Page 5, 14th January 1972

14th January 1972
Page 5
Page 5, 14th January 1972 — SAD PUZZLE OVER CORPUS CHRISTI

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Locations: Leicester


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R the last three years I have attended the Corpus Christi (extramural) lectures at Leicester Square. Recent events have both puzzled and saddened me.

I should like through your pages to express my gratitude to Fr. 'Richards and his staff for these lectures. Not always have I agreed with everything; as a teacher, would one expect me to do so?

The theology taught has made me more appreciative of the Catholic faith and I have learnt to see reater depths in it. Never have I heard anything contrary to the dogmas and teaching of the Church. If an idea was expressed peculiar to the lecturer, it was always stated that it was an idea and not the teaching of the Church.

Certainly the methodology lectures have helped me to become a better teacher, with better ideas.

The thing that struck me all during these lectures was the wonderful team spirit of Fr. Richards and his staff. Their approach to each other was informal but showed genuine kindness, sincerity and friendship; and above all there was a great sense of unity. This is not so easily found in a staff. I wish Fr. Richards and his staff happiness and success in the futureā€”I shall miss them!

Sister Dolores Heys Orpington, Kent.

IWISH to support the

action of Cardinal Heenan in accepting the resignations of the religious members of the staff of Corpus Christi College. I believe Mr. Desmond Brennan, the only lay lecturer, did not resign; 1 honour his fidelity to the orthodox faith of the Roman Catholic Church.

As long igo as the autumn term of 1968-1 attended the Corpus Christi Extramural Course, 1968/69, at Leicester Square-1 was disturbed by some part of the theological content of the catechetics that was being introduced at that course by certain members of the College, and consequently I did not enrol for the 1969/ 70 sessions.

I am not writing on behalf of either my congregation or even of my present cornmunity.

The Cardinal and Mr. Brennan will be remembered in my prayers; and in the spirit of the Forty Martyrs who prayed for those with whom they were at variance, so will those members of the College who have resigned. I can commend their honesty in doing so.

Sister Mary Clare London, N.W.

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