Page 10, 14th February 1936

14th February 1936
Page 10
Page 10, 14th February 1936 — "Whom The Gods Love"

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Locations: Manchester, Vienna, London


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"Whom The Gods Love"

Manchester To See Mozart Film First

Mr. Basil Dean is giving Manchester its first world premiere of a film, believing that this city deserves a more important place in the film-makers schemes than It is generally given.

The film is " Whom the Gods Love," a story of the life of Mozart, in .which Victoria Hopper appears as Mozart's wife. The story is by Margaret Kennedy, author of The Constant Nymph.

Mr. Dean talked to a Manchester Guardian reporter about the limitations which he feels are put on the film producer's relations with his public by his lack of contact with those for whom he is making pictures.

A City's Response

" He does not feel a city's response to an artistic work as the actor does in the theatre. To the film-producer Manchester is apt to become a mere date in a programme. Those who have lived and worked in it and played to it know how much more it is, but it is not surprising that those who have had no such experience should have horizons limited by London.

"The Austrians., in their enthusiasm for their national hero, Mozart, cooperated wonderfully. They gave us the use of famous buildings in Vienna. including the Palace of Schriinbrunn, and scenes were taken in the palace's private theatre, where Mozart used to conduct.

" In Salzburg they closed a crooked little street, called Steingasse, and we had only to take the shops signs down from the half-timbered buildings to have the old street as it was in Mozart's day.

In St. Peter's Church " We were allowed to photograph the scene of Mozart playing the organ as a youth in St. Peter's, the very church in which he played.

" Dr. Paumgartner, of the Mozart Institute, gave great help with the music while we were in Austria.

" In London Sir Thomas Beecham came and conducted the London Philharmonic Orchestra in some of the incidental music and excerpts from Figaro and The Magic Flute. He brought well-known singers with him.

"In London the film will probably be used to assist the fund for the re-opening of Salzburg University."

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