Page 9, 14th June 1963

14th June 1963
Page 9
Page 9, 14th June 1963 — PARISHES GET BONUS

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Continued from Page 1 on the 52 half-crowns you've given over the year.

The necessary covenant forms are supplied by the diocesan authorities, and the rebate, which the Inland Revenue sends direct to the diocesan authorities for sharing out to the various parishes operating the scheme, is collected by way of P.A.Y.E. deductions from the covenantor's weekly or monthly earnings.

A covenant of half-a-crown usually costs the covenantor an extra fourpence a week in tax. But for this extra fourpence tax the Church can reclaim Is. 7d. a week from the Inland Revenue.

More and more parishioners are taking •out covenants of this kind to help swell Church funds, In the Birmingham archdiocese, for instance, there were 1,834 covenantors three years ago. Last week the number topped 8,000.

in the Menevia diocese, the covenant plan has been less than a year. in operation. but 600 parishioners have already signed covenants.

When the covenant scheme was started in the Shrewsbury diocese in the autumn of 1961, covenantors in the diocese numbered only about a hundred, Now there are 1,700.

The Liverpool archdiocese has 2.530. The Leeds diocese has over 3.000. Nottingham is approaching the 5,000 mark. And Southwark now has a record-breaking 15,500.

Next month, churches in the Middlesbrough diocese will be taking up the covenant plan. So will the Cardiff archdiocese.

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