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14th June 1963
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People: James Francis, Pietro Ciriaci, Carlos Maria de la Archbishop, Nlasella, Clement Emile Rocques, Paul-Emile Leger, Giuseppe Pizzardo, Albert Gregory Meyer, Francesco Roberti, Gustavo Testa, Montini, Christian Unity, Jose Garibi, Franziskus Koenig, Rufino Santos, Carlo Confalonieri, Valerio N'aleri, Benjamin de Arriba, Pierre Marie Gerlier, Alfredo Ohm, Andre Jullien, Leo Joseph Suenens, Giovanni Urbani, Bernard Jan Alfrink, Luigi Traglia, Francesco Bracci, Fernando Celan, William Theodore, Luis Concha, Lauriau Rugamhwa, Peter Tetsuo Doi, Torre, Enrique Pla, Julius Doepfner, Norman Thomas Gilrov, Jose Maria Bueno, Augusto Alvaro da Silva, Jose Humberto Quintero, Efrem Forni, Ignatius Gabriel Tappouni, Giacomo Lercaro, Giuseppe Ferretto, Eugene Tisserant, Giuseppe Siri, Joseph Elmer Ritter, Castro, Jose da Costa, Richard James Cush Archbishop, Fernando Quiroga, Stefan Wyazynski, Paolo Marella, Sydney I. Cardinal Amleto Giovanni, Gregory Peter, Josef Frings, Michael Browne, James Charles McGuigan, Josef Mindszenty, Manuel Concalves, Antonio Bocci, Alfonso Castaldu, Carlo Chiarlo, Joseph Lefebvre, Thomas Tien Chensien, Antonio Maria Bar Archbishop, Clemente Micara, Rivera, Juan Landazuri Cardinal Alberto, Carlos Carmelo de Vasconcellos Mona, Augustin Bea, Santiago Luis, Francesco Moreno, Francis L. McIntyre, Paul-Marie Richaud, Francis Spellman, Paolo Giobhe, Maurice Feltin, Monreal, Raul Silva Ilenriquez, Agagismian


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There are 82 Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, all of whom are eligible to sit in the Conclave, opening on June 19, to elect a new Pope. Three of them may be restrained, however, by age, sickness, or, in the case of the Hungarian Primate, captivity.

Breaking the total list down in terms of nationality, the Sacred College includes 55 Europeans; 7 North Americans; 12 Latin Americans; 2 Asiatics of the Near and Middle East; 4 Asiatics of the Far East; 1 African; and 1 Australian.

There are only 29 Italians this time, due to the large number of non-Italians-45 in all-raised to the purple by Pope John XXIII. The detailed breakdown is as follows: EUROPE: Italy 29, France 8, Spain 6, Germany 3, Portugal 2, Austria 1, Belgium 1, Holland 1, Hungary 1, Ireland 1, Poland I, Scotland 1. (Total: 55).

NORTH AMERICA: United States 5, Canada 2. (Total: 7).

LATIN AMERICA: Brazil 3, Argentine 2, Chile 1, Colombia 1, Ecuador 1, Mexico 1, Peru 1, Uruguay 1, Venezuela 1. (Total: 12).

MIDDLE EAST: Lebanese 1, Armenian I. (Total: 2).

FAR EAST: China 1, India 1, Japan 1, Philippines 1. (Total: 4).

AFRICA: Tanganyika 1. AUSTRALIA: Sydney I.

Cardinal Amleto Giovanni ('icognani, 80, Bishop of Frascati and Papal Secretary of State to Pope John XXIII thalian). Cardinal Gregory Peter XV Agagismian, 68. Prefect of the

Congrega • for the Propagalion of the Faith (Armenian).

Cardinal Enrique Pla y Deniel. 87, Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain (Spanish).

Cardinal Valerio N'aleri, 80, Prefect of the Congregation for Religious (Italian). Cardinal Stefan Wyazynski, 62, Archbishop of Gniezno and Warsaw (Polish).

Cardinal Paolo Giobhe, 83, Apostolic Datary (Italian). Cardinal Alfonso Castaldu, 73, Archbishop of Naples (Italian).

Cardinal Manuel Concalves ('erejeira, 75, Patriarch of Lis) (Portuguese). Cardinal James Charles McGuigan, 69, Archbishop of Toronto (Canadian). Cardinal Josef Frings, 76, Archbishop of Cologne (German).

('ardinal Pietro Ciriaci, 78, Prefect of the Congregation of the Council (Italian).

Cardinal Benjamin de Arriba y Cardinal Fernando Celan, NO, Castro, 77, Archbishop of TarMajor Penitentiary (Italian). ragona (Spanish). Cardinal Paul-Marie Richaud, 76, Archbishop of Bordeaux (French).

Cardinal Eugene Tisserant, 79, Bishop of Ostia and Dean of the Sacred College (French). Cardinal Achille liculart„ 79, Bishop of Lille (I reach). Cardinal Clement Emile Rocques, 83, Archbishop of Rennes (French).

Cardinal Josef Mindszenty, 71, Archbishop of Esztergom, Primate of Hungary (Hungarian). Cardinal Maurice Feltin, 80, Cardinal Fernando Quiroga y Cardinal Carlo Chiarlo, 82 ('.ordinal Jose Maria Bueno y

Archbishop of Paris (French). Palacios, 63, Archbishop of (Italian). Monreal, 59, Archbishop of Santiago de Campanella Seville (Spanish). (Spanish).

Cardinal Clemente Micara, 84, Bishop of Velletri and Vicar General for the city of Rome (Italy).

Cardinal Maurilio Fossil'', 17, Archbishop of Turin (Italian). Cardinal Carlos Carmelo de Vasconcellos Mona, 73, Arch. bishop of Sao Paola (Brazilian). Cardinal Ernesto Ruffin', 75, Cardinal Carlos Maria de la Archbishop of Palermo (Italian). Torre, Archbishop of Quito (Ecuador). Cardinal Paul-Emile Leger, 59, Cardinal Jose Garibi y Rivera, Archbishop of Mani real 74, Archbishop of Guadalajara (Canadian). (Mexican).

Cardinal Franziskus Koenig, 58, Archbishop of Vienna (Austrian).

Cardinal Giuseppe Pizzardo, 86, Bishop of Albano and Prefect of the Congregation of Seminaries (Italian).

Cardinal Ignatius Gabriel Tappouni, 84, Patriarch of Antioch (Lebanese by nationality). ('ordinal Norman Thomas Gilrov , 67, Archbishop of Sydney (Australian).

Cardinal Antonio ('aggiano, 74, Archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentinian). Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, 57, Archbishop of Genoa (Italian). Cardinal Valerian Gracias, 630.,. Cardinal Antonio Maria Bar Archbishop of Bombay (Indian). bicri, O.F.M.Cap., 71, Arch bishop of Montevideo (Uruguayan). Cardinal Julius Doepfner, 50, Archbishop of Munich (German).

Cardinal Benedetto Alois' • Nlasella, 84, Bishop of Palestrina. Prefect of the Congregation of Sacramental Discipline, and Camerlettgo of the Holy R an Church (Italian). Cardinal Santiago Luis ('opeilo, 83, Chancellor of the I oly R ))))) au Church (Argentinian). Cardinal Francis Spellman,. 74, Archbishop of New York (American).

Cardinal Thomas Tien Chensien, S.V.D., 73, Archbishop of Peking and Apostolic Administrator or Taipeb, Formosa

(Chinese). Cardinal James Francis L. McIntyre, 77, Archbishop of Los Angeles (American). Cardinal Giovanni Ballista Cardinal Carlo Confalonieri, 70, Cardinal Paolo Marella, 68,

Montini, 66, Archbishop of Secretto, of the Consistorial Prefect of the Congregation of

Milan (Italian). Congregation (Italian). the Basilica of St. Peter (Italian).

Cardinal Giuseppe Ferretto, 64, Bishop of Sabina and Poggio Mineto; member of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Seg.

nalura (Italian). Cardinal Pierre Marie Gerlier, 83, Archbishop of Lyons (French).

1111 Cardinal Jaime de Barros Camara, 69, Archbishop of San Sebasl iano. Rio de Janeiro


Cardinal Augusto Alvaro da Silva, 87, Archbishop of Sao Salvador (Brazilian). Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro, 72, Cardinal Giovanni Urbani, 63, Cardinal Richard James Cush

Archbishop or Bologna (Italian). Patriarch of Venice (Italian). ing, 68, Archbishop of Boston


Cardinal Gustavo Testa, 77, Secretary of the Congregation for the Eastern Church (Italian).

Cardinal Albert Gregory Meyer, 60, Archbishop of Chicago (American). Cardinal Bernard Jan Alfrink, 63, Archbishop of Utrecht (Dutch).

Cardinal Jose Humberto Quintero, 61, Archbishop of Caracas (Venezuelan).

Cardinal Efrem Forni, (Italian). 74 Cardinal Alfredo Ohm iani, 73, Secretary to the Congregation of the Holy Office (Italian). Cardinal Andre Jullien, (French). 81 Cardinal Augustin Bea, S.J., 82, President of the Secretariat for Christian Unity (German).

Cardinal Luigi Traglia, 68 Cardinal Rufino Santos, 55, (Italian). Archbishop of Manila (Filipino). Cardinal Luis Concha, 72, Archbishop of Bogota (Colombian). Cardinal Juan Landazuri Cardinal Alberto dl Joliet, 79 Cardinal Arcadio Larraona, Ricketts, O.F.M., 50, Archbishop (Italian). C.M.F., 76, Prefect of the Sacred of Lima (Peruvian). Congregation of Rites (Spanish). Antonio Bocci, 78 (Italian). Cardinal Cardinal Peter Tetsuo Doi, 71, Archbishop of Tokyo (Japanese).

Cardinal Lauriau Rugamhwa, 51, Bishop of Bukoba (Tanganyikan).

Cardinal Jose da Costa 83 (Portuguese). Nunes, Cardinal Raul Silva Ilenriquez, Cardinal S.D.B., 56, Archbishop of Santiago de Chile (Chilean). Francesco Bracci, 84 (Italian). Cardinal Francesco Moreno, 91 (Italian). Cardinal Michael Browne, 0.P., 76 (Irish).

Cardinal Joseph Lefebvre, 71, Archbishop of Bourges (French). Cardinal Joseph Elmer Ritter, 71, Archbishop of St. Louis (American). Cardinal lidebrando Antoniutti, 65 (Italian).

Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens, 59, Archbishop of MalinesBrussels (Belgian). Cardinal Francesco Roberti, 74 Prefect of the Apostolic Segnatura (Italian).

Cardinal William Theodore Heard, 79 (Scottish). Cardinal Anselm Albareda, 0.S.B., 71 (Spanish).

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