Page 5, 14th June 1963

14th June 1963
Page 5
Page 5, 14th June 1963 — ORDIN

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Northampton. On Sunday. at St. Joseph's. Luton, Bishop Barker of Northampton ordained to the priesthood the Rev. T. Lccder, Upholland College, Wigan.-On Friday, the diaconate was conferred on Lite Rev. 1. Gilded (Liverpool) and the subdiaconaie was conferred on Res. F. Burns (Liverpool). On Saturday the following students of the college were ordained priests: Rem J. Kelly, M. McKenna, P. Morgan. .1. Robinson, 1. Rigby, J. Gildea, A. Dennick, P. Kelly, P. McNally (all Liverpool), T. Mulheran, J. Neville (Salford), M. Lake land (Lancaster). The Rev. F. Burns (Liverpool) received the diaconate on the same day. and the subdiacnnatc was conferred on Reyv. P. Gibson (Liverpool), B. Charnock (Salford). J. Collins (Lancaster), J. de Ville (Nottingham), A. BYRTUVC (Kingston. Jamaica). On Sunday. Revs. T. P. Latham (Liverpool) and T. Godley (Nottingham) were ordained priests. Omen College.Archbishop ()Hinshaw of Birmingham on Saturday conferred the diaconate on she Rev. Leo Woodward, and the subdiaconate on the Revs. John Drury. John Berry, Terry Brain, -Ronald Brown. David Godfrey. Thomas Higgins. Peter Hocken, Bernard Hughes. Geoffrey K.itchin, Fergus O'Connell, Michael Stokes and Joseph Sweeney. English College, Lisbon. On Saturday. Archbishop Maximiliau /airmen berg. Archbishop of Palm and Papal Nuncio to Portugal. ordained to the priesthood the Revv. John Timmins and Bernard S. O'Brien (Brentwood), Patrick R. Murphy (Nottingham). Bernard A. Funnel!. Peter W. Johnson and Anthony J. Thurlow (Leeds), Victor B. Meges, James Yinniaan and Anthony Fleming (Liverpool). The subdiaconale was conferred on: the Revs. F. Calderbank (Liverpool), Peter Sheridan and Bernard Shaw (Leeds), Terence P. Higgins and David C. Crabb (Brentwood), George McGrail (Gibraltar). G. Hetherington (Ports. mouth), Paul Devaney (Birmingham). Joseph Swann (Southwark). Marlin Delaney (Cardiff), and Fergal Shannon (Menevia). Wonersh.--The following were ordained priests on Saturday: Revv. Kenneth Snaith, Anthony Castle, Kevin Pelham. Anthony Shelley, Joseph Ware, David Payne, Kenneth Bell, Stephen Hinde, John Medcalf, John O'Callaghan, Michael hers. James Wilson. Richard Quinlan was ordained MIMI in Ireland on the same day. The following received the suhdinocnate: John Hull, James McCieurick. Edward LeRIche. Richard Frost. James Clarke, David Weston. Francis Reid. Patrick O'Leary, John Boner, John Rees. Peter Ryman, Anthony Ford, Columbantis Cahill KJ.S.B.I. Bro. Thomas More of 'London

(0.T.M.Cap Bro. . Mark of B.unliqui

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