Page 6, 14th July 1939

14th July 1939
Page 6
Page 6, 14th July 1939 — MOORS : BLACK OR WHITE?

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Locations: Tangier


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Si,—In answer to your enquiry as to whether Moors are white or black. Ethnologically speaking there is no such race as Moorish. The term "Mauri " was used in ancient times to denote North African tribes, from the Hebrew and Phcenician word meaning " western." The Spaniards invented the term " Morns " for the Mohammedan conquerors of their country and the inhabitants of Morocco. In Morocco there are three main divisions in the native population, with tribal subdivisions and blending through intermarriage. 1. Berbera the aboriginal inhabitants who have survived Phcenician, Greek, Roman, Vandal, and Arab invasions. They ere fair of skin though tanned by the ann. Some Berbers have fair hair and light blue eyes. The Berbers of the Spanish zone are known as Riffs; those of the Atlas Mountains and the Sous country are called Chleuhs.

2. Arabs, who first came to Morocco in 681 and began the conversion of the Berbers to Islam. The Arabs are often browner in complexion than the Berbers, but, although sunburned and bronzed for generations, they come of a white race.

3. Negroes, who, as in the United States, are the descendants of black slaves.

ARCHDALE A. KING. Tangier, Morocco.

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