Page 4, 14th January 1955

14th January 1955
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Page 4, 14th January 1955 — DAILY MASS GUIDE

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Page 4 from 14th January 1955


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SUN., JAN. 16. SECOND SUNDAY AFTER THE EPIPHANY. sd. Comm. of St. Marcellos. Third Prayer Dens qui saiutis. Creed. Preface of Trinity. (Green) ‘-.4 God, who dost govern heavenly thinks alike and earthly, merci• fully listen to the entreaties of Thy people, and giant Thy peace to our times

"Govern" is a weak word. Moderari means "to set limits to." A driver would get the horses of a "four-in-hand" to go exactly together—not one faster or slower than the others; a chauffeur, by a touch, makes his car go faster or slower. to right or left. God--and here we make a huge act of faith— governs me so that my bodily condition and my spiritual state move harmoniously together (unless I deliberately resist Him).

Poverty or sickness fit in with what He wants from my soul; and He doesn't want a Aind of holiness from me that doesn't suit my bodily or social condition. All men are "equal' in God's sight." but no one man is identical with any other man. Whatever they say. there is rro purely human equality. Also. the course of earthly life is meant to. be exactly appropriate to the world's heavenly destiny—and it this poor world is anything but harmonious, we see what a frightful war there is, going on all the time, between God on the one hand and. on the other. the Devil and our blindness. weakness and perversity.

Re-read last Sunday's collect. To see the right: and be strong to do it In the Post-Communion there is a delightful word that no-one can quite translate. We ask vegetariexactly the opposite to being made to live a vegetable life—"Just vegetate." they say when one is convalescing, We are to he "vegetated" oy the Divine Sacraments—to have new sap springing up in us; more than courage to persevere—an impulse to grow. Newman's "Second Springis to take place in us all the time!

But we ask that His peace may he granted to our times: in Latin the pronouns come side by side with tremendous emphasis: our times. certainly, when no part of the world is at peace: but we want, not just any sort of peace, but the peace that He sees to he the right one, "Peace I leave to you," said our Lord: "My peace I give to you." 111,5 peace. even in war time, must endure in our souls.

C. C. Martindals, S,J.

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