Page 7, 14th July 1939

14th July 1939
Page 7
Page 7, 14th July 1939 — Famous Jesuit Rebukes Fr. Coughlin

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Locations: NEW YORK, Detroit


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Famous Jesuit Rebukes Fr. Coughlin

Front. Our Own Correspondent


An indirect reproof was administered to the Rev. Charles E. Coughlin, radio priest of Detroit, Michigan, by the Rev. Francis X. Talbot, S.J., Editor in Chief of " America," the national Catholic weekly, when Ft. Talbot said: " IF FR. COUGHLIN IS A THORN IN THE SIDE OF THE JEWS, HE IS ALSO A THORN IN THE SIDE OF THE CATHOLICS. IF HE IS AROUSING ANTI SEMITISM, HE ALSO IS AROUSING ANTICATHOLICISM."

Fr. Talbot's remarks came in answer to a question put at the Tamiment (Pa.) Economic and Social Institute, where Fr. Talbot had just spoken. Fr. Talbot said : " There is a divided Catholic opinion on Fr. Coughlin. Catholics are definitely not anti-semitic. Whatever problem there is about Coughlin, this problem can best be handled by his ecclesiastical superiors, and his superiors will take into consideration Fr. Coughlin's right of freedom of speech as an American citizen. " They will also take into consideration the best interests of the Catholic Church in the United States, which stands for religious and racial peace."

Not Anti-Semitic

It may be recalled by readers of the this newspaper that Fr. Coughlin sent to this newspaper a copy of a letter sent to him by Fr. Talbot some months ago, in which the Jesuit editor said he did not find the Detroit priest antisemitic.

Fr. Coughlin has always maintained that he is not anti-semitic, but is attacking only atheistic Jews, along with atheistic ex-Christians who have embraced Communism and materialism. His explanations notwithstanding, the Detroit orator is generally regarded by non-Catholics as anti-semitic, and in this opinion very many Catholics join.

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