Page 8, 14th February 1975

14th February 1975
Page 8
Page 8, 14th February 1975 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of West

minister Sunday: Visitation, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire. Tuesday. Celebrates inaugural Mass of new parish, St John the Evangelist. Mill End. Hertfordshire, 7.30. Confirmation, St Peter's, Hatfield South, 7.

Bishop Gutaxelli, AusIllary of Westminster Sunday: Coefirmation. Westminster Cathedral. 5.30. Tuesday: Memorial Service for Canon Pilkington. VVestrninster Abbey, 5; Islington Deanery meeting. 8. Wednesday: Maria Assumpta College. 2.30. Thursday' Working Party. Church 2000.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, Holy Rosary. Saitiey, 12; ConfIrmaticies SS Mary and John, Gravelly Hill Tuesday: Mass, St Edmund's School, Wolverhampton, 11.30. Wednesday Visitation, St Anthony, Kingshurst, 10.30; Visitation of school. Perry Common. 2 15 Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday Mace and Confirmations, St Michael's, West Bromwich, 6 Tuesday: Annual dinner of UCM, North Staftordshire. Wedeesday Mass and Confirmations, St Mary's. Harborno. 2; Station Mass for Stoke Deanery, 8.

B ishop Em•ry, AusIllary of Birmingham SundayMass and Confirmetioris, St Brigid's. Northfield. Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass for Installation of Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle. Thursday: Lenten Stations Mass Christ the King, Coventry.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday: Ecumenical Conference. Liverpool. Monday: Council of Administration. Wednesday: Attends Enthronement of Bishop Lindsey, Newcastle. Thursday: Deanery Liturgical Meeting, LIverpotil, am. Diocesan Boundaries Meeting, pm.

B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday Visits schools and sick, St Timothy's, West Derby, 10.30. Saturday: Ecumenical Congress, Liverpool University, 10. Sunday: Presides and preaches at Mass, St Timothy's West Derby, on occasion of parish visitation, 11; Celebrates Mass and preaches, St Timothy's, 5. Monday: Council of Administration meeting, Curial Offices, 10_30. Wednesday: Attends formal Installation of Bishop Lindsay of Hexham and Newcastle, 11 Thutsday: Visits schools, hospitals and sick of Holy Nome parish, Fazackeriey, 10.30; Concelebrates Mass. Si Oswald's Ashtonan-Makerfield, 7.30.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Sunday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation. Balham, 3. Monday: Presides at Diocesan Finance Meeting, 11. Wedneeday. Attends Installation of Bishop Lindsay. Newcastle, 11. Thursday: Celebrates Mass, St Mary's Convent, 4.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Friday-Tuesday, Laity Council meetings, Rome. Wednesday: Attends Installation of Bishop Lindsay, Newcastle.

Bishop Clerk, Auxiliary of Northampton Sunday. Takes part in London Weekend Television programme "Your Point of View". Wednesday: Takes part in Ecumenicel Lenten Course for Clergy, Manchester, Thursday: Speaks at London Newman Circle, Carlisle Street. on "Orders", 7.30.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Saturday: Opens fete at amen-, School, Nottingham, 10. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Sacred Heart, Canton. Tuesday: Lenten Station Mass, St Alban's, Derby, 8_ Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass. Holy Cross, Leicester. 8 Thursday: Visits Christ the King Primary School, Aitreton, 10.30.

Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Anne's Estori, Middlesbrough. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Peter's South Bank, Middlesbrough. Wednesday: Attends Installation of Bishop Lindsay, Newcastle. Bishop Langton Fox of Menevia Monday-Tuesday: Meeting of Secretariat, Rome.

Bishop Holland of Salford Friday: Continues Visitation, St Ambrose, west Did

sbury. 10.30. Sunday: Confirmation, St Edward. Rusholme, 3. Tuesday: Continues Visitation of Sick, St Ambrose, West Did sbury, 2 30, Lenten Stations, St John's Cathedral, Salford, 8. Wednesday: Finance Board, 10.30. Thursday Lenten Station, Holy Name, Manchester, 8.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of WestminsterWednesday: Attends installation of Bishop Lindsay, Newcastle, 11. Thursday Lenten Station, St John, Rochdale. 8.

Bishop Alexander of CliftonSunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Christ the King, Bristol, 3.30. luesday: Deanery Meeting. Gloucester, 11. Wednesday: Attends Installation of Bishop Lindsay. Newcastle, 11. Thursday' Dr-emery Meeting. St Mary's, Beth, 11 Bishop Restiesux of Plymouth Friday: Station Mass at Catirecloil, 7.30.

Sunday: Visitatima Exmouth_ Mass 10.30, Confirmation 3. Wednesday: Station Mass. Penzance, 7.30. Thursday: Station Mass, Truro, 7.30.

Bishop Casey of BrentwoodFriday: Weetcliff Deanery Meeting. Saturday: KSC reception, Barkingside, 6,30. Tuesday'

Basildon Deanery Meeting. Wednesday: Havering Denim's, Meeting: offers Mass and

presents Papal Award, St Bede's, Chadwell Heath, 7.30. Thursday: Visitation arid Confirmation, St Peter's, Dagenham.

Bishop Undsay of Newcastle-Saturday: Mass for Silver Jubilee of Our Lady of Lourdes Deaf Club, Sr Dominic's, Newcastle, 5.30 Sunday: Mass. Visitation arid Confirmations, St Bede's, Jarrow, 3.30.

Wednesday: Installation as Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, 11: Reception for Catholic associations, La Sagesse Convent, Newcastle, 6; reception at St Mary's Convent, Fenhern, 7.30.

Bishop Wheeler of LeedsSaturday: Seminaries Meeting, Haziewood Castle, 11. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, C hMat]; ws eal ni. d Monday: C preaches,: s° tn c Anne's. ner se s hSet41 dn , Tuesday: Concelebrates Station Moss and preaches, Holy Rood, Barnsley, 7.30. Wednesday: Concele.brates anniversary Requiem for Bishop Poskitt, St Anne's Cathedral, 11. Thursday: Concelebrates Sta tion Mass and preaches, St Catherine's, Sheffield, 7.30.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster Friday; Mass for Newman Association, University Chaplaincy, 7.30. Sunday: Visitation 10.30, Confirmation 3, St John's, Poulton le Fyide, Tuesday: Deanery Conference, Freckleton, 11. Wednesday: Attends Bishop Lindsay's Enthronement, Newcastle, 11. Thursday: Dinner of Institute of Bankers, Preston, 7.30.

Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Sunday, Confirmation and Visitation, Christ the King, Carlisle. Wednesday: Concelebrates at the Installation of Bishop Lindsay, Newcastle, 11.

B ishop 0 r 01 Shrewsbury Tuesday: Attends Day of Recollection, Altrincham; Station Mass, St Chad's Deanery, Thursday: Station Mass. St Michael's, Woodchurch.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Saturday: Visitation, St Edward's, Runcorn. Sunday: Visitation and confir

ma St ospt. BE od wwaer , fR u nAcrour nn. d Monel adna yd: mooting of Department for Catechetics, Bishops' Education Commission, Tooting Bac, Wednesday.: Attends Enthronement of Bishop Lindsay. Newcastle, 11. Thursday: Attends meeting of Diocesan Senate of Priests, St Joseph's Hall, Storrinuton.

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