Page 2, 14th January 1955

14th January 1955
Page 2
Page 2, 14th January 1955 — Newman Association

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Catholic Survey

Sir,--Fr. von Weyhrother states that the "questionaire" which the Newman Association Demographic Survey last week sent to all Head Teachers of Catholic schools "dees not cover the children of which no Head Teacher cao possibly be aware because they live too far from any existing parish school?'

I fear that he is not sufficiently informed about the object of the card and the method by which the number of Catholic children NOT in Catholic schools is to be estimated. As my letter (24th Dec.) stated " the Survey is preparing estimates of the number of Catholic boys and aids at each age To find out how many of these do not go to Catholic schools, it is necessary to know how many do so?' For some time 'Tow the Survey has been engaged on the preparation of estimates of the numher of Catholics of each age and sex at present living in England and Wales; the process is by no means simpte and involves the use of a large numhar of published and unpublished sources. These estimates will indicate the number of Catholic chidren in schools of all kinds. The cards returned by ileac! Teachers will allow us to calculate how many Catholic children are attending Catholic schools. The difference between thc two will be the number NOT attendinp Catholic schools. At no stage ts it necessary to ask Heads for their guesses concerning children not at their schools.

The answer to Fr. von Weyhrother's final question-" Why make a survey at all unless it shows the real needs of all the Catholic children?"--is that it is precisely these real needs that the cards, together with the estimates of total Catholic population will reveal.

May I, in conclusion, thank those Head Teachers who have already written to notify changes of address, etc., and once more ask all Heads who have not received a letter and card by lith January to notify the Honorary Secretary, Newman Demographic Survey, 31 Portman Square, W.I., who will rectify the omission. It is most important that we should be able to report to the Hierarchy as soon as possible. and so we would ask all Head Teachers to return the card promptly.

R. G. Barley.

Chairman, Education Committee.

Newman Demographic Survey. 31 Portman Square, London, W.I.

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