bishop Holland of Salford Friday: Elegies Visitation, Sr. Hilda, Tettinglon, 2.30 Brass and Carol Concert. Free Trade Hall Manchester. 7.30 Sunday: Visitation 10 Confirmation 3 St. Hilda Tritlington Tuesday. Visits Nolan F.C.J. Convent. Did sbury 4 30. Wednesday: Finance Board 10 30. ViSITS Notre Dame Convent. Elision, 5.30.

Bishop Burks, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: Bishops' Social Welfare Commission. Knights of St. Columba Club, London, 11. Satierlay• Bishops' Conference and CUMmissions, Carlisle Place. London, 11. Stmclay. Confirmation. Sr Thomas of Canterbury, Higher Stoughton. 3 Wednesday: Finance Board. 10.30; Youth Commission. 3,30.

Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton

Tuesday: Priregiving, La Ste. Union Convent, Beth. Friday. Mass and Blessing of New Hall Charlton Kings. 7.30

Bishop Restleaux of Plymouth Friday Mass at St Catherine's First School. Wirehrene. 10,30. Sunday: Mass and Visitation 11. Confirmation 3, West Moors. Wednesday: Sehnni play, Stoodley Knowle Convent, Torquay. 3.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood Friday. Meeting with 1973 oil-linen& Chlgwell Convent. Saturday: Meeting of Bishops and National Commissions. Westminster. 10.30. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, Immaculate C,nception. Chelmsford, 4. Tuesday' Visita• lice, and Confirmation. Church of the Assumption. Hainault. Wednesday: Meeting of Ecsex Churches Consultative Group. Cheirnefred 10 30. Thursday: Presents prizes. St. Benedict's School. Colchester. 1 30 Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle Saluelay Ordination to the priesthood of the Bev. K. Duffy. St Certibert's, Stockton Sunday: Mass and Contineation Si Mark's, Westerhope. 3.30 Monday: Meeting of Church 2000 wnrking party. Knights el Saint Columba Club, London 9 Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: Visitatiue and Confirmation Saddleworth. T relay. Carol Service, World Hall Bishop Foley of Lancaster Sunday: Mass, Blessed Sacrament, Preston 4. Thursday. Blesses new convent and chapel. La Saeresse. St. Anne's on Sea, 3.

Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lan, caster Saturday: Meeting of Hierarchy Commissions. London, Tuesday; Deanery Conference. Barrow. Wednesday: Opens ex reeeions to St. Bede's. C.M.S. Club. Carlisle Enday: Evensong, Carlisle Cathedral 5.30.

Bishop Dressy of ShrewsburySatur day: Joint meeting of Hierarchy and National Commission of London Wednesday: Carol Services. Shrewsbury Prison. 7, Thursday: teier•denuminational Service. Head Office. M.A N W.F B . Chester. 12, Carol Service. Stokes Heath Borstal Market Drayton, 6 30 Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday: Social Welfare Commissions 01 London, Saturday Joint meeting of Hierarchy and National Commission of Lry, doBrishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton Saturday. Meeting of Episcopal Commissions, Archbishop's House. West tninster, Sunday: Celebrates Mass for golden jubilee of Church of SI. John the Evangelist, Horsham. 6.30. Tuesday: Leads prayers preceding meeting of Surrey County Council. County Hall Kingston-on-Thames. Thursday: Mass to celebrate golden jubilee of Fr. Patrick Leahy. St, Joseph's Church. Brighton.

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