Page 8, 14th February 1986

14th February 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 14th February 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEME

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O o Ontinetkin, V v VIsiettion.0 o M Maim.

Ceram! Hume, ArchMolloy, el Westettinsur Sunder Seamenlea' Serviee. Meth°dist Church: i4aroenden. 6.30pm. Mender Presentation al Awards, Cardinal Bourne School, Hoddesdon, 7.30om. Tuesday: Talk. Islington BM Form Centre. 12noon Westminster Bishops' Meeting, 5pm. Wedneseary: Council of Diocesan Affairs. 10am P reaeh, SI LaurenCe Jewry, 1.15pm SS SI Dorninio's College, Harrow-on.thelliii, 7.3.0pm. &motley: Launch minibus for Paddington Christirun Council lime Archbishop &men of Southwark Sunday: C, Walworlh. 3pm, Mender Meeting with Diocesan Josliee and Nana Group. Archbishop's House. 4pm. Wednesday: Station Service. Worcester Park, 7.310pm. Fri.:ley: Borah Sank Polylechnrc Faculty el Engineering Presentation Ceremony. Cathedral, 2 30pm. Archbishop Cause de Munrille of Birmingham Sunder V & C, The Mount, Walsall. Tuesday: Meeting Cl Deans. Harbome Hall, liarn. V & C, Bartley Green_ Viednesday/Fyider V. Orscott Cortege. Saturday: V & C, St Joseph, Goiden Hill, Stoke on Trent. Archbishop Ward of Cited& Wednesder Station M. Si David, Newport. 7.30pm. Thursder Station M, St Mary. Brid5end,7.30pro Friday: Press Conference, 'Keep Sunday Special', Crest Hotel, Cardiff. 10,30ern, Sashay Alexander of Clifton Sundmr. V. SI Brendan's, Avonmouth. AS & C, 10am. Timothy: Brisloi North West Deanery Conference at St Ambrose, Leigh Woods, 1 lam. Weariest:tar Newly °mislead ptiestsmeeting at St Ambrose, Leigh Woods, llam. Bristol South Station M at Christ me K ing, Filwood Breadway. 7.30pes Thursday: Stalien y. St John the Baptist. Trowbridge, 7.30pm. Friday: Guild at Catholic Doctors gleefing. (Clifloo Branch) SI Frenthay Hospital_ gpm. Saturday. V. Holy Famity, Palchwey Preaches at M, 6pm.

Bishop &Swat at Lancaster Sunder V to Si Jahn Vieenay, Btackpool. Tuesday: V, The Newman School, C-srlisle Meeting of the Adult Chiistiar Education Group. Blackpool 7pm. TIsuretisr Cheplaincy Management Committee Meeting, Lancaster University. ft 30prn Fader V. Holy Child Convent, Blackpool. Saturday: V & C at SI Cuthbert's. Bleekpoel. Bishop Budd of Plymouth Sunday: V & M, St Edward, Swansea, 10.30arn. C. 3vmTessider Meeting with Clergy of Comet Deartery, Dorchester, 10.45am. V. St Genevteve's Convent, Dorchester, 5pm. Wednesday. Rite of Election and M. St Mary's, PCOle. 7.300m Se(urder Plymouth Justice and Peace Group, Day of Recollection, None Deme Convent. Plymouth. 10em_

Bishop Burka. Auxiliary for Behlord Sunder V. Holy Family, Denton. Ill_30aris C. 11am Thursday Managers Meeting, St John vianney School, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, 2 30prn Saturday: V of St Pual's. Guide Bridge. Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: M at Birmingham Un1versity Chaplaincy, Torn. Tuesday: Meeting of Deans, Harbome Hall. ilanti. Seturday Occult College. SP/action Panel Meeting, 10em. Wshop Orey at Shrewsbury Tuesday V, learn meeting, St Vincent's. All rincham. 11 ern, Meets with clergy Of St Alphonsus Deanery. 6pm. Celebrates Deanery M, 7 30prn. We:mender Bishops Council meeting, Curial Offices. ¶11m. Thursday: Gives lunchtime tel* al Birkenhead Senciol, 1.30pm. Meets with clergy o I St Chad, Deanery, Sprn Deanery M. 7 30pris. Friday: Meets with clergy of St Chad's Deanery. Sam. Celebrates Deanery M, 7.30ern.

Bishop Hannigan of *movie Tuesday M. Wrexham Wedneedey:. M, Flint. Thwedar Pd, Rhyt &Junior Golden Jubilee. 55C, Rhyl.

Wallop Harris el Middlesbrough Sunday: Celebrates M, Holy Name of Mary Middlesbrough, 11arn & 6.30pm. Tuesday: Liturgy Commission Meeting. Ampleforth. Thwarter Meets with Teesville. Ormesby Eleanely at Bishop's Houee, 10_30am. B ishop Heresy, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunder C, St Philip fins Apostle, Finchley, (Church End), 12 noon Cr to the Diaconate. Our Lady of Dolours. Henden, 6pm. Tueeder COAL 5pm. Friday: Y. St BarnattaTta'S Sehool, Kenton, lOam. &outcasts Pastoral' V. Si Joseph's Wembley. fitehop Handween. Auxillery tor Southwark Sunday-Monday: V. Cray! ord. 6.3 Dem-6.30prn. Tuesder Committee or Other Faiths Meeting. Eccieston Square, 11 30-47m Thursday: Lenten Station, Bexley Deanery Friday: Meeting wlth the Officers ol the Area Ecumenical Commissions. Blackneath, 7 305m. Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary far Southwark Sunder V to Bucklenel parish. Mender Perish council meeting 'at Llawkhurel, 7.30pro Parish meeting at Hawkhurst, awn Wadnesder Goudhurst parish meeting. apsn. Thurolar Metropolitan Tribunai Meeting, Southwark, 11.45arn Friday: V, Feenbridge Convent, 10.30am. B ishop Kelly of Salford Sunder V & C. St Mary's, Denton. Tuesday: Management Committee SAeeting, Allen Hall Mcr, 4pm. Wednesday: Youth Commission. !Nun Board of Administration, 2pm. Celechetical Meeting, 4am, Lenten Station, Mount Cerrnel. Ellacktey, Men, Sem. Thursday: Junior Clergy Meeting. Wardley, S1.30are. Catholic Teachers. St Augustine's, Ali Saints, Manchester, 7.34:1prn FrWayiSaturday: V & C, St John Fisher, Denton. Bishop Sonstare at Leeds Sunder SVP Festival, Hot' Name Parish, 240pm. Preaching, Leeds Parish Church, eanem Monday: Leeds parish choir, Prizegiving, Civic Hali, Run. Wednesday Memorize M. Bishem PoskItt, Cathedral 12 roon. Fridar RCIA Group, Supine, 5pm. Seturcter Day al Recollection for Eucharistic Ministers, Haziewood Castle, 'Warn IN, Our Lady of Good Ceunssi, 6.30pm.

Bishop McCrittia, Auxillery lor Birmingham

Sunder NI C, Our Lady. Aldridge. it 151m Tuesday: Meetire Of Deans, Harborne Hall, 1 lam Wednesday: V & C, Blatkrnore Park, Lipton_ Friday: V. School & sick, English Martyrs, Sparkhiii, gam &surlier Oscott College, Selection Panel meeting, tOarn Bishop INeGulnnen of iktitinghern Sunday: Corpus Christt, Clifton. NC. than, RCIA Cathedral {Rite of etectiont, 3.30pre Monday: Station M, Hadfield, 5pm. Tuesday:. CYS Executive. Station M, South Wlgston, flprn. Wednesday: Station M, St Hugh. Lincoln. Bers Thursday: V housebound. St Augustine, NG. 2.30pm Station M. Corpus Chtistt, CilHon, NG, Born. Friary: V vocations Sisters, Mansfield, Eva_ Saturday: V, St Augustine. Hotter. Bern. Bishop McMahen of &wintered Sumter Pastoral V &C. litigSSed Sacrament, Chelmsford. Esses Radio. Lenten Talk, Sem, Wednesday: V. St Cedd's School Ockendon, 2pm. Lenten Station M, Newham Deanery. St Margaret's Canning Town. 7.30pm Thursday: Lenten Station M. Thin-rook Deanery, Our Lady Star of the Sea. Tilbury, 5pm Friday Lenten Station M, Harlow Deanery, Holy Cross. Harlow. Sens &shop Mihan, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: V. Perivale parish. Monday Meetiog will Area Workers. Gufnlay House. leram. Jewish Roll Can. National Theatre. 5.30pos Tuesday: Ecumenical meeting, Perivale parish. 10.30ars. Council ot Otocesan Affairs, Archbishop's House. 5e5 Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Al-lairs iDam. Ministry to Priests Meeting, her. pm Mhureder Ministry to Priest!' meeting, bar, ens. Meets Focoiare group, Acton, pm Saturday-. V. Penvale Parish. Bishop Mullins. Airliner, In Swans*, Sunday: Welsh Lourdes Hesoitalite M IGr the Sick al St Joseph's. Pen Tattkot. 3p01 Tueed.r. Station IA at Bellingham, Hereford. 7.30pm Were:seder Station M at It Peter's, Cardiff, 7.303rn. Thursday: Station M am Sacred Heart. Swansea, 7.30prn. Setwasy Meeting of Catholic Principals.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel & Brighton Thursday Returns trots Peru. pre.

Mishap J O'Brien, Auxiliary far WasIrnTnataf Seeder C at Westminster Celts& ral , 5.30pm. Tueeday-Wedoesitey: CDA at ArehblaheaS HOuSe, 5pm B lOarts Friday: Commissioning Catechists at Maryland Convent, St Albans, 9.15pm. Seitirder M at immaculate Conception, Hartford, 43.15pris

Bishop it O'Brien. Auxiliary tor Middlesbrough Suntley: Preach al St John's Anglican Church, Newland, 6.30pm Timeday: Day of Recollection for me Clergy of Humberside at ErtasItilen. Friary:: Open "Day House", 12.30pm.

Bisbee SwIndiehurst, Auxiliary tor Hashern Newcastle Sunday. V & C, St Joseph's Durham, 1 tam. Thuraday: Council of Priests, St -.Joseph's Centre. Gateshead, flare. Frldny: Ecumenical Meeting, Auckland Castle, 2pm.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary In Southwairk Sunday: M arra Flee af Election al St George's Cathedral, 12.15pm. Assists al Anointing of Sink at South Bermondsey, 3.30prrt. Tuesday: CCLEPE Meeting at antIsh Council ol Churches. 1 lam. Wednesday: Presides at Meeting of South Waal Arse Deans, item. Thursday: Meets ConfirmandI at Wimbledon, 7 Weis. Saturday 'Meeting 01 Public Life Committee, 11 30am

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